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Top Five Reasons Why Being a Female Vocalist and Musician for a Rock band ROCKS

Updated on February 12, 2012
Yours truly singing on one of Amihan's live performances.
Yours truly singing on one of Amihan's live performances. | Source

In my previous article called “On Singing and Music”, I had the opportunity to provide a ‘declaration’ that, at present, I am officially doing my own music. You see, I am a registered nurse by profession and leaving the nursing field has been quite a disappointment to my parents and loved ones. It was hard justifying my music to them but I know they would understand eventually (cross-fingers). Singing has been a calling that I tried to ignore but was too strong to overcome and resist. After a period of intense contemplation of my own life and happiness, I decided to finally pursue it. Now, I am up to the challenge of traversing the magical realms of music and the risks of failure that goes along with it, if there is such thing as ‘failure’ in music in the first place.

My musical interests extend to wide range of genres. However, my preliminary training would have to be broadway and classical singing. When I was in my elementary years, I became a part of the school Glee Club wherein I was harnessed to sing musicales, Latin prayers, and Filipino folk songs. Then I have to stop when I reached high school and college in order to fulfil my parents' wishes. It was in 2005 that I grew a passion for rock music.

For almost six years, a lot has happened to me and my journey to rock music and performances. I’ve sang for a few number of bands and had to quit some because of various parental issues that I have to deal with. Becoming a ‘hard core’ rocker tested and renewed my patience, respect for others, and my courage. And I am thankful for all the previous shortcomings because they made me a better individual and musician. Now, I am very fortunate to have known such brilliant young men to be part of my current band, named AMIHAN.

My band, AMIHAN.
My band, AMIHAN. | Source

A lot of people are clueless of why I constantly pursue my passion for rock music. Though it is common to see female rock vocalists nowadays, still, some find my endeavour pretty questionable. So in this hub, I would like to reiterate my top five reasons why I love becoming one.


I don’t intend to contest other music genres. I respect every person’s preference in terms of songs and music. However, I find a deep connection to rock music because it always gives me a sense of control and free will. Rock music gives me an avenue to defy the norms and exploit my hidden creativity. Writing my own songs never bound me in to any forms of limitation. Singing and making rock songs had provided me a special form of expression on things I know I wouldn’t have the courage to say in talking or direct speech.

In one of Amihan's recording sessions at Solidbrown Studio.
In one of Amihan's recording sessions at Solidbrown Studio. | Source


Studies show that various types of music have the ability to influence a person’s mood and affect. I am very proud to say that rock music sends me good vibes every time. It gives me the hype, which I usually obtain from caffeine and chocolate consumption, to start any day joyful and right. And since I am careful not to consume too much coffee and sweets, my own music has been a perfect replacement!


Rock music gives me the license to jump, roll, or sit on stage or nearby amplifiers. I just like doing that. And I love how I am given the chance to evoke positive vibes to the audience whenever I start singing along with my band and doing some rocker stunts. People feel good and at ease with such actions. And it makes me feel great to have the ability to uplift their moods by doing them.

Rock on! \m/
Rock on! \m/ | Source
Loving the air and comfy clothes. :D
Loving the air and comfy clothes. :D | Source


Singing for a particular music genre entails the vocalist to dress accordingly. Like when you sing in a hotel lounge or jazz bar, looking good is inevitable and a necessity. There are times when I can’t keep up with wardrobe updates and make-up. So I guess emerging in the rock scene is somewhat beneficial for someone like me who has limited beautiful clothes to dress up with. When I sing to gigs, I can rely on my trusted closet for just a pair of shorts, pants, black shirts, and tank tops. I don’t have problems with foot wear either because I can easily fit in even by just wearing sandals, slippers, or chucks.


Becoming a rock vocalist gives me fat chances of meeting fellow rock musicians and even rock stars. Also, there are times when you get to meet awesome people who are very supportive of what you sing and do. Most of them are very much fun-to-be-with and approachable. Until now, these experiences humble me a lot. I feel blessed to be given rare opportunities such as these.

Special thanks to these energetic people for being ever supportive of AMIHAN.
Special thanks to these energetic people for being ever supportive of AMIHAN. | Source

Aside from the abovementioned reasons, I must say that singing and performing with a rock band enables me to earn a living by doing something I really love. Not to mention, having the chance to instil positive thoughts to people given the power of musical influence. When I told all these to my parents, they somehow understood the rationale behind the sudden change in career path I had recently undertaken. They realized that maybe it’s about time that their only daughter should pursue her own happiness after having fulfilled theirs.

I must admit that doing rock music and setting up the band was pretty hard at first. But everything’s worth it.


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