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Top 10 Rock Bands of the 2000s... So Far

Updated on December 31, 2011

There are so many rock bands that have evolved over the past decade, but only a few of them have really made a difference in the music world today. Of course, everyone has different tastes when it comes to rock music, but when researching to see which bands really made an impact on the 21st Century, it seemed unanimous as to which bands have made their presence known.

1. Muse: Personally, I think Muse is one of the greatest bands that rock has seen in a long time. Between their energetic and intense live performances and their range of diversity from "Time Is Running Out" to "Knights of Cydonia" to "Uprising," they're like nothing I've ever seen before.

2. Kings of Leon: With their unique rasp-rock twang, good looks and catchy tunes, Kings of Leon is a breath of fresh air compared to some of the radio-friendly boy bands we've seen in the past.

3. The White Stripes: This interesting two-set duo has been described as "50's inspired rock music" and have also been compared to Black Sabbath's earlier albums.

4. The Black Keys: These guys are just great. They're like the perfect combination of blues and rock and roll.

5. The Killers: The funny thing about the Killers are that - although they are an American rock band - they actually sound like they're British rockers.

6. Florence and the Machine: So dark. So eerie. So awesome.

7. Queens of the Stone Age: Queens of the Stone Age didn't become well-known until the release of their third album Songs for the Deaf in 2002, with the help of Foo fighters frontman Dave Grohl and Mark Lanegan from Screaming Trees. These guys definitely have a different sound than most artists on the rock scene today.

8. Paramore: I love chick singers, and this girl can belt it out. Between her crazy range and catchy tunes, Paramore rocks. That's all I have to say.

9. Coldplay: For anyone that's seen the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, you'll recognize this infamous line, "You know how I know you're gay? You listen to Coldplay." Well, considering that Coldplay's first album "Parachutes" reached double platinum status, and they were also nominated by Rolling Stone Magazine's readers as the best band of the year in 2003, I'd have to say that they're far from gay.

10. Yeah Yeah Yeah's: What's better than Karen O's sexpot orgasm-sounding screams? Nothing. That's why we love them.


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