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Top 10 Songs For A Bad Day: 90's flashback

Updated on June 1, 2012

Since I recently posted an article on the top 10 movies to watch on a bad day, I figured I would add in another one for music. Recently I was sitting and talking to my friend, and we got on the topic of the 90's and how glorious it would be to take a trip back in time. I was still living at home with my parents with only homework to worry about, and saving enough money for my next CD to play in my Walkman. Oh, how the times have changed.

I have found that on a bad day, when I hate the world, I like to listen to the music that brings me back in time to happier place. So here is my list, consisting of songs from the 90's.

1. Dreams- The Cranberries

2. Slide- Goo Goo Dolls

3. Come as you are- Nirvana

4. You get what you give- New Radicals

5. Ray of light- Madonna

6. What is love- Haddaway

7. Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve Pipe

8. Enjoy the Silence- Depeche Mode

9. Believe- Cher

10. November Rain- Guns N' Roses

So here is your next playlist, for a bad day... I hope this will cheer you right up and give you something to rock out to! Tell me what you think, or what songs you would have added. I would love to know.


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