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Top 5 Drama Series You Can Watch Now on Netflix Streaming

Updated on October 18, 2012
How did these people make it with only one television in the house?
How did these people make it with only one television in the house?

5 must see dramatic shows on Netflix streaming

Netflix streaming has been such a wonderful source of cheap entertainment for me and my family. With so many viewing choices the only problem is finding enough time to watch quality shows. Sometimes I tune into a show only to find out too late that it is a real stinker. To help you save precious viewing time, here are 5 of my favorite hour long drama series currently on Netflix streaming:

1. The Walking Dead – This show is not for people who have a weak stomach. It is very gruesome and graphic, sometimes in excess. To make up for all of that, it does have a good storyline and the show keeps the view engaged. It is based on a comic book series by the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. It follows a group of people as they try to cope after a zombie apocalypse. You might want to sleep with the lights on after this one.

Currently two seasons of The Walking Dead are available to watch instantly on Netflix. Season 3 is now airing on AMC.

2. Parenthood- Ron (don’t call me Opie) Howard created Parenthood and it is somewhat based on the movie by the same name that Howard directed back in 1990. I love this show but I wonder about their ad campaigns. The only reason I gave this series a chance was because I love Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls. When I first saw this series on Netflix streaming I decided to do my duty as a loyal fan of Lorelai Gilmore and I gave it a chance. I am so glad I did. It is a show that is hard to explain, but it is one that draws you in. When I talk to my friends about this show people often overhear us think we are talking about members of our families. So give the Braverman clan a chance and invite them into your home. They tend to talk over one another, but they really do grow on you.

Currently three seasons of Parenthood are available on Netflix streaming. Season 4 is airing now on NBC.

3. Downton Abbey- This show was pretty much made for me. I love British costume dramas. Don’t think though, that this is a boring show with people walking around and talking about their duty to family or their love of country life. This show gets downright scandalous even by today’s standards. If you haven’t already watched it, give it one episode and if you aren’t hooked, the show probably isn’t for you.

Sadly, only one season of Downton Abbey is available to watch instantly on Netflix. The second season just aired on PBS as a part of their Masterpiece Classic series.

4. Lost- If you are one of the few people who missed this series when it originally aired, this is a must watch. If you are like me and you are easily confused, watching it again back to back will clear up some questions you might have had the first time around.

Thankfully, all six seasons of Lost are available to stream on Netflix.

5. Revenge- who doesn’t like a little revenge? This show is for anyone who loves watching beautiful rich people plot the demise of other beautiful rich people. What’s not to love?

Season 1 is available to watch on Netflix streaming. Season 2 is currently airing on ABC.

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