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Top Chef: Last Chance Kitchen 6

Updated on December 22, 2011

Last Chance Kitchen

The rules are the same. If you get booted from Top Chef Texas, you have one last chance to redeem yourself. The game was on, but now it’s over and a double elimination spells double trouble for the reigning champion. The only thing left is the food and Tom Colicchio to judge if you really have what it takes to be Top Chef.

Beware, there are spoilers below!


While Dakota feels guilty for her venison mess up, Nyesha is defeated and oddly calm. They both get notes from Tom which tell them they get, “one more opportunity” for a “chance for redemption.”

Game on again.

The Challenge

The eliminated chefs are brought back to cheer and apparently act like Alton Brown’s counterpart, Kevin Brauch on Iron Chef America. Adds a little extra, I guess.

This is the type of challenge that separates the imaginative chef and those that think too small. The cheftestants task is to cook a dish only using a wok. In addition, they must use cactus in their dish.

Whitney made a cactus and chicken fried rice with sriracha and soy sauce. Tom felt that he couldn’t taste any of the cactus.

Nyesha made an Asian style scallop with prickly pear garnish, cilantro and Thai basil. Tom tasted the cactus and felt it was perfectly cooked.

Dakota made a shrimp tostada with watermelon and prickly pear shooter. Tom thought it was an all around nice dish.

The eliminated chefs get a taste of the dishes and Tom asks them what they think. Richie says he liked Dakota’s for her use of the cactus, but thought Nyesha used the wok the best.

Whose food looked better to you?

See results

The Decision

Since this is the wok challenge, Nyesha gets the win and becomes the new Reigning Last Chance Kitchen Champion for the flavor of her food and for using the wok in the best way. She’ll have to battle the next cheftestant from Top Chef Episode 8.


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    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      Me too, just because Dakota screwed her so badly and her ousting was in no way her fault!

      Thanks Krystal

    • KrystalD profile image

      Krystal 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      I am a Nyesha fan and I hope she takes these chefs out, one by one!

    • vmartinezwilson profile image

      Vanessa Martinez Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, WA

      I like Nyesha and next to some others, she came across as pretty low key to me. Her dish looked the most appealing to me and I don't even like scallops. It also sounded like her part of the losing venison dish was wonderful, so I'm glad she got another chance.

      I wish Top Chef would have thought of this sooner, because I think there were several chefs who left too soon on their season because they had off days.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 6 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      Niesha's good but she's too dramatic sometimes. However, I do think she has good skills. Unfortunately she happened to be standing next to the wrong girl. I'm glad she's getting her due.


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