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Top 3 Classic Films To Watch During The Labor Day Weekend

Updated on August 27, 2015
Fly away into the unknown and leave behind the stress of this reality behind.
Fly away into the unknown and leave behind the stress of this reality behind. | Source

Time Of Escape

Labor Day is about the reflection of all the labor that has been done over the years by individuals, companies, banks, etc. But why reflect when you can relax and escape those few precious days til work returns again? Instead of reflecting or watching documentaries, I say watch a classic! And I do not mean a classic on labor, but rather science fiction.

You might be asking, “Why science fiction?” Because science fiction is about escaping the reality around us and venturing into the unknown while leaving all work, troubles or whatever behind. So grab a chair, beer, some popcorn and delve into the top 3 classic science fiction film list that will help you escape during your three day vacation.

Go back in time with H.G. Wells "The Time Machine!"
Go back in time with H.G. Wells "The Time Machine!" | Source

The Time Machine

Labor Day weekend always seems to go by too fast, but what if you could go back in time? Or what if you could just forget about time altogether? Well you can with "The Time Machine" as you travel forward (not back) in time to a world of pretty little, soft spoken Eloi girls and hideous, flesh eating Morlocks time seems to sit still as the action and fun never ends (well really after an hour and a half it does but you get the idea)!

Starring Rod Taylor, Alan Young, Yvette Mimieux and many other class names. Get ready to delve into the illusion of time with your partner George as you watch time and the world unravel before you into the abyss of 802701 AD. If you get hungry along the way you can always just grab one of the giant delicious fruits that grown rampant in the distant future and if you feel like beating someone up then just confront a Morlock and go at it! This is an absolute must see classic and what better weekend to do it than one that you must forget time exist and work is whatever time you choose it to be.

"When I speak of time, I'm speaking of the fourth dimension."-George

Step out of the boundaries of reality with this twisted classic!
Step out of the boundaries of reality with this twisted classic! | Source

World Without End

Want to step out of the bounds of reality completely? Then this is the classic for you! Another film starring Rod Taylor that is a continuous adventure with Mars-mission astronauts who skid on a time warp into a post-apocalyptic future Earth in the year 2508. A film that keeps you watching the entire time as you don't know what to expect with each passing scene, taking your mind off of work and on to the edge of the known Universe itself!

The future earth is consumed with fear, mutant monstrosities and a dwindling group of subterranean survivors. Of course the men meet a few lovely futuristic ladies that they fall for as what would a movie be without some fantasy romance? Grab this classic and go away where stress is out of reach in a World Without End.

Stop going forward and instead travel outward and backwards to a distant prehistoric planet!
Stop going forward and instead travel outward and backwards to a distant prehistoric planet! | Source

Prehistoric Planet

Starring Basil Rathbone and Faith Domergue in the timely classic being placed in the year 2020 with a team of researchers searching for life on Venus. Their findings are out of this world as they run into lizard men and dinosaurs while an ethereal female voice haunts their every move. Danger lurks around every corner as time runs out to save another group of researchers in a lava infested area of the planet.

This classic will have you on edge as well as getting a few laughs at some of the animation and effects used, but most of all you will journey to another land far away from work! Labor not and instead kick back with this far fetched classic and drift away into the unknown!

Labor Not!

Now you have your top three adventures for the upcoming Labor Day weekend to help you fly away into the unknown, leaving the stresses of reality far behind in another Universe. Go ahead and really relax by grabbing up these classics, popping some corn, opening up a good craft brew, and kicking back to scene after scene of classic amusement and other worldly scenarios. So labor not, enjoy and cheers!


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    • Team Wiseman profile image

      Team Wiseman 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for these suggestions, seems like a perfect time to share this article via FB and Twitter.. since it is Labor Day tomorrow. Great article and insightful! Sharing !!

    • Robert Sacchi profile image

      Robert Sacchi 

      4 years ago

      An interesting list. The Time Machine (1960) is a great adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel. I tend to spend a lot of time watching episodes of The Twilight Zone if the SyFy channel runs a marathon over the weekend.


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