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Top 10 Tv Shows To Watch...

Updated on March 23, 2020
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LJ Milan is a fan of movies since he was a kid. He loves them all, no matter the genre. Sometimes he just won't shut up about them.

As the global pandemic of corona virus spreads. People are being isolated in their homes. Asking themselves: What should I watch? So, they can cure boredom for a little while. Have no fear my friends, I've got you. Below is the list of tv shows that will certainly entertain you during these times.


1. M.A.S.H

This classic sitcom is on all the best tv shows lists you can find out there. And with good reason.

As the name says, the show is set in mobile hospital during Korean war. And it shows how doctors, nurses and soldiers coped with the situation they are put in.

I love this show. Even if it's dubbed offensive these days. But if you want you can find offense in everything. For a war comedy it's really anti-war. It fantastically portrays human stupidity in all it's glory. This show maybe a comedy, but it will make you ask yourself some hard questions. Isn't that what any good tv show should be doing?


2. 24

This show is about a counter terror unit led by Jack Bauer. It's a story about a flawed man in the trenches in war on terror. But, no matter the loss he will always be there to stop evildoers.

This show is a little dark, there will be torture, gunfights, and occasional yelling. And, yes Jack is always there to save the day. But, that's the fun of this show. During nine seasons he kicked so many butts that even you will feel refreshed.


3. Only Fools And Horses

This show is about two wheeling and dealing brothers in London. All in search of being millionaires. Del Boy and Rodney are characters you can relate easily. You will enjoy in their adventures. They will have you in tears from laughter.

This show is considered a cult classic, at least in my country. Mainly because we went through the same hardships as the titular duo. But, that can be said for everyone on the planet.

The titular duo is played by the legendary David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst. And they did a fantastic job. In fact all actors in this series are just perfect for the role they are playing. When you have that amount of raw talent on screen and John Sulliven is writing scripts, it is virtually impossible for the show to be a miss.


4. 'Allo 'Allo

This one is yet another U.K comedy classic.This time the show is set in small cafe in rural France during Nazi occupation. The titular character is Rene, cafe owner. Who has a wife problem, a lovers problem, a women problem, a German problem, and resistance problem. You will agree that's a lot of problems.

I love this show it's a fantastic study of people in a distress. It will have you laughing out loud and craving for more. What else can we expect from a good tv show.


5. The West Wing

This show follows the inner workings of the White House. We follow the President and his sidekicks in action. Week after week, problem after problem. Sorkin opened to us the world we rarely get to see. With a fantastic actors from Martin Sheen to Alison Janney.

In a world were politics and politicians have gone sideways, this show is a must watch. Also, Aaron Sorkin is my favorite tv writer. He knows how to write engaging dialogue and appealing characters. When you put all that together you get pure tv gold.


6. Fringe

This show follows an FBI agent, played by fantastic Anna Torv. Who is forsed to work with crazy scientist and his son. Or is it better to call him mad scientist?

This show came to us from uber producer J.J. Abrams. Anna Torv did an awesome job with this role, I'm still pissed he didn't even get nominated for an Emmy. Joshua Jackson was also fantastic in his role. But, for me John Noble played the role of his life in this tv show. I must say that I was a big fan of The X Files, but this show surpassed even that one. Anyways, you won't be sorry if you make time for this show.


7. Californication

This show follows Hank Moody. A writer lost in his struggles with his career, relationships, and his daughter.

David Duchovny is simply fantastic in this tv show. Some say that's because he basically plays himself. Whatever the case, this show is fantastic character study of relationships in the age of information. But, make sure you watch this show without kids. It contains a lot of sex.


8. Farscape

This show follows an astronaut John Crichton. On his flight out of Earth atmosphere gets sucked in a wormhole and ends up on the other side of the Galaxy. And in the middle of battle. And so know he is a fugitive on a ship full of criminals.

This show has everything, a good script, a fantastic actors and awesome directors. Plus photography of this show is amazing. In it's time this was the most expensive tv show on television.


9. Wire in Blood

Robson Green stars in this U.K. crime tv show. He plays psychologist Tony Hill, who gets in the minds of killers and victims. And helps police to investigate cases. It's like Criminal Minds in one man.

This U.K procedural is a lot darker then the rest of the list. But, never the less it deserves to be watched. If you are looking for something extra dark this show is for you.


10. Star Trek

If you really want to be covered with content during all this time this franchise is for you. Start with Kirk and The Original Series, then go to The Next Generation, then Deep Space 9, Voyager, Enterprise and finally Discovery and Picard. This franchise is full content galore. It will have you laughing and crying. Also, it's nice to watch a utopian tv show once in a while.

If you start with this one, it means you are ambitious and I like that. Each and every one of these shows have something that will pull you in.

And here we are, at the end of my list. I hope you find something that will pull you in and clear your mind of all the reality. God knows we need it.

Which show did you like the best?

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© 2020 LJ Milan


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