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Top 5 Bollywood Films (2017)

Updated on November 12, 2017

1.Bahubali 2:The Conclusion

This film was the most awaited film of 2017 after the film bahubali:The beginning. This time the story revolves around Shiva(son of Bahubali) who was searching for answers after he learns about his heritage.This film grosses all the records of bollywood history.


This part is more prequel than sequel because initially the story traces the origins of Baahubali’s father, who was originally meant to be the King of Mahishmati. It also delves on the love-story between Amarendra and Devasena(Anushka Shetty), who is mother of Mahendra Baahubali(Prabhas in a dual role.) Recounted in the folklore-meets-Aesop’s fable-style, the plot is simple and carries the good triumphs over evil thought forward just like the first part did. Albeit with some childish conspiracy theories added in. Of course, the end comes together in a long-drawn climax that could have been 10-minutes . What’s more, this part provides an answer to a question uppermost in everyone’s mind for the last two years—it tells you why Katappa, the old faithful, killed Baahubali Senior.


A determined police officer ( Nawazuddin Siddqui) threatens to destroy the crime lord's (Shahrukh Khan) powerful empire. The story is worthseeing and the dailouges are loved by the audience. A great screenplay with a crime and thriller story. You must enjoy this film.


Carrying that legacy forward, is Raees. Shah Rukh Khan plays the titular character of a spectacled goon who hates being called “battery”; he starts from harmless Ponzi schemes but graduates to pre-planned rackets and becomes the top bootlegger of his town. When ACP Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is posted in his area, he meets his equal. Raees forms a nexus with politicians who fuel his business, but he soon becomes the thorn in their way. The music whet your appetite and the Laila Main Laila sequence ups the ante.

The movie can feel a bit long, but if you’re going for a great Shah Rukh performance and some good ol’ popcorn-entertainment, it might just ‘raees’ to the occasion.

3.Toilet:Ek Prem Katha

It is the story of a woman (Bhumi Pednekar) who leaves her husband(Akshay Kumar) house after a few days of her marriage when she find that there is no toilet in his house due to their old traditions .He desparetly set out on mission to win back his love by standing against the old traditions.


For most of us who take the toilets in our homes for granted, the burning issue of 58% Indians practising open defecation could be a flush-worthy concept. But, director Shree Narayan Singh holds up a mirror to society, showing us how our superstitious villagers, lazy administration and corrupt politicians have actually converted India into the world’s largest shit-pond. Women especially, are treated more insensitively than cattle!

This film is a satirical take on the age-old ‘tradition’ of seeking fields to relieve ourselves. Mercifully it steers clear of being a documentary on sanitisation.

So whether you have pressing matters to attend to or not, please take a detour to this toilet. Each of us needs to raise a stink about what our countrymen do in the open.

4.Judwa 2

A reboot of Salman khan's film Judwa .The story revolves around the twin brothers (Varun Dhawan) prem and raja which are sprated from each other due after birth when teir father exposes a drug dealer.The dealer wants to take revenge from their father but they save their family after meeting each other once .


David Dhawan who has made three dozen vacuous comedies, with an enviable success ratio. He was even crowned the undisputed king of comedy once. Here, he gives you a rebooted version of his 1997 comic-caper of the same name. The earlier one had Salman Khan, this one has Varun. It helps that the leading man has a mammoth following with today's kids. And, he is viewed by those clued into Hindi mainstream cinema as a combination of Govinda and Salman, both of who carried off their kitsch routine with a certain flair. Varun doesn't let you down either. Whether he is playing a geek or a goon, he is absolutely endearing and delivers, exactly what his daddy orders him to.

5.Golmaal Again

Golmaal again is yet another fun filled ride of two gangs that can't bear each other since childhood.Another thriller adventure with its fair surprises that will blow your minds.It is surely a film that will make you laugh,cry and also realize the importance of life.And you must say life is beautiful .The film also has a bhoot tarka.


Golmaal is the screwball comedy franchise that has been kept alive for the last eleven years. Reruns on satellite channels always make you chuckle, no matter from which point you catch the film. Like its previous instalments, this one too has moments of unadulterated fun. The gags alternate between being truly funny and averagely routine but you find yourself laughing uncontrollably because each of the actors here is a delight to watch. Whether it's the lisping Lakshman (Shreyas) or the bully Gopal, who is petrified of ghosts, everyone is so proficient, you can't help but smile at their antics. The dialogue is pedestrian but witty.

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