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Top 10 YouTube Videos That Will Make You Laugh

Updated on March 9, 2014

Top Ten Funny YouTube Videos That Will Make You Laugh

 When I go onto YouTube I always have to have a look and search for funny videos because who knows what might turn up and really make me chuckle and often is the case that I am in tears and nearly dying by laughing and I sometimes think to myself my wife is going to find me dead one day with a massive smile on my face because of all these YouTube videos that people create.

Some videos are just pure genius and really do attack your funnybone whilst others are just downright hilarious and quite simple ideas and concepts for comedy, take the first video below of my best TV show in the world Doctor Who and turned him into a supreme fartman who has been cleverly edited to together with a simple but very realistic fart sound at key moments in certain Doctor Who episodes and I've gotta tell ya I nearly had a heart attack and fighting back the tears of laughter at this very childish and juvenile yet amusing video. By the way there are loads more on YouTube of the Doctor farting so look out for them.

Farting Doctor Who Episode

Dutch Talkshow Host Loses The Plot And Can't Stop Laughing

 Hysterically funny video with a talkshow host who can't stop laughing because of someones voice after surgery, he shouldn't be laughing but he can't help it and this one just had me in stitches with laughing.

Drunk Russian Fights Imaginary Foes

 Drunk Russians are great to watch on YouTube and this is one in a long line of them. An old Russian dude fights imaginary people whilst Mortal Kombat music is played along to his fight sequence whilst people walk by in the street, some stop and stare but the old man does not care, he just likes to fight. Don't mess with this drunk Russian!

Drunk Russian Fighting Mortal Kombat Style

Ball In The Face For Obese Kid

 I know it shouldn't be funny, but damn it it is, the ball just hits the kid square in the face and in slow motion his face wobbles, I guess without the wobble it wouldn't be that funny, but hahahahahaha! funny videos don't come any simpler and simplistic as this!

BasketBall In The Face

Granny Goes Flying As The Dog Drags Her Away

Nice and short video here that gets straight to the point as the granny gets dragged off by the dog, looks fake though, but not sure, still it is funny!

Granny Goes Flying

Kung Fu Baby Commercial

 A commercial with a computer generated baby that does kung fu to win back attention from his mom, well it made me chuckle anyway, even though it was a commercial...

Kung Fu Baby

Dirty Sanchez - Cactus Throwing

Dirty Sanchez is like a Jackass show but a Welsh equivalent with equally mad stunts and things that no one in their right mind should attempt, here we see the gang throwing around a super prickly cactus and it' just funny to see someone go through some moderate pain!

Dirty Sanchez Cactus!!

Men In Black Blooper Reel Video

 The bloopers from movies are always funny and fun to watch as they provide an insight into some comedic moments in the movies and Will Smith is always funny.

Men In Black Blooper Video

The Funny Auditions On Britains Got Talent

The worst auditions, but funny auditions on Britains got talent.

Britains Got Talent Auditions The Rejects

Tik Tok Keisha Song Parody

 This is just a funny parody of Kiesha's song as it just sounds exactly what she would sing about....punching captain crunch lol!

Keisha Song Parody

Funny YouTube Videos

Top 10 funny youtube videos.
Top 10 funny youtube videos. | Source

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