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Top 5 Adele Songs That Will Make You Crave for More (Plus Two Exclusive Tracks You Have Not Heard Before!)

Updated on September 2, 2014
Beautiful and gorgeous as her music, Adele
Beautiful and gorgeous as her music, Adele | Source

And who is she exactly?

Despite selling more than 30 million records worldwide with just one album, some people may have never heard of her yet. If you knew her already then maybe you could skip this part, but if you love a little bit of informative background and a refresh information in your mind, then you might as well read this first!

Adele is just a stage name, but it is actually a part of her real name too. So who was she when she was born? She's Adele Laurie Blue Adkins and I agree that it's long for a name you want to give yourself in the music industry. And it actually worked in her favor to use just Adele (which means noble, kind and tender - just like her!) as her stage name, short yet a very easy word to mark in people's forgetful minds!

Her friend began posting demos of her in MySpace and XL Recordings gave her a contract after seeing the demo her friend has posted in 2006. Although it was not until 2 years later that she released her debut album numerically titled 19 which was a critical and commercial success by the time of its release.

And because she's English, her music was not popular in the United States just yet! Not until she began promoting her songs in a TV Show Saturday Night Live in late 2008 that the American people showed interest! Immediately right after, she earned two Grammy Awards the following year, for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Chasing Pavements.

She received widespread success, acclaim and recognition by the time she released her second album 21 - regarded as the biggest album of the millennium just yet! The first record ever to surpass 30 million records at the turn of the century. That could be attributed to the outstanding word-of-mouth from the listeners that enabled to make the album #1 in almost every country of the world! Her success was a phenomenon that only happens once in a century and it is already been predicted that no one will ever come close in terms of the success that the album enjoyed. If you would love to read more about her achievements, I suggest you should read the detailed summary of her life in her Wikipedia page.

Now let us go check out the 5 best songs of the singer's entire discography! 5 songs that basically wrap her career and her persona! 5 songs that are so difficult to choose but made possible so that you could actually hear a vision of her songs in just a pick of 5! Now let's start.

Adele in the music video for Hometown Glory
Adele in the music video for Hometown Glory | Source

1. Hometown Glory

The first song that Adele ever wrote. Hometown Glory was written 10 minutes after her mother persuade her to leave her home town so that she can pursue academic excellence somewhere in London! Adele's vocal theatrics is crystal clear in this song. Accompanied only by piano and violin, this song is as soulful as you want it to be. Add to it the effortless and solid vocals of the 10-time Grammy winner, this is certainly a standout in her discography.

Her vocal range might not be that as of Mariah Carey's, but her control and resonance is what made her a force in the music industry today.

The song received critical success when it was initially released although it failed to chart miserable even in Adele's home country. It wasn't until she released her debut album that the song sparked in the charts and finally settled in its #19 peak! Quite coincidental to the number in the album title!

Glory was nominated for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in the Grammy Awards but it was beaten by Beyonce's Halo.

Adele performing Hometown Glory live on Letterman

Glee cast performing Adele's Chasing Pavements in one of their episodes
Glee cast performing Adele's Chasing Pavements in one of their episodes | Source

2. Chasing Pavements

The story about how this song was written is quite extraordinary! Judging by the title alone, you might think it's about chasing your dreams or something close to that, but this is Adele we are talking about. Of course, this is all about heartbreak!

The story goes like this, when Adele realized that her boyfriend has been cheating on her, she went to the bar where she knew she would found him. She walked towards him and then punched him in the face! And after she made her way out, she was there walking along the sideways - and she asked herself: "What is it that you're chasing? You're chasing an empty pavement!"

And right at that moment, she sang and recorded it in her phone and then arranged it later at home! Quite amazing, huh? Some things could really inspire us to do wonders if we are just taking them into a positive outlet! Hadn't that incident happened, we might have no masterpiece like this, so a huge thanks to the boy too.

Chasing Pavements became her first major hit. It was released before the album was released and it charted #2 in the UK Singles Chart and also peaked at #21 in the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The critical response for this song was quite extraordinary. It even went on to receive three nominations in the Grammy year that it was eligible. Nominated in the categories of Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance but it only won the latter! Still an amazing feat.

Watch an outstanding live performance of Chasing Pavements

The official single cover of Adele's version of Make You Feel My Love
The official single cover of Adele's version of Make You Feel My Love | Source

3. Make You Feel My Love

If you thought that Adele is only known for the beautiful songs she wrote herself then you're wrong. She's known to cover songs too and make it beautifully her own!

Perhaps that is the case too when Adele released this cover version of Bob Dylan's soulful classic. Adele's version is certainly different and more popular than his' in a worldwide scale! Supported only by piano and her angelic voice, this song has pushed boundaries in overtaking your emotions. If you lost someone you love and you listen to this song then I am sure you will really cry hard.

(Sidenote: The song was even featured in one of Glee's tribute episode when lead-star Cory Monteith died last year. His girlfriend Lea Michele sang it the way Adele sang it and the emotions were clearly seen in her face which made everybody cried while watching the somber episode.)

If you think that I am just kidding with this one, then why don't you try to click the play button below? I will be surprised if you won't be touched in the very sad and powerful rendition!

Watch Adele offer her performance of the song to a friend who died

Adele receiving a Grammy Award for Rolling in the Deep
Adele receiving a Grammy Award for Rolling in the Deep | Source

4. Rolling in the Deep

The song that made Adele the biggest star in the world!

With musical elements from pop, blues, gospel, disco, and even R&B, this song has no specific genre! In fact, when it became a #1 in the song, it was charting in a lot of other components too such as the Billboard Pop Songs, Billboard Rhythmic Chart, and the Billboard Urban Chart. That means the song was certainly massive that made every radio in the United States played it no matter of the song's genre!

Released as 21's lead single, the song reached #1 in almost every song chart worldwide! Ironically, it only hit #2 in the United Kingdom although it went on to become one of the best-selling songs in the country at the end of the year! The song received huge support from music critics garnering the Grammy Award for Record of the Year and Song of the Year (the show's most prestigious awards!).

It also became the best-selling female song in the United States with digital sales exceeding 8 million already and more than 15 million around-the-globe!

Watch the lively audience bop in the song when Adele performed it live at the Royal Albert Hall

Adele in the music video for Someone Like You
Adele in the music video for Someone Like You | Source

5. Someone Like You

Someone Like You made Adele a LEGEND!

From the melancholic start of the piano, to the jealousy in Adele's voice, Someone Like You is perfect from start to finish. Although it may be really somber and melancholic, the song is so real that everybody can sing and relate to it. It is the song that moved a whole generation! Even from parents who never listened to today's music, to the old one's who seemed to have been left out by the new generation, to the young kids who never understood any of the lyrics, when the song is to be played everyone starts singing with it too!

The song just never gets old, it was a masterpiece that was carefully written before turning the notes from the head to a piece written in papers! And what is even more phenomenal about this

So what made this song so special? It's simplicity perhaps! May I remind you that the only thing you will hear in the entirety of the song is the piano and Adele's voice (and also a very soft touch of violin which is not even noticeable)!

I am quite sure you have already heard it though. But in case you haven't watched the most iconic performance this song has ever witnessed that I added below (including a phenomenal standing ovation which lasted for several minutes!), then I suggest you watch it now. You might as well cry with her too and experience the goosebumps everybody had felt when they watched the video!

Watch the song that changed Adele's life! And cry with her too.

Other Songs You Should Listen (My Suggestions)

Don't You Remember - one of my favorite songs ever! I'll be surprised if you will not like this.

Turning Tables - a huge fan-favorite, Glee even covered it, I don't know why she did not release this!

One and Only - the only happy song you will find in 21, and if you're looking for a song you will play in your wedding ceremony, then I suggest this one!

In your opinion

What is Adele's best song?

See results

As promised, here are two exclusive unreleased tracks for your pleasure

Two unreleased Adele tracks were recently leaked on the Internet! They were included in a Promo CD that were only available for the record company Adele was signed.

Click here to listen to Never Gonna Leave You.

Click here to listen to You'll Never See Me Again.

If the link is broken, just notify me!


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    • Laudemhir Jan profile imageAUTHOR

      Laudemhir Jan 

      4 years ago from Davao City, Philippines

      I am really glad you find this hub interesting! And yes, she does have an amazing voice, hopefully she will still be as successful as she once was! :)

    • oceansnsunsets profile image


      4 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      I think Adele is beautiful and has an amazing voice. Its a joy to see her on this journey and where life has taken her thus far. I wish her the best, and found your hub interesting! Thank you for sharing.


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