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Top 10 female rappers

Updated on January 19, 2016

In the Top 10 Female rappers list Nicki Minaj #3

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj

To get to the top 10 you have to earn your stripes

This top 10 list is my list. Don't get mad just leave me a comment on who you think should be on the list. We all have opinions. A lot of the female rapper fought hard and had to deal with industry setbacks. They paved the way for the rest of the young ladies that are thinking about the rap game.

That was really the first time I heard a woman rapping on the mike. Roxanne Shante. The beat was just fresh and I could not stop bobbin my head. I thought to myself hey "I could no this". I loved to play basketball and I would call myself "Dominator M" then i heard a duo name Salt N Pepa on a late night radio show that was based out of Fairbanks Alaska. Wow. It used to come on Sunday nights and last for about 3 hours. the song was called " I'll take your man".

I was hooked. I wanted to rap just like I heard these ladies on the radio. I have heard all the rest of the old school rap songs, but this had girls that looked like me on them. That is when I fell in love with Hip-Hop

Ladies First

Here is the Top 10 Female Rappers List

Here is the list. This is the greatest in my eyes. 4 out of the 10 female rappers on this list have been sentenced to prison and jail. I wonder why is that?

  1. Lauryn Hill - L. Boogie She is the queen of all time when it comes to the top 10 female rappers. No one does it better then Ms. Hill. "Lauryn taught young ladies on how to carry themselves and also teaching them about pitfalls in the rap industry and life that can bring them down. She did not have to "take her clothes off to sell some records". Lauryn was a member of the group called "The Fugees" Lauryn also did prison time for Tax Evasion
  2. Lil Kim - This is the original Queen B. Before it was Beyonce it was Li'l Kim. Kim's style of rap was the hardcore version. Check her out on Notorious B.I.G's Life After death album. Li'l Kim has dropped a classic album. Li'l Kim lives up to her name as the "Queen of Hip Hop" Kimberly Smith also did time in prison for perjury.
  3. Nicki Minaj - The first lady of Young Money. We all heard her on mix tapes and we know she is a force not to be messed with. If you look a Nicki's style then you will see that she really took after Lil' Kim. She is just a younger version of Li'l Kim. Nicki has done the most collaborations than any other female rap artist. Pop meeting Rap. Nicki is winning.
  4. Da Brat - The first lady of So-So Def Records. When she came on the scene she dominated the 90's. This midwest rapper came out with the hit single produced by Jermaine Dupri "funkdafied" Da Brat was compared to a female snoop dog. She did spend time in prison for a fight.
  5. MC Lyte - What can I say about LYTE. Lyte as a rock. MC Lyte always had a positive message in her raps. MC Lyte always kept it real on issues that affected the community. She has been in the rap game for a long time. My favorite song is "Paper Thin" Hip Hop really needs more artist like MC Lyte.
  6. Queen Latifah - We all love this Queen. Bow Down. Positive rap that is what we love. I first heard Queen Latifah on the Jungle Brother's remix "My Buddy". She went on to drop other albums, star in sitcoms, movies and have her own talk show. Ohh don't forget that Covergirl contract. I think Queen Latifah has the best net worth out of all the other female rappers. What a positive role model.
  7. Trina - First lady of Slip-N-Slide records. Trick daddy's crew. Trina has made a name for herself. he song Told Ya'll featuring Rick Ross. Trina reps for Miami. She's the baddest chick. Trina has put time in the rap game she deserves a spot on my list.
  8. Remy Ma - First Lady of Terror Squad. Remy Ma is the truth. Her most notable song collaboration is with Fat Joe on "Lean Back". Her rhymes are grimey and her flow is nice. Remy spent some time in Prison
  9. Eve - First lady of Ruff Ryders. Eve was that girl. She came out blazing on "Ruff Ryders anthem remix". She had some albums and then went on to do movies, sitcoms and modeling. Eve is a female rapper that has made it.
  10. Foxy Brown - The first lady of of Rockafella. I loved Foxy Brown. Her and Jay-Z collaborations were just great. Foxy is the kind of artist in my eyes that did a lot better when she rapping with the other artists. Foxy also had a group with Nas and AZ. The group was called "The Firm".

This is just my personal list. Comment and let me know who you think should be on the list and in what order.

Who is the best female wrapper

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Best Female Rapper Collaboration

Who is your favorite Female Rapper

  • Roxanne Shante
  • Salt N Pepa
  • MC Lyte
  • Ms Melody
  • Yo-Y0
  • Lil Kim
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Iggy Izalia
  • Trina
  • Queen Latifah
  • Foxy Brown
  • Lauryn Hill
  • Shawnna
  • Consious Daughter
  • JJ Fad
  • Nikki D
  • BWP
  • Charli Baltimore
  • Sole
  • Amillion
  • Lady of Rage

Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea

Where is Iggy Azalea on the Top 10 Female rappers

Iggy is a newcomer to the game and she needs to get her feet wet. She has already broken some records when it comes to sales. She has busted through the charts with "Fancy", but she needs a little more time to earn her stripes. What I think she needs to do is start by writing her own rhymes and she would get a little more respect. When I listen to Iggy it seems like T.I. wrote her lyrics for her. Iggy is from Austrailia where did she get that southern accent. Turn on the TV to T.I. and Tiny's Family Hustle and you will hear that southern twang. I am sorry, I get the same feeling when Foxy Brown was rapping. It sounded like Jay-Z wrote her raps. I am just being honest.

I am going to give Iggy her props, she is on a lot of mixtapes, and has a lot of guest appearances with a lot of stars and features on songs. Iggy start writing your own raps and see what you can come up with. We will be waiting.

In the Top 10 Female rappers list Lauryn Hill #1

The great Lauryn Hill
The great Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is the greatest Female rapper

L Boogie is what they call her. This lady has done it all. She left Hip-Hop because of the way it was going. I love this lady. When I play her album theThe Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I hear that real hip hop. When she was with the Fugees she just stood out like a diamond.

The way that this new hip hop is going she might be going down and the best female emcee. No on can even touch her if they try.

Female rappers that did not make the list

Lady of Rage
Roxanne Shante
Ms. Melodie
Monie Luv
Champ M.C.
Charli Baltimore

In the Top 10 Female rappers list Da Brat #4

Da Brat
Da Brat

Sallt N Pepa with D.J. Spindarella female rap group

Salt N Pepa with Spindarella
Salt N Pepa with Spindarella

The Top 5 female rap groups

  1. Salt N Pepa
  2. JJ. Fad
  3. B.W.P
  4. Conscious Daughters
  5. Finesse and Synquis

Top 5 Female rappers in groups

This list is from the whole time i have listened to hip hop and that is about 35 years. Look at how many other girl groups could have been created in tat time. I think this is quite odd that we don't really have more female rap groups. It really is hard in the rap and hip hop game or they really don't want female groups in that genre.

We all know the famous Salt n Pepa. They are the most recognized in the game. They are the number one pick,

In the Top 10 Female rappers list Li'l Kim #2

Li'l Kim.  The Queen B.
Li'l Kim. The Queen B.


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