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Top 5 Epic Anime Fights

Updated on October 3, 2017

My Hero Academy

Number 5

This fight was a fight which was watched countless times by people all around the world. This was one of the best fight scenes of the anime. How All Might goes beyond his limit to protect and save everyone. This has to be one of the best fight scene ever and who knows there might be better ones in the future. This also makes it an epic scene because this is the last time All Might uses his power in the anime. It was a great ending to the series. There couldn't have been a better one. The best scene was when he used Plus Ultra!!! on Nomu that was epic. It was really interesting how when All Might first punched Nomu it had no effect. Then it was reveled that Nomu was created to defeat All Might and you could tell he was able to withstand All Might's attacks. And for one moment many people thought Nomu had All Might beat. All Might was pushed to his limits by Nomu. Tomura Shigaraki was confident that Nomu was going to beat All Might. But then finally All Might went beyond his limits and he managed to pull off a victory. And after the fight he stated that Nomu was really strong.

Tokyo Ghoul

Number 4

This has got be one of the best scenes of the anime. The fight had epic animations it was so good. The story into how the fight started was also amazing. This was the first time Kaneki used his powers on his own free will. So that also made the fight ten times better. The first time he used his powers unwilling he defeated an incredibly strong opponent. Jason was struggling against Kaneki. The fight was so one sided as soon as Kaneki broke free. He beat the living hell out of Jason using his kagune. Kaneki also started cracking his knuckles like Jason and at the end of the battle he made Jason count from 1000 and he told him to minus 7 everytime. Kaneki was soo op (Over Powered) Jason went into his Kakuja form. I think he lost control of his powers and went insane because he was getting tossed around like a rag doll by Kaneki.

Dragon Ball Super

Number 3

This was a recent fight and it was epic. It was an awesome moment in the series because it was the first time we saw vegito in a long time and also vegito going super saiyan was a topping on the cake. Again the animation didn't let us down. When they fused together their power was on another level compared to Zamasu who is a God. Their power surpassed Zamasu's although they had a 1 hour time limit. It was an epic fight. The best scene of their fight was when Vegito went super saiyan and blasted through that energy bomb. It is really awesome when you see Goku and Vegeta fighting together. Being fused together is on another level. They are two of the two strongest saiyan's alive.

One Piece

Luffy vs Doflamingo

Number 2

This is a fight worth watching. It had so many epic moments and so many new powers and new level of their powers were revealed. The ending of the fight was also good and I think this might be on of the best fights in One Piece history. In this fight both of them kept getting stronger and stronger revealing more secrets of their power. This fight had a whole kingdom on the line. This fight was filled with a lot of emotions and it was an amazing fight to watch. Luffy never gave up in this whole fight and other than his crew nobody believed that Luffy would defeat Doflamingo until they saw his abilities and his strength. Both of them were pushed to their limits and overall it was an amazing fight. One of the best part was when both of them clashed with their Haki. Both of them used Conquerer's Haki which caused a shock wave effect which went throughout the whole island. Doflamingo was pretty impressive in this whole fight. New abilities of his kept popping out onr by one which really pushed luffy to the limit. If it weren't for gear four luffy would have a really hard time defeating Doflamingo.


Hashirama Senju vs Madara Uchiha

Number 1

There are so many good fights in Naruto but personally for me I think this has to be the best fight of the the whole anime. We have Hashirama Senju who is considered as God of Shinobi and then we have Madara Uchiha who is considerd to rival Hashirama's strenghth and was capable of fighting on par with him. I believe many Naruto fans were waiting to see the fight of the both of them. They also had statues built of themselves. They both were leaders of their clans. Their strengths were on another level of a shinobi. Many people used to be scared of their name. Hashirama could use sage mode and his wood style jutsu was so strong. Madara had the sharingan and he also unlocked another level of it which no other Uchiha unlocked at that time and with the sharingan he could control the 9 tail demon fox. This fight has to go down as one of the best fights in anime history.

Honorable Metions

There is the last fight between Naruto and Sasuke which was epic. Sasuke trapped all the beasts with his Rinnegan. Their was Zoro vs Pica when Zoro cut the mountain Pica manifested in half. Everyone were shocked seeing that. Goku vs Black was also a good fight when Goku found out Chi Chi was dead on another earth he got so angry he beat up Black and Zamasu so bad. Kaneki vs Amon was also a good one when both of them clashed for the second time. The first time they fought Kaneki couldn't control his powers and so he got beaten up but the second time they fought it was an even fight. At the end Kaneki won and he also cut of Amon's hand. Minato vs Ay, It was a fight between two future Kages at that time and it was epic. Both of them are few of the fastest shinobi's in history. Between the both of them Minato is the fastest and the smartest one of them both. I believe Minato could defeat if they had a serious fight.

Madara vs Guy

The Best Fight

Hands down this is the best fight ever no one expected Guy to be this strong. I didn't think the 8th Gate holds such a great power like this. Even Madara himself who held his own against Hashirama couldn't do anything and he himself declared Guy as the the strongest in TaiJutsu. This was the best fight ever although it was an one sided fight. Just imagine if Madara wasn't the Ten Tail Jinchuuriki he would been died at that time. Guy was literally bending space. That's how fast he was running. He didn't use any teleportation jutsu he was physically running and to bend space like that is just wow!!! His strength his speed everything changed all his abilities multiplied by 100 or something. He was on an different level of all shinobi. This truly was the best fight ever. I don't think Naruto or Sasuke could defend themselves against him in that state. This truly was the best fight. I get goosebumps every time I watch the fight.

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