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Top 5 Best South Park Episodes

Updated on October 10, 2015

Just A Small Town In Colorado...

Since 1997, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been entertaining (and shocking) the world with one of the best animated series of all time: South Park. After 18 years and now entering a 19th season, the series is still going strong, taking on every timely topic imaginable and leaving no viewer un-offended.

With over 250 insanely funny episodes, it can be tough to decide which are the best of the best. Here, I've collected the best South Park episodes by raking on, a website which allows fans to vote and comment on television episodes and series. I also added each episode's IMDB ranking.

Now, on to the top 5!

5) The Death Of Eric Cartman

Episode - 906

Original Airdate - 4/13/2005 Rating - 9.4

IMDB Rating - 9.0

The Death Of Eric Cartman tells the story of Cartman thinking he has died, and the insane antics that follow. After eating a bunch of KFC chicken skin, his friends give him the silent treatment, making him think he can't be seen. When he arrives home to see a small box being taken out of his house and people speaking of the chicken skin that clogged it (it's actually the toilet), Cartman thinks it's him. Cartman finally learns that Butters can see him (as Butters isn't aware of the silent treatment) and the two do whatever they can to help Cartman's soul go to heaven, culminating in Cartman assisting the police with a hostage crisis.

This episode takes a very creative angle on the silent treatment. To make Cartman think he died, even showing a "casket" leaving his home, is priceless! We get to see Cartman make amends for all of his horrible deeds over the years and even help thwart a hostage situation. This was a great episode that really allowed Cartman and Butters' relationship to shine.

The History Of South Park Online

The presence of South Park online can seem like it goes back to the 2001 launch of the South Park Studios website. However, the series itself actually began on the internet years earlier.

In 1993, Trey Parker and Matt Stone created a short stop motion construction paper animation titled "The Spirit of Christmas", and later nicknamed "Jesus vs. Frosty". In the three minute short, a group of four kids are terrorized by an evil Frosty the snowman and a baby Jesus saves them. This was the first example of South Park online. (Fun fact: The "fat kid" dies in this animation, and another character delivers the classic line "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!")

This short film gained attention all around the web, which at the time had virtually no competition for video views like today's Youtube-centric world. Eventually, an exec at Fox found the short and commissioned Trey and Matt to make another. This time, the guys created "The Spirit of Christmas: Jesus vs. Santa". Again, this short made waves around the web, while the guys were gaining ground as actors and musicians. This short led to many pitch meetings and a series pickup by Comedy Central. (Fun fact: Many clips of "Jesus vs. Santa" appear in season 4's "A Very Crappy Christmas".)

4) Casa Bonita

Episode - 1211

Original Airdate - 11/12/2008 Ranking - 9.4

IMDB Ranking - 9.0

Casa Bonita revolves around Kyle's birthday plans to go to a theme restaurant with his friends, Cartman being excluded in favor of Butters. Cartman tries his best to be this thing called "nice" in hopes of being invited, and Kyle says that if Butters can't make it, Cartman can take his place. Cartman immediately hatches a plan to get rid of Butters, tricking him into believing an asteroid is about to hit Earth and Butters must hide. Soon enough, Cartman is invited to Casa Bonita, but the search is on for Butters, and eventually the truth comes out.

This is one of my favorite episodes, especially due to the great Cartman-Butters plot line. Trey and Matt always do great work with these two, and this may be their best. Cartman's determination to go to a restaurant is amazing for such a simple goal, and Butters' naivete to the whole asteroid situation is hilarious. This is definitely worth a watch.

The South Park Movie

South Park: Bigger, Longer, And Uncut was the 1999 South Park movie based on the series. The movie basically answers the question "What if South Park got its own movie?" With Canadians Terrance and Phillip as surrogates for Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the movie tells the story of every kid in America falling in love with these foul-mouthed characters at the theater, only for their parents to wage war on Canada over censorship.

The movie didn't hit very big at the box office (only $50m), but it brought attention to the growing series. It even led to an Oscar nomination for Blame Canada, as well as a performance at the show.

The Original South Park Intro

3) The Return Of The Fellowship Of The Ring To The Two Towers

Episode - 613

Original Airdate - 11/13/2002 Ranking - 9.5

IMDB Ranking - 9.1

The Return parodies the Lord Of The Rings saga with all the South Park kids playing the roles. When the kids are sent on a "quest" to deliver the tape to Butters, they unknowingly deliver a porno instead. Stan's parents realize the mistake and give them a new quest: retrieve the tape and don't watch it! They manage to get the tape back from a Gollum-esque obsessed Butters, but run into teenagers who want it now. The kids do what they can to complete their final quest of the night by returning the tape to the video store.

This is a great parody of the films, poking fun at role playing as well as the kids' honest confusion about the tape. A ton of great lines and scenarios make for a hilarious episode. Trey and Matt have even said it's one of their favorites, and for good reason.

The South Park Game (s)

South Park has made a number of console games throughout the years, many of which Trey and Matt have apologized for, but more recently the show came out with The Stick Of Truth. In this RPG, you play "the new kid" in town and go on a quest to make friends, and obtain the stick of truth.

After years of no new console games, then The Stick Of Truth, it will be only two years until ANOTHER classic South Park game comes to light: The Fractured, But Whole. In this game, players will be able to work alongside the South Park kids' superhero alter egos, including The Coon, Mysterion, and even Mint Berry Crunch. No release date has been set for the new South Park game.

2) Make Love, Not Warcraft

Episode - 1008

Original Airdate - 10/4/2006 Ranking - 9.5

IMDB Ranking - 9.3

Warcraft focuses on the boys' new obsession with the popular MMORPG. Unfortunately, they find themselves being killed over and over by a rogue gamer that even the admins can't control. The boys work together, tirelessly playing the game, losing sleep, eating junk food and not bathing, in order to defeat the rogue once and for all.

Every gamer, RPG or non, can appreciate this episode. A funny take on how important games can be to people, and a hilarious and silent enemy make for a fantastic episode. Only South Park could create heroes out of lazy, fat, unwashed gamer stereotypes.

" South Park Me !"

Who hasn't yelled the command "South Park Me!" at the TV screen in hopes that Trey and Matt will hear your call and put you in the show? Sadly, it doesn't work, but the South Park Avatar Creator is a good substitute.

South Park Studios has developed a character designer game which allows you to create your likeness in the style of the show. Save a copy of the design and share it with the world, or even stick it to the TV screen the next time you watch the show!

The Newest South Park Intro

1) Scott Tenorman Must Die

Episode - 504

Original Airdate - 7/11/2001 Ranking - 9.6

IMDB Ranking - 9.3

Scott Tenorman follows the story of Cartman's best revenge scheme ever. After being tricked by a ninth grader to buy his pubes in order to "reach puberty", and failing to get his money back, Cartman devises a scheme to embarrass and hurt Scott Tenorman for his actions. After what seems like many failed attempts, Cartman succeeds with a chili cook off that ruins Scott's life.

This episode deserves the number one spot in more ways than one. Not only does Scott Tenorman introduce us to a whole new level of Cartman's evil ways, it also serves as a turning point in the series, where Trey and Matt started focusing on one plot per episode more often, instead of adding B and C plots. They even stated in many interviews that this is one of their favorite episodes of the series. A hilarious and dark episode of the show, just be ready to avoid eating chili for a few... years.

Watch South Park Online

Want to watch all of these classic South Park episodes? They're all online! Check out the websites below to watch and enjoy the best series on TV.




Which Is Your Favorite?

Did your favorite South Park episode make the list? Give us your top 5 best South Park episodes in the comments below.


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