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Top 5 Modern Christmas Romance Movies

Updated on October 21, 2012

There was a time when Hollywood turned out high quality Christmas romance, but that time seems to have passed for the most part; it's really, really difficult to find a Christmas movie worth watching these days, and it's even more difficult to find a good Christmas romance. There are a few, however, and they're certainly worth adding to the classics collection. I mean, honestly, with stars like Diane Keaton, Hugh Grant, Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, how can you not want to watch one of these while curled up with someone special? Christmas romance movies are very cool, and I wish Hollywood would make more of them. How about one with Daniel Craig? Or maybe George Clooney? Toby Stephens, perhaps? In the meantime, these will have to do!

Love Actually (2004)

This the best modern Christmas romance movie you could possibly find. Hugh Grant as the UK Prime Minister? Hello? Dancing around Number 10 whilst shaking that fine, fine English derriere? Forget the stories themselves (and they are interesting, don't worry!) that's all you need to know! Of course, there are loads of other stars as well: Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson, Bill Nighy, and more! If you're female, you will love this film. If you're a man, sit through it and you will get very big points which you'll be able to cash in later.

The Holiday (2006)

I liked this film a lot, even with Cameron Diaz playing a very annoying Hollywood person. Jude Law was sexy as anything, Kate Winslet was fabulous as ever, and Jack Black was surprisingly sexy, too! Two girls swap flats for the holidays and wind up meeting two men they would never have met otherwise. Love it!

The Family Stone (2005)

Right, I'll be honest and say this film irked me at first, but by the end, I decided that I loved it. Sarah Jessica Parker is great in it -- and so is everyone else, including Diane Keaton and Craig T. Nelson and Luke Wilson. Sarah's fiancé (Dermot Mulroney) takes her home to meet his family for Christmas and things don't go as smoothly as they'd hoped... and the ending... well... the ending just isn't one you'd expect!

Noel (2004)

I just saw this for the first time, and I was a bit perplexed by it. It's similar to Love Actually in the sense that there are several stories going on at once, but these stories criss-cross in an obvious way. It mostly focuses on Susan Sarandon, who is a single, childless, middle-aged woman getting ready to face Christmas alone. I'm not sure why the box doesn't have Robin Williams name on it here, but it should, because his cameo performance was the BEST thing about the whole film -- his and Susan Sarandon's scenes will make you cry. Alan Arkin, one of my favorite actors, is in this as well. Penelope Cruz, too!

The Family Man (2000)

This Nicholas Cage / Tea Leoni Christmas comedy has an impressive number of stars from lots and lots of voters. Think of it as a modern Scrooge story, with a modern day ghost of Christmas What-Could-Have-Been (Don Cheadle) showing Nicholas all the things he missed out on by not marrying Tea when he had the chance. Very cute!


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