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Top Five Scariest Ghost Adventures Crew Moments

Updated on July 9, 2015

1) Poveglia Island, Italy

The episode: The team travels to Poveglia, Italy to investigate Poveglia Island. Located off the coast of Venice, Poveglia Island was first used as a quarantine station for the Black Plague in the middle ages, then as an insane asylum before it was completed abandoned in the 1960s. Since then it has stood desolate and barren in the Venetian arbor. Zak Bagans and the crew were the first paranormal team to investigate it.

Why it’s so scary: During the lockdown, Zak becomes violently possessed by a dark spirit. He visibly shakes, strikes the wall and swears at his comrades. It’s so intense they don’t show the whole possession. When he finally comes back to himself, he said it feels like a red veil had covered his eyes, and that he didn’t remember doing anything while the spirit possessed him.

Fun Fact: SongsofPsyche1945 (the fan fiction author I mentioned in my other Hub “Five Noteworthy Fanfiction Stories That Will Inspire You to Start Writing”) wrote an excellent fanfic about GAC called “Return to Poveglia”.

2) Virgina City, Nevada

The Episode: Virginia city was a silver mining down in Nevada during the civil war. The silver town was subjected to many natural disasters, such as fires and earthquakes. Back in the Old West, the town was notorious for it’s dangerous outlaws, gunfights, bars and prostitutes. GAC has filmed in Virginia City three times; the original documentary, The Silver Queen and Mine, and The Washoe Club.

Why its so scary: They caught a full body apparition at the Washoe Club. Not only was it full bodied, but it always was intelligent. They caught it following one of their camera men out of the room and disappearing into the doorway. Spooky!

3) Preston Castle, California

The Episode: Preston Castle, also know as Preston School of Industry was one of the oldest reform schools in the United States. It is located in Ion, California. It was vacated in 1960, and is now listed as a California Historical Site. It is haunted by several former wards, and by the spirit of the housekeeper, Anna Corbin.

Why it’s so scary: Once again, Zak Bagans gets possessed, but this time it’s not by an evil spirit. He claimed that he was possessed by the spirit of Anna, and he said that he felt comforted by her presence. When you watch the episode, you can tell the connection is real, as his whole demeanor changes when she possessed him. The creepiest part for me was when he motioned the camera to follow him into Anna Corbin’s room, and he says “Come into MY room”.

4) Abandoned Insane Asylum, New Jersey

The episode: Not much is told about this one, unfortunately. They don’t even give us an official name for the asylum, just that it’s in New Jersey. Zak puts on a straightjacket as a trigger object to try to get the ghost of a nurse to speak to him, a door squeaks in response but they don’t get any EVPs. Nick also gets locked in a morgue.

Why it’s scary: The straightjacket and the morgue scenes are scary, but them crawling through the abandoned underground tunnels is terrifying. It’s pitch black, all we hear are their voices but, then it get’s real; Zak flips about and scrambles backwards, and as his flashlight moves across the wall, we see a crystal clear shadow of a hand with long fingernails reaching out towards him like its trying to grab him. They high tail it out of there after that!!

5) Bobby Mackey's Music World, Kentucky

The episode: Bobby Mackey’s Music World is a honky tonk in Wilder, Kentucky. It is self proclaimed as “the most hunted nightclub in the USA”. There are a ton of legends about this one, the most famous about it being a “gateway to hell”. Several murders took place here, including the murder of Pearl Bryan who’s corpse was found about a mile from the bar in a field. There were also rumors of it being a place for devil worshipers, who used the barn as to perform rituals. Before it was a nightclub it was a slaughterhouse in the early 19th century.

Why it’s so scary: Where do I even start with this one? They have filmed multiple times at this place, and each time it gets spookier. The first time they filmed there was for the pilot episode. At first you can sorta tell that they really don’t know what they are doing, but as the episode goes on you begin to realize that this is the real deal. Zak gets physically scratched by something and you can totally tell he’s just as freaked out as you are when it happens. That’s just the beginning, there’s a video segment of a man being possessed, a creepy hole in the ground that they claim to be a portal to hell and an angry presence that causes Nick to bolt from the bathroom in pure panic. This is paranormal investigating at it’s finest; raw, and 100% real.


If you had the chance, would you investigate a place that's haunted?

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