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Top 5 Horror Movies of 2019, You Must Watch

Updated on April 15, 2019
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Marj is a very big horror movies fan. He has been watching and reading the horror,thriller movies and dramas for as long as he can remember.

Horror Genre and its origin ...

Horror genre has been in the entertainment industry for a long time. It started as scary stories being told near a camp fire or before bedtime or test of courage games. It was used to have fun with your friends and family, until it took the attention of the publishers and writers and painters. The painters started to paint scary faces and scary environments. They would use these paintings in the fairs or to make a living. As it was a new genre, it took the attention of the public and a lot of people became interested in this.

As the film industry started to make advancements, electronic media also changed. Now, there are many sources of entertainment like mobile, television, laptop and you name it. The horror genre has always been a bit different from all others because it requires creativity and intellectual.

Best Horror movies of 2019 :

  • Escape Room
  • Pet Cemetery
  • Glass
  • The Hole in the Ground
  • The Prodigy

I am not of view that only these movies are the best ones of 2019 but its only in my taste and I like to share my thoughts about them. There are other movies also whose art work is beyond the charts and I respect their work too.

5 : Escape Room

Details about the Film

Release Date :

This Movie was released in January 4th, 2019 .

Director :

This movie was directed by Adam Robert.

Production :

This movie is a Production of Columbia pictures and Original films.

Plot :

Living and struggling through the hardships of life, a few people receive an invitation from an anonymous company to enter in the room named as the Escape room. All of the invites, reach the facility and are made to wait in the waiting room. After sometime, they realize that, the waiting room was the escape room and so, they started looking for clues. One of them turns the heat of the heater to 471*F. The heat intensifies and they find a way out through a vent by pushing down the coffee coasters. They barely escape the room before they are all engulfed by fire.

They reach a cabin with a 6 digit combination lock and one of them suggested, that they should use Rudolf as the key because he remembered something related to it. They enter in a room which looked like a frozen lake side. There they saw the escape window but it was locked. They saw the key trapped inside an ice cube. They melted the Ice-cube with their body heat and reached an inverted Snooker room. They room had collapsing floor so, they had a time limit to find they key and some of them escaped barely.

After that they reached a room where they were drugged and made to leave the room among hallucinations. They are made to fight each other, to obtain the antidote for the drugs and only the winner will be able to leave the room alive.

In the end, only a girl and one man, are able to escape the room. They are seen, going back to the place to take revenge for all the dead people.

Rating :

IMDb : 6.4/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 48%

Unlike survival movies that amp up the gore, Escape Room has a mellow approach to horror. Adam Robert ensures he controls your feelings with every scene.

— Delnaz Divecha

4 : Pet Sematary

Details about the Film

Release Date :

This movie is going to be released in April 5th, 2019

Director :

This movie was directed by Dennis Widmyer

Production :

This movie is a production of De Bonaventura pictures.

Plot :

A couple makes their way to a small town along with their 2 children. They also had a pet cat. Whilst exploring the woods around their new home, the children find a possession of the kids going to bury their dog. The possession had pet cemetery written on it. The next door man warns the couple not to wander in the woods, they woods are dangerous. Next day, the husband is unable to save a patient's life after being struck by a vehicle. He saw a dream that day, in which the same patient takes him to the end of the Cemetery and warns him not to go beyond here. The confused husband wakes up to see that his bed is filled with mud everywhere. Seeing this, he starts to have his doubts about the nightmare.

After a few days, the cat dies. The son goes to bury him in the pet cemetery but is led in to the burial grounds, that come after the pet cemetery. The next day, the couple is very amazed to see the cat, well and alive. Still the behavior of the cat is much more aggressive than before. The cat is attacking and damaging things, the father makes a decision to kill the cat but the son lets the cat go, saying that the cat ran away.

At the birthday party, the mother spots the cat and rushes to her, but she is hit by a tanker and instantly expires. The father sensing that the son wants to resurrect her, warns him that not all things are meant to come back.

Ratings :

IMDb : 6.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 58%

It will make you jump out of your seat, but what matters are the provocations you take home and can't shake. That's the stuff of nightmares.

— Peter Travers

3 : Glass

Details about the Film

Release Date :

This movie was released in January 12th, 2019.

Director :

This movie was directed by M. Night Shyalaman

Production :

This movie is a production of Blumhouse and Bling Edge pictures.

Plot :

It has been sometime after the release of a fearsome criminal with dissociate identity disorder. Another group of detectives, a father and a son set out on a journey of capturing criminals. They are dead set on capturing the criminal who has kidnapped 4 cheer girls and has decided to kill them. The son with his sharp mind is able to locate the position of the girls and rescue them but is intercepted by the criminal's aggressive personality. While they are fighting like cats and dogs on the street a police officer, forces the criminal to switch his personality to a much more calm one and asks the criminal to surrender and both men are arrested.

Both of them are sent to a facility made for the insane criminals. A doctor who is experienced, working with patients who think that they have superpowers. She is given 3 days to make them believe that they are normal humans. They are placed in separate rooms. One's rooms has sprinklers in it while the other has flashlights, being their weakness, and a try not to let their aggressive personality surface.

The therapy fails to be successful and the criminals meet with each other with a motive to let the beast run wild. The doctors explain that the criminal named as the beast have a slight disturbance in his frontal lobe of the brain that cause him to think that he has super human abilities. The criminals use a laser technique on the beast in order to surface him but are unable to do so. Still they are able to escape from there.

Ratings :

IMDb : 6.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 37%

Despite suspense and tension built into this dramatic thriller, there is something seriously missing in M. Night Shyamalan latest oeuvre 'Glass'.

— Ian's

2 : The Hole in the Ground

Details about the Film

Release Date :

This movie was released in January 25th, 2019

Director :

This movie is directed by Lee Cronin.

Production :

This movie is a production of Savage Production and Wrong Men Made.

Plot :

Sarah has run away to the Irish country side, and it is being said that she escaped her abusive husband with whom she had a child (boy). She takes a house near a forest where at the center of the forest, a huge sinkhole is present.

When the two, mother and child came at the town side, they had an in-counter with an old lady who was taken inside her house by her husband. The mother again meets the old lady who tells the mother that her son wasn't her own son but something else.

The old lady is murdered in a mysterious way. The mother attends her funeral which was open casket. The old woman's husband told the mother that her wife said that their son wasn't their son too. She could tell whether it was her son or not by looking in the mirror . Soon, the mother also starts to suspect that her son was not her son too.

Eventually, Sarah is certain that it was not her son and that it was her son's doppelganger. She tries to retrieve her son, but is constantly attacked by the doppelganger but she is successful in locking the doppelganger in the basement and finding her real son in the hole.

Ratings :

IMDb : 5.7 /10

Rotten Tomatoes : 87%

The horror film The Hole in the Ground has memorable images, but they serve an emotional world that feels false.

— Teo Bugbee

1 : The Prodigy

Details about the Film

Release Date :

This movie was released in February 8th, 2019.

Director :

This movie is directed by Nicholas McCarthy.

Production :

This movie is a production of Vinson Films.

Plot :

A couple gives birth to a child who shows extreme intelligence. He starts to speak fluently even before he was a toddler. When the child turns eight, the parents notice behavior changes in him. He plays a serious prank on his babysitter, injuring him badly. After sometime, he attacks a classmate with a wrench that he acquires from a janitors room. The mother takes her to a psychologist and shows her the tape of her son talking gibberish in his sleep. The psychologist gives the tape to her colleague who reveals that the boy is speaking Hungarian in his sleep which translates that "I will cut your eyes out and watch you die, whore !".

Days later, the family finds there dog missing and being infuriated due to this, the father leaves to live with his brother. The son wakes his mother at night and tells her that, someone visits him everyday. He threatens his father and makes him live with them again. The father see's that his sofa is carved with the name of an infamous murderer, by his son's nails. The mother investigates and is very shocked to see that, the same murderer died just minutes before the birth of their child. They are convinced that their son is possessed by the spirit of that criminal.

Ratings :

IMDb : 6/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 45%

While it lacks gripping, nail-biting tension, the unnerving horror that underscores the family drama brings it to life.

— Courtney Howard

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Muhammad Abdullah


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