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Top 5 Weapons From RWBY

Updated on March 3, 2015


As I have shown in my article on the web series RWBY, there have been many instances of unique interpretations to the weapons of the series. Everybody had unique weapons with their own unique designs. The important thing to remember about this series was that all of the weapons were capable of turning into guns. With the crazy stunts that various characters pulled, the various monsters that appeared, and some of the technological advances in RWBY's story, it made sense that the weapons could function well both in close-range and long-range combat. Most of these weapons would not function well with the ability to turn into guns, or the idea of them not causing serious harm to the user would seem impossible in the real world. Some of these weapons also defy the law of Conservation of Mass. Some of these weapons defy even the rules of this series by having more than just two forms. Essentially RWBY was a web series where everything had to be as awesome as possible. As a result, many of the weapons looked awesome, but functioned is unlikely ways during their appearances.

Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang

First on the list was a pretty major shout-out to Sun Wukong from the novel Journey to the West. Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang normally took the form of a bo staff wielded by the character who shared the same name as the novel character. RWBY's Sun Wukong's staff possessed its own properties, however. First and foremost was the fact that it could also take the form of two pairs of nunchaku. While there have been staffs who also had this ability, but Ruyi Bang and Jingu Bang were able to do things slightly differently. During the episode Black and White Sun Wukong demonstrated its ability to function like a shotgun and fire whatever ammunition the characters of RWBY used. This weapon was awesome because it looked visually awesome with its mixture of red and gold, but it also looked ridiculous because one's ears would most likely lose their ability to hear if this weapon was used in the real world. But since RWBY took place in a fictional universe, Sun Wukong could wield his weapon expertly and without the protection that one would expect for this weapon.

Coco's Handbag

Due to series creator Monty Oum's passing, viewers wee not able to know the true name for Coco's handbag. Fortunately, just seeing Coco's handbag transform into a miniature machine gun to utterly destroy some giant monsters made all fans happy. One aspect about Coco's Handbag that was particularly awesome was that it was literally a designer item when it was not being used as a weapon. So basically you have a person who possessed a weapon that has been established as a minor weapon of mass destruction in the RWBY universe, and the user of this monster of a gun decided to make it transform into an item most people could find in some fancy clothing store. Another fascinating aspect about Coco's handbag was that its transformation should not be possible under the laws of real world physics. You have a giant machine gun with all of its mechanisms, ammo, and components, and yet all of the parts in this weapon could fit safely inside a handbag that looked like it could not even hold a significant amount of items inside. Yet this series made this weapon work in its premiere.

Watch a Gucci handbag transform into a machine gun. I'd want one.
Watch a Gucci handbag transform into a machine gun. I'd want one. | Source

Miló and Akoúo̱

Pyrrah Nikos. Characterized in RWBY as one of the best fighters in the series. As such, she was styled to remind viewers heroes from Greek myths, Pyrrah also had to have weapons that matched that aesthetic. The shield, Akoúo̱, was styled to look like a hoplon, a shield used by the infantry of Greece's armies. The spear, Miló, was the weapon that received the RWBY treatment in that it possessed the ability to transition between a lance, a short sword, and a rifle. Another interesting aspect about Pyrrah was tht she was shown to have the ability to control the magnetic polarity of all metal objects. Essentially magnetism. What made these weapons even more awesome was that when these weapons were used in tangent with Pyrrha's magnetic abilities, things got beaten down quite rapidly. Which was demonstrated in the episode Extracurricular. For instance, her introductory scene where she was getting ready to fight showed that she could use her magnetism to grab her weapons instantaneously with moving her arms too much. Of course, as one of the more efficient fights in RWBY, her skill also helped her pull-off moves like using her shield like a boomerang, retrieving her weapons whenever she tossed them randomly, and expertly switching her spear to handle her enemies in all distances in combat. Basically, Miló and Akoúo̱ were awesome, but so was Pyrrha.


Judging by her name, Nora Valkyrie was most likely based on the valkyrie from ancient Norse myth. One of the most well-known figures in Norse myth was Thor, god of thunder. So it made sense to give Nora a hammer that could change itself into a grenade launcher. Constantly shown to be insanely strong, Magnhild, the hammer has shown to be both awesome in its design and power, which was an awesome reflection of Nora. It also had pink highlights like Nora, as well. As a grenade launcher its ammo consisted of giant canisters with heart emblems painted on the tip. The grenades hurt, they produced explosive effects which seemed to look highly destructive, and Nora constantly used the recoil from as a form of transportation, kind of like how a witch used a broomstick. As a hammer, Magnhild was shown to send people flying, impale a giant scorpion by driving its stinger through its head, and apparently Nora used enough force that it could send someone into orbit if she decided to hit someone with it. Both Nora and Magnhild were insanely strong, and RWBY constantly reminded the viewers of that fact.

That looked like it was going to hurt. A lot. But it's an enemy, so who cares.
That looked like it was going to hurt. A lot. But it's an enemy, so who cares. | Source

Ember Celica

In my article RWBY: Rooster Teeth's Family-Friendly Action Series, the Yellow trailer showcased Yang Xiao Long. The Yellow trailer also showcased her weapon Ember Celica, two gauntlets that she constantly word in this trailer and in the actual series. This weapon was somewhat simpler compared to the other weapons in that all Yang had to do to use them was punch somebody, which also had the chain reaction of causing explosions a short distance from Yang. And punch them she did. She also destroyed the club when she fought, deflected bazooka missiles, and punched a guy so hard that he crashed through a window. Basically Ember Celica was capable of causing some serious property damage. When Ember Celica was used in the series however, it was a lot less destructive compared to the Yellow trailer. It did manage to do things like cause explosions inside a giant monster bird, destroy a giant robot and break it into pieces, and single-handedly murdered smaller monsters. Ember Celica was awesome in its simplicity, but seeing it in action was also awesome because the viewers was ensured that something was going to be destroyed.

And this was just in the trailer for the wielder of this weapon.
And this was just in the trailer for the wielder of this weapon. | Source

In Summation

RWBY was an awesome show with awesome weapons. Watch it.


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    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 2 years ago from Louisiana

      Agreed, RWBY is awesome. So much humor, action, and awesome music. Like Jake says, give it a watch and see for yourself!