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Top 5 Black Metal Albums of the Moment

Updated on March 24, 2020
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Emmanuel has been an online writer for over 5 years. He is passionate about horror books, movies and music.

Watain live in concert
Watain live in concert

Top 5 Black Metal Albums

  • "Adore"—Numenorean
  • "Age of Excuse"—Mgła
  • "Something Wicked Marches In"—Vltimas
  • "Telemark"—Ihsahn
  • "Empyrean Fire"—Chernaa


Album: Adore

Release Year: 2019

Originally from Canada, and unlike the rest of the bands that you will see below, this is specifically different for its doom atmosphere, with heavy riffs, slow but enriched with hypnotizing melodies that together with all the aforementioned, generates an aura that certainly will captures you. Their particular style for having post-black metal and sludge influences are highlighted a lot in this particular album. We will be able to achieve different aspects where elements of despair, longing and depression are incorporated. The instrumental pieces within the work take a step that engages moments of great anger, whispers and clean voices. It all seems to fit together like a perfect puzzle where Black Metal is take into consideration. We will also observe a performance on the fluid drums that accompanies it with an aggressive and hoarse voice. However, you will lose yourself in the atmospheric echo of his voice from time to time as the drum resonates like a heartbeat of a slowly dying heart. I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions, please listen to: "Adore"


"Age of Excuse"—Mgła

Album: Age of Excuse

Release Year: 2019

Originally from Poland. From this top-list I must admit that this is personally my favorite album. I had the opportunity to meet these beasts live and direct, I can share that the mysterious and very characteristic sounds of this particular band are heard on stage as if they had been put on mute and then have placed a vinyl of this record. The band is recognized for having caused a lot of fury in recent years, its dark and mysterious paraphernalia has left more than one person open-mouthed. The talent is attractive to the eye and the ear, in particular this latest album caused a stir among all fans because we came across to a very unique atmosphere of what the band represents. The artwork, in what seems to be inspired by Gustave Dorés paintings of yesteryear, gives it an infernal touch that expresses without a doubt the nihilistic and misanthropic atmosphere that they wish to transmit. Although the loops are constant nevertheless aggressive, I would emphasize that you may have to pay attention to what happens in the background. It seems monotonous but it is very variant and I dare to also say apocalyptic, without further ado please enjoy:

Age of Excuse II

"Something Wicked Marches In"—Vltimas

Album: Something Wicked Marches In

Release Year: 2019

It's a band construct of great artists from bands recognized in the world of metal. They are quite renowned and respected artists. In particular, I really liked this album because the works that musicians usually integrate to form projects of this caliber, do not usually come out very good. Yet "Something Wicked Marches In" is definitely the exception, and it's stunning to say this since seeing idols of Morbid Angel, Mayhem, and Cryptosy together is not something you see every day. The production done on this album has an extraordinary performance on drums, the blast-beat and double bass drum are harrowing and horrifying. It's a masterpiece that is on everyone's lips today. The energetic voice terrifies while the dark riffs complement each other in a magical and eloquent way. Without further ado, I leave this topic for you to draw your own conclusions. Please listen to: "Something Wicked Marches In"

Something Wicked Marches In


Album: Telemark

Release Year: 2020

Ihsahn is a composer native from Norway, is one of the most iconic and respected composers of Black Metal nowadays. His beginnings with Emperor marked his career as one of the best bands in the genre to date. His works are known for having unmatched symphonies and generating dark and mesmerizing atmospheres. In this album we can appreciate a little of how his creativity operates. From catchy tunes to stifling riffs that drag you into hell itself. The songs on this album are mere poetry, where the lyrics are beautiful and his voice fits into the chaotic harmony with perpetual and delirious energy. Here I will present one of my favorite songs on the album, I personally would have liked more songs. However, you will find all the dark layers of the intrepid mind of Ihsahn, the man who can do everything. Definitely a legend. Please listen to:


"Empyrean Fire"—Chernaa

Album: Empyrean Fire

Release Year: 2019

Originally from Czech Republic, we were introduced to Empyrean Fire a few months ago. It's an album that completely blew my mind! from the moment zero the energy transmitted by this band with its fast riffs and the feeling with which it sings is unique. We can observe the atmosphere that generates the silences when the voice the instruments cut off, immerses you in a mesmerizing hoarse voice, so deep and so vast. Without a doubt, it generates in one way or another a spellbinding suspense. On the other hand, since they do not have a monotonous rhythm, their intersperse rhythms breaks the paradigm. You can appreciate the synth that creates a melancholic atmosphere and drowns the mysterious and uncertain while the blast-beat remains vigorous. I decided to choose this song, where you can even hear an acoustic strumming that gives the sensation of a serene calm between the hit-hat and the march of the drum. Please listen to: "Ominous"


© 2020 Emmanuel Dal Canto


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