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Top 9 Engrossing Shows like 'Line of Duty' Everyone Should Watch

Updated on February 24, 2022
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are "The Wire," "Breaking Bad," and "The Sopranos."

What Shows Are Like Line of Duty?

Line of Duty explores the world of police corruption through AC-12, a police anti-corruption department. Led by Ted Hastings, an uncompromising superintendent, this department is a force to be reckoned with.

When former drill sergeant, Steve Arnott, starts working for this organization, he learns the ways of this unfamiliar world. Steve teams up with Kate Fleming, the brilliant deputy commissioner, to take down corrupt police officers. Things, however, don’t quite turn out the way he wants.

What can people expect when the ones who have sworn to protect the innocent hurt them instead? As the episodes go by, the audiences are forced to question the authority, especially after watching the law enforcers commit heinous crimes.

Along with the main storyline, the show also delves deep into the lives of our lead characters, showing the audience that everybody is hiding something from the world. Are they really a good fit for the job?

BBC has produced tons of hits in recent times, but Line of Duty was one of the first to make the audiences tune into the channel. The show started in 2012 and has already aired 4 successful seasons, becoming one of the most critically acclaimed series. While you wait for the next season, here’s a list of similar shows like Line of Duty to hold your over.

Shows Like Line of Duty

  1. Broadchurch

  2. Bodyguard

  3. Peaky Blinders

  4. Narcos

  5. Sherlock

  6. Homeland

  7. House of Cards

  8. True Detective

  9. The Wire

1. Broadchurch

This British production deals with the aftermath of discovering a young boy’s corpse. The small beach town is surrounded by the police in no time. As they investigate the crime, everyone in the community of Broadchurch becomes a suspect and has to deal with constant police interrogations.

As the series moves forward, we learn that people living in this seemingly innocent town have some dark secrets they’re hiding from the world. Soon, the community starts to tear apart and we start learning more about the murder.

The show ended in 2017 after only 3 seasons, so grab some food and tune in to Broadchurch to finish the entire series in one go.

Should Line of Duty fans watch Broadchurch?

Procedural whodunits have seldom have been fun, at least for me. The most common occurance with the genre is the promising pilot, only to be followed by 'new storyline every week' cycle - something I'm not a huge fan of.

These two shows, however, never lets up once the pace picks up. The fillers, if any, are minimal. Just like Line of Duty, Broadchurch features a compelling storyline, maintaining the intrigue till the finale.

2. Bodyguard

Released in 2018, Bodyguard is a new British TV series available on Netflix. The former war veteran, David Budd, has a new job that involves protecting Julia Montague, the home secretary. Her views on different political and social issues contradict David’s own beliefs, but he has to put his personal motivations aside. Can he turn a blind eye to everything and simply follow orders?

Watch as this former soldier undergoes emotional distress, questioning his own actions every step of the way. Things don’t get any better as the two get romantically involved. Played by Richard Madden, the famous Robb Stark from the Game of Thrones series, the lead character brings his character to life. His sensational performance throughout the run will definitely keep you glued to your seat.

Packing 6 action-packed episodes, it's easy to whizz through the min-series in one sitting. Since this taut series is created by the folks helming the underrated Line of Duty series, you'll see the same brilliance at work here. Unlike the LoD series, however, Bodyguard is short, simple, and to the point. An easy recommendation.

3. Peaky Blinders

If you’re a fan of historical drama, you might have already heard about this crackerjack of a show. Thomas Shelby and his family operate one of the most feared gangs who call themselves Peaky Blinders. With the economic upheaval, former soldiers, including Tommy, have to find ways to earn a living. He uses his wits and charm to make sure his family survives amidst the ongoing chaos.

Watching the Peaky Blinders grow more threatening every day makes the law enforcement agencies cautious. Things quickly turn into a nightmare for both sides as they send one of their best officers to take the gang down.

The cast includes some of the best Hollywood actors like Cillian Murphy, Helen McCrory, Paul Anderson, and Tom Hardy. Hardy, as always, is effortlessly charismatic whenever he gets some camera time. At first, it may look like a classic tale of good vs bad, but you’ll be rooting for the ones on the other side of the law. The dark tone and great background scores will take you back to the old English town of Birmingham.

With 4 appealing seasons and more on the way, Peaky Blinders will keep you occupied for some time. Those looking for a show like Line of Duty will love the gritty affairs of Peaky Blinders.

4. Narcos

Narcos narrates the story of the police officers on a mission to take down Pablo Escobar, one of the most ruthless drug lords of all time. Crime pays, but at a major cost, and this Netflix special show depicts that with panache. We see Escobar grow from a simple smuggler to one of the most ruthless drug dealers in history. The power corrupts this family man, turning him into a monster. Columbian and American forces become helpless as his empire grows at an unprecedented pace.

There’s a fine line that divides good and bad, but people can rarely separate the two when the situation involves them. Who are you going to support in this battle? A criminal who comes from humble beginnings or the officers who have sacrificed a lot in search of this intriguing figure?

Since the show uses a mixture of English and Spanish dialects, getting used to it might take some time. Don’t worry; you’ll understand everything just fine. Wagner Moura, who plays Pablo, had to learn the latter from scratch for his role. The sheer amount of dedication he had for the role shows on screen.

The highly acclaimed Seasons 1 and 2 revolves around Pablo. After the first 2 seasons, the show goes in a different direction altogether, focusing on the drug trafficking business in Mexico after the fall of Pablo. If you like no-holds-barred action with a captivating story, give Narcos a shot.

5. Sherlock

There have been tons of different versions of Sherlock Holmes, but this BBC production is arguably the best one. This detective drama/mystery lasted 5 seasons and turned one of Hollywood’s most talented actors, Benedict Cumberbatch, into a household name. The show takes Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories and places them in modern Britain, where Sherlock and Dr. Watson work together to solve seemingly impossible riddles.

The talented supporting cast includes Martin Freeman, Andrew Scott, and Mark Gatiss, who bring their characters to life. If you haven’t seen the show already, there’s no good reason why you shouldn’t observe Holmes and Dr. Watson getting to know one another with each passing episode.

6. Homeland

People who say there aren’t strong female TV characters clearly haven’t watched the American thriller series, Homeland.

The CIA is proud after rescuing a former Marine, but Carrie Mathison isn’t buying this heroic tale like everyone else. The CIA agent believes there’s something more going on, so she goes on a solo mission to discover the truth. She has been on the frontlines and also worked inside closed doors, possessing a wide range of skills that will come in handy in her pursuit of truth.

It sounds impossible to take on an entire organization by yourself, but you have no choice when nobody wants to believe your side of the story. Watch this treacherous game of chess between the lead character and an equally brilliant ex-marine as the two constantly try to best each other.

7. House of Cards

U.S. Representative, Francis Underwood, is a dangerous and uncompromising political figure. He’s willing to do anything necessary to help his cause because he’s always looking at the bigger picture. After not receiving his promised promotion to Secretary of State, he and his wife seek to exact revenge on the President and his supporters. Gradually, the Underwoods become a force to be reckoned with.

House of Cards reveals the level of corruption that pervades American politics. Frank often breaks the fourth wall so he can communicate with the viewers on an intimate level as he explains complex narratives. Unfortunately, Kevin Spacey, who played the lead role was fired following some sexual assault charges, forcing the show to end abruptly after season 6. Watch this American series and discover how far people will go to be in power.

8. True Detective

True Detective has aired for 3 seasons, with each one following different characters. While every season is a brilliant amalgamation of horror, drama, and philosophy, the one that cemented the show as one of the best was the first season.

The first season had Hollywood giants like Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in lead roles. The contrast in their personalities leads to fascinating on-screen moments, as the bond between their characters grows with time. Bone-chilling and captivating, True Detective is one of the best detective shows out there.

If you’re looking for some shows like Line of Duty, True Detective will keep you engaged for a while.

9. The Wire

The Wire is one of the best shows to ever air on the small screen. Though the show revolves around law enforcement officers and drug dealers, it’s much more than a procedural. The first few episodes of the first season might be unappealing for someone who’s coming on the heels of an action-oriented show. But when the show picks up, you’ll struggle to keep up with it.

The show takes place in Baltimore - a place where the whole community is suffering because of poverty and drugs. The kids get affected the most from these neighborhood drug supplies. They have to choose one of two options - work hard and hope to get out of the hood or sell drugs and survive.

Most people choose drugs to make a living. It’s easier to sell drugs in the streets, but no one thinks of the consequences, which eventually leads them down a horrendous path involving guns and blood. The writers have done a great job of making the viewers sympathize with even the supposed villains of the story. When you take a closer look, you find that there is no right or wrong; it’s only about survival.

This American drama series aired for 5 amazing seasons, though it could have easily gone on for at least a few more. Thankfully, the show didn’t overstay its welcome. While the show wasn’t as popular back when it was airing, the younger generation keeps rediscovering The Wire, so the fans keep increasing with time.

Did I miss out on any other series like Line of Duty? Let me know in the comments section.

10. The Sinner

Based on Petra Hammesfahr novel of the same name, the first season go this crime drama revolves around a woman who murders a seemingly innocent man for no apparent reason. She seems to be having a wonderful day, up until she does the deed. What made her do it? Is it outright insanity or there's something else at okay here? The rest of the masterfully produced and directed first season brings the whole narrative into the picture, something that's shocking and horrifying at the same time.

The flashbacks to her past makes some sense, but it doesn't quite add up until you put all the pieces of puzzle together by yourself. While some of the bits are cheesy, The Sinner remains a gritty affair for the most part, trusting the audience with its untold bits. Fill in the blanks on your own. It's a test.

Try not to drift away while you're binging the series. Some of the episodes might seem like fillers, but you need all the little details to make sense of the whole debacle.

If you like the idea of first season, maybe checkout the others as well. The story, the cast, and the characters are different, but the theme remains the same - everything revolves around a puzzling crime.

11. Luther

If you've read some of my pieces (hopefully), you might have noticed that producural crime drama seldom make it to my list. I don't have anything against them; I just don't have the patience to watch something that lacks an intriguing overarching storyline.

Call me biased, by I was skeptical before I started watching this off-the-rails British drama. I'm glad to report, however, that Luther has proved me wrong. Unlike most of the shows of the same genre, this relentless series focuses more on the main story, going a bit off the beaten path to weave something that'll pull you in right from the get go.

Our titular detective, around whom the whole show builds, has an uncanny ability to find himself in the middle of trouble. The relationship with his ex-wife, for instance, is a mess. On the other hand, he likes to remain in touch with a gorgeous phycopath, and who, for some reason, has found a spot in Luther's heart.

Available on Amazon Prime, this chaotic delight is a perfect binge for those looking for a show like Line of Duty.


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