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Top Five Showtune Duets

Updated on May 25, 2015

No musical is complete without an awesome duet. Here are our top five favourites, in no real order.

Suddenly Seymour - Little Shop of Horrors

Audrey was in an unhappy abusive relationship with a dentist, so Seymour allowed him to choke to death on his own nitrous oxide, before chopping him up and feeding him to a carnivorous plant - what could be more romantic?

In the movie version of Little Shop, a new "happy" ending was devised, where Seymour and Audrey weren't eaten by Audrey II, and lived happily ever after. We have to wonder if Seymour would ever admit what happened to Orin the Dentist, and Mr Mushnik, their former employer and father figure!

Did you know: A Bluray was released with the original ending intact, so home audiences can see what really happened!

An Ordinary Couple - Sound of Music

This song is seldom performed in modern productions of Sound of Music. It was replaced for the movie version, with the song Something Good, written as oscar-bait. We happen to think this song is more befitting the ending, when the Von Trapps have to give up their riches... though being on the run fro m the Nazis is only so normal!

Did you know: The NBC live televised performance was pretty faithful to the play - Lonely Goatherd was performed during the thunderstorm, for instance- but Something Good still replaced Ordinary Couple, and the movie's brilliant I Have Confidence was omitted.

Tonight - West Side Story

So as everyone knows, West Side Story is a skillful retelling of Romeo and Juliette. The balcony scene becomes Tonight, when Tony and Maria's forbidden love manifests itself. We did debate whether this or One Hand, One Heart should be on this list, and Tonight scraped through because it's iconic, and is the basis for the brilliant ensemble piece, Quintet.

Did you know: In the recent Broadway revival of West Side Story, all of the Puetro Ricans' songs are sung is Spanish.

Mix Tape - Avenue Q

On the surface, Avenue Q is just a shallow puppet-led lewd fest. But that lewdness is profound, dammit! The show does have some serious themes running through it, and like Sesame Street, it delivers them in a format pleasing to the audience.

Mix Tape is a nice little song, where Kate Monster tries to see if Princeton is telling her anything with the mix tape he made...

Did you know: The original performers of Nicky/Trekky and Kate/Lucy (Rick Lyon and Stephanie D'Abruzzo respectively) are long time puppeteers on Seasame Street!

I'd Do Anything - Oliver!

Okay, we're cheating a little here. This song isn't really a duet - each individual verse is though! Nancy and Dodger satirise the mannerisms of the upperclasses, when Oliver politely bows to Nancy and Bet.

Did you Know: Oliver! Composer Lionel Bart couldn't write music. He would sing the tunes and melodies to a friend, who would transcribe them.


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