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Top 5 Underrated Bands of the 2000s

Updated on March 20, 2014

Third Studio Album - Phobia

#5 Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin have been pretty broken lately. But frontman Benjamin Burnley is not gonna let the band rest and will return full force soon enough.

Breaking Benjamin have a total of 4 studio albums and each one has it's own personality and sound. You can hear the progression of maturity and sound through each album, the lyrics are insightful, the dual guitar melodies can be great, and they can pack a punch. Many might disagree with me on Breaking Benjamin but in a market saturated with similar sounding singers and tones, Breaking Benjamin can stand out and have yet to release an album sounding exactly like their past work. I have a feeling their 5th album will be even more distant from past work, seeing as how there's only one remaining original member. The fans are loyal, and BB deserve more than where they're at now.

* They're very low on the list, but still make the cut because though they are fairly well known, I believe they should be up more. Though, unlike my #1 pick, they aren't as criminally underrated.


Second Studio Album - Nature Nurture

DPU's Sophomore album
DPU's Sophomore album | Source

#4 Dinosaur Pile-Up

Before I begin, there are thousands of new bands constantly. I can't get every band on this list. Now, I had the pleasure of seeing these gentleman play live in a small venue in my hometown. They put tons of energy and passion into the live show, the drummer damn near killed his drum set and they played like hungry musicians ready to get a hit single.

Live show aside, they only have 2 albums under their belt and wear their influences on their sleeves. Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Foo Fighters... All apparent influences in their music (and live show). Their music is refreshing, and has range, from simply catchy choruses (White T-Shirt and Jeans) to a more thoughtful song that can tug at your heartstrings (Derail), all the way to an Anthem of their own if it got the attention it deserves (Peninsula). Some songs where their influences are apparent are; My Rock & Roll (Nirvana) and Mona Lisa (Foo Fighters), their music videos echo that feeling as well. Dinosaur Pile-Up deserve more attention than they get. Not to mention, they're very cool and nice guys, signing autographs and taking pictures without any attitude.

Mona Lisa

First Studio Album - Billy Talent

#3 Billy Talent

Billy Talent may be more popular in Canada or Europe, but in the USA they aren't very well known.

And what a damn shame.

Billy Talent's sound is undeniably unique. The vocalist has a rangeful voice that delivers it's anti-authority or angry lyrics very well. The guitar player's tone makes you know it's a Billy Talent song as soon as you hear it. Billy Talent is one of the last great punk bands, and in a time like this, they're attitude against corruption and greed is a breathe of refreshment.

Surprise Surprise


Who's better as a frontman?

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First Studio Album - Heroin Diaries Soundtrack

#2 Sixx: A.M.

Sixx: A.M. stands for the band members Nikki Sixx (Bassist and primary songwriter for Motley Crue and Brides of Destruction), DJ Ashba (Guns N' Roses), and James Michael.

Like Motley Crue, Sixx commands the lyrics and theme of the album. Sixx: A.M. started as a bit of a side project for fun and turned into a soundtrack for Sixx's New York Times Bestselling book The Heroin Diaries. They've popped out only one other album This Is Gonna Hurt (in concordance with Sixx's book of the same title) and a short EP called 7 featuring acoustic versions of songs. Their third studio album is said to be nearly finished. They haven't played live much due to schedule issues, but once Motley Crue is at a rest you can be sure to hear more from these guys.

Nikki Sixx has deep and emotional lyrics followed with beautiful guitar tone and solo's, and a singer to bring everything to life. Sixx: A.M. is a band with a lot of heart and melody behind it, and they might be a band to really go somewhere huge off this list. Especially since a member already took over the world with one band not too long ago.

Live Forever

Fifth Studio Album - Sci-Fi Crimes

The cover art is based off of one of bass player Dean's paintings
The cover art is based off of one of bass player Dean's paintings

#1 CheVelle

CheVelle is a band that goes above and beyond for their fans. Their 7th studio Album 'La Gargola' has a limited edition pre-order going on, if fans pre-order the limited edition all three members of the band will hand autograph it, in addition, it comes with a shirt and a unique cover of the album. Not many bands will do that, and if so, not for cheap. They put on a very fun and energetic show as headliners, and their studio albums all vary in sound.

CheVelle ranges from very heavy (Wonder What's Next) to softer but darker and still fantastic in concept (Sci-Fi Crimes). The lyrics by Pete Loeffler are more meaningful than most and delve from personal struggles to more worldly matters. CheVelle is a three piece band, that really connects and cares about fans (a bigger reason they're so high on my list) with fantastic music, range, live performances, and attitude. If you don't believe me, or agree, simply listen to the below video.. It is painfully underrated alone.

My hope is for rock to return to the top as king, but until that day, no matter how beaten down it may get, there are still plenty of amazing artists trying to get a break.

Thanks for reading!

Letter From A Thief


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