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Top 50 YouTubers 2014

Updated on August 23, 2014
 "BROFIST" quote by PewDiePie (No.1 YouTuber)
"BROFIST" quote by PewDiePie (No.1 YouTuber) | Source

Want to know who the top earning YouTubers are? How much they are currently earning annually? As well as finding out how they rank among the TOP50 list? Well, you're in the right place.

YouTube is an online video sharing platform, which allows anyone to upload videos for free to their website, which enables the videos to be seen by the world. The YouTubers meaning is simply a YouTube channel owner who uploads videos to the YouTube site.

The YouTubers in the list below are more than your average video sharers online, as they have dedicated their lives to making videos for YouTube, and in turn through their extremely large number of viewers, have managed to make a fortune from their efforts.

Find out more about how YouTube stars make money on YouTube, before checking out the Top 50 earning YouTubers further down the article.

YouTubers Can Make Millions

Is it possible to make a fortune by simply creating home videos and posting them online, through YouTube? Simple answer is YES. Millions of Dollars can literally be made by creating home videos of yourself stood in front of a camera, offering something funny, interesting, or useful to your viewers.

So, how is that possible? Well, once you post videos on YouTube, they will be open for the entire world to see, and if enough people follow your channel, then your able to apply to become a YouTube Partner. What's a YouTube Partner? As a YouTube Partner, you are entered into YouTube's Parter Program, which allows the owner of the channel to receive a share of ad revenue made from views on your channels videos (assuming they have commercials running before the video starts).

How does the ad system work? When YouTube except you into their Partner Program, they will put ads on all of your channels videos, which makes YouTube money from the ads, in turn through the cut you receive, also making you, the channel owner,money as well.

Any costs involved to make YouTube videos? Simple answer, No. YouTube allow anyone to upload videos for FREE, as they benefit from your videos popularity (if this is the case), and you in turn also benefit from your videos popularity.

This all being said, if your looking to make a living from creating YouTube videos or possibly even a fortune, then know this, its POSSIBLE! As the following 50 YouTubers have proven through their success as members of YouTube's Partner Program.

You too could be the next YouTube star making millions a year by uploading videos to YouTube, and have tons of fans, as well as tons of cash. That's the YOUTUBER STARS way!

Highest Paid YouTubers
Highest Paid YouTubers | Source

How Does YouTube's Ad program Work?

I'll keep it brief...

As I'm sure, lots will be wondering how YouTube and their YouTubers (apart of their Partner Program) make their money on YouTube. Well, its fairly simple, here's a quick step-by-step run through:

1. YouTube upload ads to all videos on channels, who are apart of their Partner Program.

2. YouTubers who are apart of their program will now have pre-roll advertisements (commercials) showing before each of their videos.

3. These pre-roll advertisements will now be seen by viewers of the videos, and for every 1000 ad views, YouTube typically earn between $20 and $25 (this is called CPM).

4. So, for every 1000 ad views on a channel, the YouTube Partner could earn $7 and the rest ($18) goes to YouTube. Although sometimes they earn far more, sometimes much less.

5. So, if there are 1 million ad views on a channel, the YouTube Partner could earn $7000 (a rough example).

This is how YouTube make their money, and they are so generous to their Partner's in the program, as they bring billions of views to the website.

Now lets get down to business...!

No.1 Earning YouTuber 2014 - Pewdiepie
No.1 Earning YouTuber 2014 - Pewdiepie | Source

Highest Earning YouTubers

The following list is a rough estimate of what these YouTubers have earned, not including the money they make from additional sources of revenue including merchandise, sponsorships etc. The list consists only of the rough earnings which these YouTube stars have made from shares in ad revenue from their channels total views.

Here are the top earning YouTube stars and their estimated annual earnings:

  • #50: RhettandLink - $800 thousand

2,525,830 million total subscribers

333,883,813 million total views

  • #49: KurtHugoSchneider - $900 thousand

4,466,581 million total subscribers

919,876,114 million total views

  • #48: willyrex - $930 thousand

4,133,216 million total subscribers

645,528,172 million total views

  • #47: vanossgaming - $980 thousand

8,470,026 million total subscribers

1,179,179,214 billion total views

  • #46: TheSyndicateProject - $980 thousand

7,890,465 million total subscribers

1,359,688,499 billion total subscribers

  • #45: BarelyPolitical - $980 thousand

3,937,068 million total subscribers

2,154,388,027 billion total views

  • #44: JustForLaughsTV - $1 million

4,139,577 million total subscribers

1,483,795,539 billion total views

  • #43: RhettandLink2 - $1 million

3,447,573 million total subscribers

400,510,804 billion total views

  • #42: BFvsGF - $1 million

4,470,166 million total subscribers

1,050,493,513 billion total views

  • #41: SmoshGames - $1 million

4,873,544 million total subscribers

932,740,723 million total views

  • #40: TimothyDeLaGhetto2 - $1 million

2,535,334 million total subscribers

582,109,498 million total views

  • #39: SHAYTARDS - $1 million

2,549,794 million total subscribers

1,056,880,886 billion total views

  • #38: ShaneDawsonTV - $1 million

6,111,779 million total subscribers

1,109,801,140 billion total views

  • #37: TheRadBrad - $1 million

3,265,285 million total subscribers

1,074,031,847 billion total views

  • #36: ElRubiusOMG - $1.1 million

8,030,993 million total subscribers

970,678,988 million total views

  • #35: Vsauce - $1.2 million

7,679,763 million total subscribers

667,734,469 million total views

  • #34: PrankvsPrank - $1.3 million

6,005,783 million total subscribers

817,120,068 million total views

  • #33: EpicMealTime - $1.3 million

6,521,776 million total subscribers

728,944,622 million total views

  • #32: FPSRussia - $1.3 million

5,226,203 million total subscribers

595,205,330 million total views

  • #31: MichellePhan - $1.3 million

6,869,867 million total subscribers

996,358,274 million total views

  • #30: TheDiamondMinecart - $1.4 million

3,390,543 million total subscribers

1,131,982,348 billion total views

  • #29: Potemi926 - $1.6 million

396,729 thousand total subscribers

694,752,549 million total views

  • #28: Vegetta777 - $1.6 million

6,614,628 million total subscribers

1,228,226,696 billion total views

  • #27: WhiteBoy7thst - $1.7 million

2,464,246 million total subscribers

610,399,882 million total views

  • #26: TheLonelyIsland - $1.7 million

5,859,125 million total subscribers

1,487,370,558 billion total views

  • #25: Sxephil - $1.7 million

3,317,658 million total subscribers

1,283,265,006 billion total views

  • #24: FreddieW - $1.8 million

6,974,936 million total subscribers

1,035,330,819 billion total views

  • #23: SpeedyW03 - $2 million

6,172,085 million total subscribers

967,100,855 million total views

  • #22: TheBajanCanadian - $2 million

4,041,966 million total subscribers

845,967,625 million total views

  • #21: HolaSoyGerman - $2 million

18,989,525 million total subscribers

1,375,135,584 billion total views

  • #20: TheWillyRex - $2 million

5,031,373 million total subscribers

895,512,428 million total views

  • #19: Tobuscus - $2 million

6,000,439 million total subscribers

1,036,225,616 billion total views

  • #18: TheFineBros - $2.2 million

9,763,332 million total subscribers

2,045,502,126 billion total views

  • #17: AdamThomasMoran - $2.2 million

5,497,228 million total subscribers

713,075,626 million total views

  • #16: SkyDoesMinecraft - $2.3 million

10,352,383 million total subscribers

2,200,135,874 billion total views

  • #15: BoyceAvenue - $2.3 million

6,081,802 million total subscribers

1,478,301,189 billion total views

  • #14: Nigahiga - $2.3 million

12,807,029 million total subscribers

1,885,821,109 billion total views

  • #13: ERB - $2.4 million

10,816,873 million total subscribers

1,222,274,547 billion total views

  • #12: CaptainSparklez - $3.2 million

7,913,502 million total subscribers

1,550,638,587 billion total views

  • #11: CollegeHumor - $3.3 million

7,715,538 million total subscribers

2,831,392,762 billion total views

  • #10: RealAnnoyingOrange - $3.4 million

3,850,502 million total subscribers

2,206,534,696 billion total views

  • #9: UberHaxorNova - $3.5 million

2,550,967 million total subscribers

1,326,603,378 billion total views

  • #8: RayWilliamJohnson - $4 million

10,711,297 million total subscribers

2,702,477,039 billion total views

  • #7: TobyGames - $4.2 million

6,781,644 million total subscribers

1,795,592,343 billion total views

  • #6: JennaMarbles - $4.3 million

13,794,275 million total subscribers

1,527,680,670 billion total views

  • #5: BluCollection - $4.8 million

939,663 thousand total subscribers

1,842,754,210 billion total views

  • #4: DisneyCollectorBR - $5 million

2,048,210 million total subscribers

2,822,217,246 billion total views

  • #3: Smosh - $5.7 million

18,647,182 million total subscribers

3,549,097,075 billion total views

  • #2: BlueXephos - $6.7 million

7,119,665 million total subscribers

2,701,518,231 billion total views

  • #1: PewDiePie - $7 million

29,997,055 million total subscribers

5,704,840,469 billion total views

So do you know any of the above YouTube stars? If so, whos your favourite?

Favourite YouTube Star!

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

See results


Whose the top paid YouTuber?... PewDiePie is 2014's highest paid YouTube star, with a net worth of $10 million and is set to earn $7 million this year. Known for a funny personality, PewDiePie's videos are all created and edited by himself, based on video-game walk-through's (usually independent titles).

PewDiePie's fame on YouTube has rapidly increased over the last couple of years moving swiftly from a comfortable 5 million subscribers, and now currently stands at 29 million subscribers. This has earned PewDiePie the top spot as the number one subscribed YouTube channel, as well as the top paid.

As shown above in the list, many YouTubers have found fame and fortune as internet video sharing stars, but these are only the shining examples, as many YouTubers are far less successful... thus earn a living, or in lots of peoples cases, nothing from uploading videos on YouTube.

So to be blunt, on YouTube you either make it or break it!

Any thoughts concerning the article, please leave them in the comments box below. All questions will be answered ASAP. Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago


    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from British Empire

      Hello Not Me,

      It is extremely cool that YouTubers can make as much money as they do by creating original videos and uploading them to YouTube. And I must admit, I too hope that Rhett and Link make it further up the list.

      Hello Unknown,

      I hear you friend, vanossgaming has some serious stats behind the channel, I mean, more than a billion views, it's insane. But, to answer your question, they are number 47 on the list due to their advertising bringing in less money for the channel than say for instance PewDiePie, as they probably get paid a third of the amount for every thousand hits (that view the ads). That, among other reasons, is why vanossgaming is sadly so far down the list.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      That's bull s***.

      Why is vanossgaming #47?

    • profile image

      Not Me 

      3 years ago

      This is so cool!!!! I hope Rhett and Link make it farther up the chart in the future :)

    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from British Empire

      Thanks for the comment freecampingaussie.

    • freecampingaussie profile image


      3 years ago from Southern Spain

      Interesting hub ! We have videos on YouTube but don't make anything .

    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from British Empire

      Thanks for the comment Billy. Glad to hear from you again. I appreciate the feedback.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Unbelievable, and yet I believe it. Great hub!


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