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Top 5 Shinobi Battles We Wanted to See

Updated on June 8, 2017

Oorochimaru V.S. Rasa

This is a fight that I didn't care about at the very beginning of the series but as time passes I get more and more curious as to how this actually looked in real time. After seeing Oorochimaru in action several times, logic would dictate that the 4th Kazekage wouldn't stand much of a chance against him but, past episodes have stated that Oorochimaru had to have help against Rasa. It also mentioned that despite the fact that he had help, he still almost lost. I'm am just dying to see what Rasa had up his sleeve that made him such a difficult opponent because if his jutsu's are anything like when he fought Gaara, he must have had flawless technique to stand a chance against a sannin.

Sasuke v.s. Neji

As of the last time Neji was alive, it was quite obvious that Sasuke would have won but, there was a time when we couldn't be sure. During the chunnin exams, Neji and Sasuke were scheduled to fight each other.( Naruto intervened and asked to fight Neji as revenge for Hinata). Given that they were both prodigies from the two most powerful clans in konoha( and purhaps the world) I think it would have been the most interesting fight in the chunnin exams.

My personal favorite of the two is Neji and in a close combat I think that Neji is quite faster, stronger, and overall more capable than neji IN A REGULAR BATTLE OF STRAIGHT UP TAIJUTSU. Unfortunately for hyuga fans like myself this not a battle of regular taijutsu or tactic. THIS IS A BATTLE OF DOJUTSU's. So essentially Neji, is not fast enough to touch sasuke like rock lee was. Neji will have to hope that his his stamina lasts longer than sasuke's. Sasuke on the other hand does not nearly have the taijutsu or endurance to go head on with neji. He also cannot sneak up on Neji because Neji has 360 x-ray vision. Sasuke will have to rely on long range ninjutsu and shuriken jutsu in order to win.

As much as I love neji, I don't see him finding a to close enough to sasuke to get in some good strikes so I'm gonna have to say sasuke would win...

Yugao v.s. Baki

For fans of naruto that aren't necessarily hardcore fans, this one isn't all that easy to understand. As a matter fact, those who haven't seen much of the series might not even know who these two characters are. During the chunnin exams, one f the proctors was named Hayate Gekko. (The guy with the sword who coughs a lot).

Gaara's teacher's name was Baki. Baki was talking to Kabuto about betraying the hidden leaf village. Hayate was eavesdropping at the time. Baki fought him and killed him so that he couldn't report it.

It turns out that Yugao was dating Hayate at the time. She swore that she would get revenge.

Baki is a well experience, well established ninja in the hidden sand and Yugao is a prime was a prime member of ROOT meaning that she is very, very skilled at Kenjutsu. I think it would be interesting to see who would win in a fight after her years of experience in the most elite team in konoha.

TenTen v.s. Shino

Huh? What? Who?

Hiruzen vs Danzo

Danzo and Hiruzen are like night and day. I don't think that there are any other two characters that should have fought sooner; how they are still friends never ceases to baffle me.

Danzo has tried to thwart Hiruzen countless times all to know avail. There isn't a soul who would disagree with me when I say they should have just went out to the backwoods and handled their business but, who would actually win?(*Couch* Hiruzen *Cough*)

Let's explore all of the ways Hiruzen and Danzo would do in combat.

Hiruzen is known for the ability to perform all jutsu in the hidden leaf village. This means that any jutsu no specific to a clan( kekkei genkai, secret techniques, family specific jutsus, that random jutsu that only one person in the entire country has), every basic jutsu that is anyone in konoha can do, he can do it as well.

Danzo Shimura specializes in wind style and wood style. Because he can do wood style, it is obvious that he can also do earth and water style but for some reason he doesn't bother to do those.

Danzo does stand a chance under a few circumstances. Assuming he can hit hiruzen with a windstyle technique he could do great damage( I don't know about you but those wind blasters looked pretty dangerous in that Danzo vs Sasuke fight). Danzo Also has like 10 sharingan to regenerate so even if Hiruzen kills him once, he'll just regenerate.

Over all Hiruzen has way too many skills for Danzo to hang. Danzo couldn't kill Hiruzen in one blow either because Hiruzen can do mud clones just like Oorochimaru. I'm gonna have to say Hiruzen would win by a long shot. It's still be lit though. If you feel Danzo would win let me know why in the comments. I'd love to hear your perspective.


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