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Top Gear | A Car Show For People Who Hate Cars

Updated on November 16, 2009

Top Gear is like a squishy tomato being piloted down a race track by a lunatic gardener who won't shut up about how much he hates the French. Some say that Top Gear only gets renewed each year because Richard Hammond crept through the air vents at the BBC and took compromising pictures of its executives, others say that James May sold his soul to the devil in return for a Model T Ford and a nice cup of tea. All we know, is that Top Gear is the most popular car show of all time.

If you haven't seen Top Gear before, take a moment to enjoy the little videos on the side here.

Even if you don't particularly like cars, you'll still enjoy watching Top Gear, which is probably a major reason for it's success. Car enthusiasts can watch and get excited over a hunk of metal with six pistons going 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds, and non car enthusiasts can laugh when Jeremy Clarkson is chased by hillbilly rednecks. Truly, Top Gear has something for everyone.

I say that Top Gear is the car show for people who hate cars, and it rather is. Although there is plenty of jubilant celebration of cars like the Merciallago, there is also plenty of car torture. To date, Top Gear has burned, bombed, dropped, drowned and riddled various unfortunate vehicles with high powered bullets. In particular, Top Gear has taken to taunting members of the Morris Marina owner's club (a Morris Marina is a fairly old and fairly rare car,) by destroying three of these cars by dropping a piano on two of them (not the same piano, a different piano each time, the BBC has funding for this sort of thing,) and by burning one.

Had the Morris Marina owner's club not reacted with such outrage to the first Marina incident, there would likely not have been two more Marina murders. Unfortunately, Clarkson and his band enjoy nothing more than stirring up trouble and controversy wherever they find it.

Possibly the most entertaining sections of Top Gear are the driving missions. Top Gear has been to the pole, to Vietnam and even the Southern States of the USA, and watching the show is quite like being taken on a boy's only road trip. The hosts are quite often cruel to one another, sabotaging one another's cars, vandalizing prized possessions and generally playing about like a bunch of overgrown schoolboys.Innocent bystanders are not left out of the loop either, with stunts like the Top Gear presenters driving through the deep south with slogans like “Man love rules OK”, "Country Music Sucks" and "Clinton for President" seeing them chased by gun toting locals. It would seem that the ever present threat of death at the hands of outraged locals or their co-hosts does not deter them in the slightest.

If you love comedy, love cars, or just love watching things burst into flames, you'll love Top Gear.


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    • profile image

      Watson 7 years ago

      I Love Top Gear, I have every episode on iTunes

    • profile image

      iloveps 8 years ago

      I love top gear!

      although BBC America has like a 6 month delay from the original air dates in the uk :(

    • Chris_S profile image

      Chris_S 8 years ago from Texas

      Oh yes! Top Gear is forever entertaining even though I have to watch BBC America to see it.

    • profile image

      pauls_boat 8 years ago

      i have always loved top gear i watch it on youtube when i want to rember home.

      this is a great hub

    • ilovehubs profile image

      ilovehubs 8 years ago from North America

      Interesting hub, thanks for sharing the info.