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10 Incredibly Saddening Anime Moments that You Would Love Watching

Updated on March 24, 2017

Sadness is not alway bad, it gives some real benefits when the heart, mind, and soul absorb its impact. Some famous Anime moments beautifully convey this message when the sinking heavy feeling, overwhelming grief, and freezing calmness suddenly transforms into an awakening. Even our heroes carry these moments in their heart as a source of tenacity to endure painful enemy attacks. Here are some of the most deeply saddening anime episodes which bring calm and exude positive energy required to withstand future challenges:

Jiraiya’s Gallant Death & Final Words (Naruto Shippuden)

Jiraiya's Death
Jiraiya's Death

Inches away from death, Jiraiya gets the opportunity to examine his life with brutal honesty. His innermost thoughts reveal that his life is nothing but failures but still he continued his learning with the firm belief that he will accomplish something great in the future. While viewing the core events of his life, he comes to know that Naruto is the Child of Prophecy (as foretold by great Toad) who will establish peace in the world. He reminisces Naruto’s ninja way of never giving up and raises on his feet deciding that he won’t give up either. He uses carving Jutsu to write the true identity of Pain on Fukasaku’s back in encrypted form.

Amazed by the audacity of Jiraiya, one of the Pain’s Path comes flying to give a final blow. The force generated by Pain powerfully travels through Jiraiya and breaks apart the surface built on the river. While drifting deep into the water, Jiraiya says that finally, his life has a better ending. He names his next sequel as “The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto" and puts his pen down (bids adieu to viewers).

Minato and Kushina’s Death (Naruto Shippuden)

Minato and Kushina's Death
Minato and Kushina's Death

Nine-Tails has gone mad and attacks baby Naruto to stop itself from being sealed but Minato and Kushina have thrown their bodies and severely struck by the attack. Minato tells Kushina that he needs to perform the reaper death seal and she should talk her heart out with Naruto for the last time. And here we see a Mother who saves every breath to give valuable advice to her child. The background, music, dialogue delivery in this episode are so intense that it almost causes anybody’s heart to explode.

The scene clears doubt that Naruto Creator Masashi Kishimoto’s true genius resides in literally squeezing the heart of his viewers.

Piccolo's Death (Dragon Ball Z)

Piccolo Intervenes Nappa's Energy Beam
Piccolo Intervenes Nappa's Energy Beam

I remember, how my anime critique friend transformed into a true anime fan after watching this scene. Not a big deal, if a beast like Piccolo can change than perhaps anybody can change. One really needs to know Piccolo's character to understand why this scene has made it to my list.

Piccolo is always a cold, solitary & grumpy character who is least bothered for anyone except him. However, he trains Gohan to fight against the Saiyan forces and unknowingly forges a strong bond with him. During the fight, Nappa has beaten him black and blue. Now Nappa turns towards Gohan and unleashes a powerful energy beam towards him. The next moment, we see lifeless Piccolo springing into action to save Gohan.

Death is never a serious issue in Dragon Ball Z, as every time they use the Dragon Ball Z to wish the dead ones back. However, seeing a beast sacrificing his life to save a child definitely makes us really sad.

Vegeta's Death (Dragon Ball Z)

Vegeta's Last Words
Vegeta's Last Words

Hurray! The evil Vegeta has been battered by Frieza and he is finally about to die. But wait a minute, why are we feeling sad about this? Here we realize that Vegeta never got an opportunity to become a good man and Frieza is responsible for his misdeeds. In his final moments, Vegeta tells Goku that he did everything Frieza ever wanted but he still destroyed his planet.” Goku replies “Stop it Vegeta, it's zapping your strength off.” But it is too late, as Vegeta is dead already.

Do You Really Think that Vegeta has Changed?

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Sasori of the Red Sand (Naruto Shippuden)

Sasori's Family
Sasori's Family

One of the most beautifully interwoven anime scenes that I have ever seen. Little Sasori’s parents have been killed in the line of duty. His Grandmother tries him to cheer up with her puppetry skills. Soon, the child displays a keen interest in the art of Ninja Puppetry and creates two puppets resembling his father & mother to obliterate his loneliness. But the puppets made of wood fail to radiate parental love and Sasori releases the chakra threads supporting them. In the next moment, we see the puppets around Sasori falling like a tree in slow motion.

Naruto vs. Kiba (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto vs. Kiba
Naruto vs. Kiba

The combined tornado attacks of Kiba have grounded Naruto. Naruto skeptics don’t think that he stands any chance to win the fight. But Hinata badly wants Naruto to win the match. She remembers how the protagonist lived in solitary as everybody disliked him. Through Hinata’s voice supported by ‘Sadness and Sorrow’ music, the viewer actually experiences what it means to be in Naruto's place for a while.

A Friend’s Request (Naruto Shippuden)

Naruto vs. Sasuke (Fight Scene in the Valley of Death)
Naruto vs. Sasuke (Fight Scene in the Valley of Death)

Naruto doesn't want Sasuke to leave Konoha and become a vessel of Orochimaru. But Sasuke is determined and believes that it is the only way to get stronger and defeat Itachi (His elder brother). They fight an intense battle to settle the issue. Like elite fighters, they exchange their respect along with the punches and kicks against each other. Their emotional outburst creates one of the most fierce and astonishing fights in the anime history.

Asuma’s Death (Naruto Shippuden)

Asuma's Death
Asuma's Death

Asuma and his team have to stop Akatsuki members (Kakuzu and Hidan) from escaping. During the battle, Hidan has cast a spell and linked Asuma’s body with himself. Next, the immortal villain stabs himself in heart and stomach to give fatal injuries to Asuma. In the meanwhile, A telepathic call from Pain and arrival of Team 10 backup forces Akatsuki members to leave. Ino tries to heal the fatal wounds of Asuma but she understands that it is of no use. Asuma bids farewell to team 10 by giving a parting speech and smokes his last cigarette.

Grandmother Chiyo Exchanges Her Life with Gaara

Chiyo Trades Her Life with Gaara
Chiyo Trades Her Life with Gaara

Gaara dies while protecting the Suna Village from explosive attacks of Deidara and the beast Shukaku has been extracted from him. Everyone is saddened by his death. Angered by his inability to protect his close friend, Naruto unleashes a series of verbal attacks on village leaders accusing them of fusing a beast inside Gaara. Naruto’s words mysteriously change Grandmother Chiyo. She places her hand on Gara’s chest to exchange her life with Gaara but fails to gather enough chakra. Naruto thinks that Chiyo will perform a medical Ninjitsu and asks her to take his chakra.

When Naruto place his above Chiyo’s hand, the energy ball to resurrect Gaara expands and at its heart we see Gaara sitting alone holding his knees. He hears someone taking his name from a distance but fails to identify whose voice it is. Then someone places his hand on his shoulder and he turns back to look who it is. It is Uzumaki Naruto whose smile personifies that Gaara has been brought back to life. Gaara realizes that Chiyo has traded her life to bring him back and requests everyone to pray for her.

Takeo Goda Breaks Free Out of Death (My Love Story)

Takeo Goda Breaks Free Out of Death
Takeo Goda Breaks Free Out of Death

A fire erupts where Takeo and Yamato have organized the singles’ meet. Yamato’s friends Aya and Nanako are still trapped in the building. Takeo manages to save both of them but himself gets trapped under rubble. The fire is incinerating the rubble and rapidly approaching towards Takeo. Sunakawa calls Takeo and tells his best friend to get out of the building as life will be boring without him. Sunakawa’s words and Yamato’s cries inspire Takeo to make one final push. Takeo gets turbocharged and suddenly gathers the strength to break free out of the rubble and jumps out of the second story to escape death.

Some More Heart Wrenching Anime Moments

Gaara vs. Rock Lee (Naruto Shippuden)
Rock Lee lacks the ability to use Ninja Techniques and he has carried the brunt for several years. But this does not weaken him against Gaara. He decides to go over 100% and uses the Eighth Gate Technique which can give fatally damage his own body.
Naruto after Defeating Pain (Naruto Shippuden)
Naruto has killed Pain and avenged the murder of Master Jiraiya. The whole village gives him a hero's welcome. He has finally managed to validate his existence and got the recognition which he deserves. Iruka Sensei emotionally remembers Lord Third & Fourth and tells them that: now we have a hero before us.
The Strongest Hero (One Punch Man)
This anime episode is really sad on a lighter note.
Saitama has entered the alien spaceship and devastated it completely. He fights Boro with half of his energy and still the opponent is nowhere near his power level. Sadly, his quest for a worthy opponent still continues.

These were some of the saddest anime scenes that I know. These moments teach us harsh yet valuable lessons which inspire us to move forward in life with courage. Please do view these episodes as they hold the key to success.


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