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Top Music Rock Bands of 1965-1966

Updated on February 19, 2009

Based upon popularity and sales

 While this hub is subjective to some extent, it is accurate. The British Rock bands continued to dominate the pop\rock music radio. Great songs were penned that are now classic rockers, they did not age very much. Many of the legends would appear on the TV shows Hullabaloo, Shindig and Ed Sullivan. others appeared on Where The Action Is, often hosted by Dick Clark and was one of the early "live broadcasts" from Malibu, California. This show usually was watched by the age group, 10-15 yrs, as it was on after school was out. It was a period of great creativity for rock music, much more than now. What you hear now are riffs, lyrics and the sound of 60-70s music, there is nothing "new" about it.

The list:

  1. The Beatles (too many to list)
  2. The Rolling Stones (Satisfaction)
  3. The Kinks (You Really Got me, All the day, All the night)
  4. The Zombies (She's Not There, Tell Her No)
  5. The Dave Clark 5 (Glad All Over, Bits and Pieces. Do You Love me)
  6. The Troggs (Wild Thing)
  7. The Supremes (Stop, in the Name of Love, Baby Love)
  8. The Yardbirds (Heart full of Soul)
  9. Spencer Davis Group (Gimme Some Lovin, I'm a Man)
  10. Dovovan
  11. The 4 Seasons (sherry)
  12. The Beach Boys (409, Fun, Fun, Fun and many more)
  13. Jan & Dean (Surf City, Little old lady from Pasadena)
  14. The Ronettes (main competitor to The Supremes)
  15. The Animals (Don't Bring Me down, House of the Rising Sun and more)
  16. Paul Revere and the Raiders
  17. Petula Clark (Downtown)
  18. Manfred Mann (Do Wah Diddy)
  19. The Hollies
  20. Herman's Hermits

Plus some others, but these were the ones being frequently played and the bulk of this list are British artists.

Of this list, only two rock bands had their own movies, The Beatles' "A Hard Day's Night" and "Help". The Dave Clark Five had their movie, "Catch Us if You Can". The first girl groups became popular as the Motown sound began (although the Beatles sang many songs originally written and performed by black artists and greatly improved upon them using their own style, listen to, "Money", "Mr. Postman", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Long Tall Sally".  Roll Over Beethoven has four distinct and different beats, something Chuck Berry had never thought of. "Money" remains the best version ever done on the song because of John's voice.

Check out other hub pages: The British Invasion into Americana (has video) and Evolution of Rock N Roll.


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    • profile image

      Clayton 4 years ago

      The Byrds are missing from this list with many top hits in 65/66 and had a huge musical impact

    • profile image

      Gary Davis 7 years ago

      You are correct...Donovan had little musical impact.

    • perrya profile image

      perrya 7 years ago

      Dovovan had a few big hits his whole career, the song was one briefly, donovan was not as big as you might think

    • Phoenix Files profile image

      Phoenix Files 7 years ago from California

      Maybe you could list "Sunshine Superman" under Donovan