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Top 3 Movies, Food and Craft Beer Pairing Week 1

Updated on February 2, 2016

Time To Sit Back And Enjoy A Good Movie!

The Big Bang

Nothing is better than to sit down and relax on your day off while enjoying a great movie, food and for those that choose, beer. I plan on giving weekly updates on three movie picks that I choose along with food and beer pairing options to help you make the most out of your day of relaxation. Classic films will be the most picked, but I will also go out beyond to the present time and pick new releases and 90's films that seem to fit the moment. Join me as we take a look at the first of many weeks to come; film, food and beer.

1.) Forbidden Planet

This week I wanted to go with some great classic sci fi films with some good pairing food and beer options. The first film I have chosen is the 1956 sci fi classic Forbidden Planet. Any sci fi buff can agree that this film is by far one of the best sci fi's of all time and was the beginning of the sci fi films we have today. This film provides not only a unique sci fi experience but also gives an amazing quality of film for it's time that can and will be appreciated by generations to come.


It all starts with a captain and his crew hurdling through space to a beautiful planet Altair lV where Dr. Edward Morbius, his daughter Altaira and their robot companion Robby live in peace. The crew was sent to see what had happened to the doctor and the rest of the crew that accompanied him. All seems good until the doctor warns them to leave them in peace as there was a great danger lurking on the planet. The great danger was a horrible invisible monster seeking to devour all that came within it's path.

Food and Beer Pairing:

For this film I recommend shrimp fettuccine alfredo with a dash of sriracha seasoning for a little kick. For beer I recommend Dogfish Head 90 min IPA to help cleanse the palates from the oils and sauce while stoking the fire from the sriracha seasoning as well as a kick of excitement.

Forbidden Planet Trailer

2.) The Time Machine

Nothing like going back in time with a time travelling classic like The Time Machine! I've personally have enjoyed this film since I was a kid and continue to till this day. When your trying to relax and forget about time this classic is sure to help you feel like you have all the time in the world as you travel along with the inventor and main character George and encounter the future full of warlocks and mind controlled humans.


George is an inventor back in the year 1900 and works on creating a time machine to travel to a so called better time and place than what he currently lived. He travels to a few different points in time where he encounters changes to scenery, people and even a nuclear fall out! After travelling much further ahead to the year 802,701 AD he finds an abundance of trees and giant fruits along with strange unknown structures. He meets a group of humans who lived carefree with no sense of worry or ambition period. All seems well until a group of hideous creatures called the Warlocks ring their sirens and call forth the hypnotized and helpless humans into their lair and death.

Food and Beer Pairing:

I say go big or go home for this time twisted film! Go ahead and cook up a big juicy bacon cheese burger with a touch of bourbon BBQ sauce and an order of fries to help you get through the enduring trip of time travel. The best way to wash it all down is by a nice, strong dark beer with a smooth finish; Goose Island Brewery's Bourbon County Brand Stout will do the job and more with a great balance and enhancement of flavors. Sip, savor and enjoy!

The Time Machine Trailer

3.) War Of The Worlds

Another timely classic from the realm of H.G. Wells with suspense, action and aliens all in one classic package. Nothing gets the heart beat racing like war, especially when it comes from outer space! When you set yourself in the characters shoes you feel the intensity, but at the same time appreciate the special effects and filming of its time.


This is another must see for the sci fi fan and enthusiast alike as aliens from space come down to take over the world by killing off both people and their society with high powered death rays. The main character Doctor Clayton Forrester and a young lady by the name of Sylvia Van Buren meet each other at the beginning of the film as they scope out a nearby crashed meteorite that turns out to be one of the alien ships. The two run hopelessly from place to place trying to escape the out of this world Apocalypse that had over taken the world. The two are eventually trapped in an abandoned farmhouse as an eye from one of the ships enters in to scope out and exterminate any existing life. Forrester is quick to severe the eye with an ax and take it to Pacific Tech in Los Angeles where they discover the Martians weakness.

Food and Beer Pairing:

I say for an old classic such as this it is proper to go with both an old timey meal and beer. A kick of bold flavors and beans to make you fart should do the job with some old-fashion chili for the filling of the stomach. A great old fashioned beer to pair with would have to be Anchor Brewing's Steam Beer to help refreshen and cleanse while soothe the anxiety conjured up from the film!

War Of The Worlds Trailer

Forbidden Planet

War Of The Worlds


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