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Top 5 Netflix Series for Woman

Updated on April 14, 2020
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Mom of five beautiful children. Family and my children are my greatest passion! I love exploring and growing with them.

It’s Mom Time...

I don’t know about you, but after a long day of work, cooking, cleaning and children, I can’t wait for an hour or two of some much needed me time! One of my favourite mom relax times is a good Netflix show, a warm blanket, my feet up and a glass of wine! I hope you love these shows as much as I have, and enjoy some personal time. Here are my top 5 favourites!


Drama, Suspense, Witty Humour.
Lucifer is a very well rounded series! It will have you laughing, crying or on the edge of your couch at any moment.
First airing in 2015, Lucifer is a series about the Devil himself, who is tired of the day to day politics in Hell and decides to give Earth a go- in particular Los Angelos. Lucifer ends up working with a detective, helping solve crimes and bring justice ironically. I must say the witty charm and humour of this show, is my absolute favourite, and let’s be honest Lucifer is one handsome devil!


Drama, Romance, Suspense
Oh, Outlander, I could watch this series every day of my life! Outlander is a series about a nurse (Claire) coming out of World War ll, who is suddenly transported into the 1700s in Scotland. Claire is forced to marry a Scotsman, Jaime, for her safety, and faces many trials of the era. Love, passion, war, travel, history and the beauty of the lands and the language are all part of this whimsical series. You fall in love with the characters and can imagine yourself in the rolling hills of Scotland. If you’re like me and have put off watching this series until now, don’t wait another day!

3.The Black List

Suspense, Action, Drama, Humour
Released in 2013, with 7 seasons so far, James Spader who plays the main character, Raymond Reddington, is now one of my favourite actors.

The Black List is about a Criminal (Raymond Reddington) wanted worldwide, that enters the world of the FBI through a strange relationship with an agent. They create a task force around him, solving crimes you would never think of. During the show you start to discover secrets of the past and relationship ties, that have you guessing the entire time. This show is filled with witty humour! Be prepared to fall in love with the bad guy!


Drama, Suspense
Wentworth was released in 2013 and is an Australian drama series. To be honest, the first and second episodes of season 1 didn’t grab me, but wow! By episode 3, I was hooked and counting down the days between season releases.

Wentworth is a drama about life in a woman‘s prison. It includes a wild array of different characters, relationships, trauma and drama. So many twists, turns and unexpected events. You fall in love with many of these women and can’t stand many others. This show will take you through a wide array of emotions, anger, fear, love, disbelief and more. If you like Orange Is the New Black, it doesn’t hold a candle to this series. Grab a glass of wine, a bowl of popcorn and enjoy!.

5.Gilmore Girls

Drama, Family, Fun, Feel Good
Ok, so my oldest daughter introduced me to Gilmore Girls. This is one of those series like Grey’s Anatomy. Everyone has a series that they binge-watch in bed with the flu, or rewatch episodes when you can’t find something to watch. That feel-good, family, funny show that gets you through the dreary days.

Gilmore Girls was released in 2000, and I only started watching I’m in 2019! It is a series about a single mom, (Lorelei) her relationship with her quirky daughter (Rory), and her strange parents. It follows their life, and the lives in the community around them. You will re-live the challenges, growth, the fun times, hard times, and the many issues we face as parents, teenagers, moms etc. with the Gilmore Girls. It made my top 5 because if you don’t have one of these shows you can re-watch, or a show the kids can walk in the room while your watching, you need one, and Gilmore Girls is it! I love this light, family series! I hope you will too.

Beyond the Top 5...

Of course with 100’s of series on Netflix, a few more suggestions of series that are worthy!

1. Ozark

2. The 100

3. The Good Place

4. How to Get Away With Murder

5. Animal Kingdom

6. The Last Kingdom

Which of the Top 5 is your Favourite?

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