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Top 10 badass rock musicians

Updated on January 13, 2019
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Momina is a student. She has obtained her highschool degree in pre engineering.

Top ten hardcore rock musicians

We can all agree that art is something that requires a bit of madness to flourish and rock music is the art form that is loved by the magnitude of craziness in it. The music industry has given us absolute gems and these madlads have certainly redefined rock music throughout their career. Some have changed music for the better, all the while being too troublesome to deal with.

Here's my pick of the hardcore stuff pulled off by rockstars that got them to this list.

“Rock and roll keeps you in a constant state of juvenile delinquency.”

Eddie Spaghetti - 2000

#10 Dave Grohl (Foo fighters)

During a concert in Sweden, the rock hero, Dave Grohl, broke his leg by falling off the stage but continued to rock the concert -albeit sitting down. “Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I love you, but I think I just broke my leg. I really broke my leg,” he told his fans. A broken leg was no problem for Grohl as he proclaimed during the concert “I may not be able to walk or run but I can still play guitar and scream”. What a badass, right?

Grohl trolled his audience in another concert, several days later, by "breaking his leg" again, only that this time it was a stuntman performing a staged act.

So was it drugs that tripped the singer to fall? Grohl said

"I love to play music. So why endanger that with something like drugs?"

#9 Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

After being disallowed to play "rape me" at the 1992 Video Music Awards on the grounds that it was too offensive, Nirvana's frontman Kurt Cobain agreed to play the single “Lithium” instead. He was not too happy about it, thus he began the performance with a few bars of “Rape Me” just to give MTV execs a heart attack before switching into “Lithium.” That was pretty funny and ballsy of him.

Shortly after this antic though, their bassist pulled a stunt that involved him throwing his bass high into the air and catching it, but this time it was his unfortunate head that the bass collided with.

#8 Sister Rosetta Tharpe

Now what did this badass do? She influenced the well known music sensation, Elvis Presley, and along-with him, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, and countless others. But Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a legend in her own right, declared "the Godmother of rock n' roll" but barely ever mentioned or appreciated in mainstream music.

Look at her steal the show with her strong voice and soulful lyrics

#7 Rick Allen (Def leppard)

Due to being involved in a car accident, Allen lost his arm but continued to play for the band more passionately than ever. I have major respect for the dude, being a one armed drummer is ten times more hardcore than already being a member of the infamous band def leppard. He uses personalized drum kits to match his needs that are acoustic as well as electronic. As a habit, Allen always plays bare footed to be completely comfortable, which adds to his on-stage iconic look. I feel like Rick Allen isn't very well known as he should be.

See him absolutely rip the solo

#6 Jack Black (Tenacious D)

No doubt that without Jack Black, this list would be incomplete. The man's face says that he's in cahoots with the devil and ready to rock the roofs and your pants off. Along-with being a musician, he's also an incredible actor and now a youtuber as well.

Black loves music, this is well known, but most people would think of his music as being purely comedic. Well, that isn’t always the case, as he actually has won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Whatever Jack Black says is full of wisdom

"There's nothing you can really do to prepare to rock. Do you prepare to eat a delicious meal? Are you hungry? Then you're gonna eat it."

#5 Brian May (Queen)

Dude's an astrophysicist AND the lead guitarist of the most legendary band Queen, what more do I have to say to prove his badassery?

#4 Bonzo (Led Zeppelin)

Bonham, known as Bonzo, has been described by All music as one of the most important, well-known, and influential drummers in rock. Only at the age of 5 he started playing drums to become like his idols Max Roach and Gene Krupa. His headmaster wrote in his report that "He will either end up a dustman or a millionaire." suggesting his personality to be a go-big-or-go-home kind. What sets him aside from others is his feeling of the groove and fast bass drumming.

#3 Slash (Guns n' roses)

Saul Hudson was nicknamed Slash because he never stood still for more than five minutes. As a teen he once stole a chameleon. He also stole his first top hat from a Hollywood store called Retail Slut. Slash also owned a mountain lion named Curtis, and possesses many snakes, including an anaconda and a boa constrictor named Pandora.

#2 Keith Moon (the Who)

The best Keith Moon story is the time when shortly after leaving a hotel, he sat up in a panic and told the driver to stop and turn around. "I forgot something! We've got to go back!" Upon returning to the hotel, he ran to his room, grabbed the television and threw it out the window and into the pool. Returning to the car, he said with a great sigh of relief, "I nearly forgot."

You could expect to have drunken brawls with this rockstar. For Keith, his obnoxious acts were a part of his performance.

#1 Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath)

My top pick is The Prince of Darkness. You can name any crazily-gross thing and our man, Ozzy, has done it. He has gone from shitting the floor to setting fire to his home, to ensure he's the top of his game. Among his popular semi-insane antics, this makes it into our honourable mention.

"Once, to force him to stop drinking so much, Sharon stole all of his clothes and took them to a hotel room so he’d have nothing to wear to the pub. Osbourne, however, was so determined to get his usual drink that he went out wearing one of Sharon’s dresses." He does not give a sh*t.

Words from the rock Titan

"I got rabies shots for biting the head off a bat but that's OK - the bat had to get Ozzy shots."


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