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Top Sheldon Cooper Facts

Updated on March 25, 2017

Sheldon Cooper is arguably the most recognizable character on the Golden Globe Award winning CBS television sitcom The Big Bang Theory. This post, as its title "Sheldon Cooper Facts" implies, is purely dedicated to looking at every interesting thing you need to know about the legendary character. So without any further ado, let us delve straight into some of the most interesting facts about Sheldon Cooper.

Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon Cooper

Facts about Sheldon Cooper of the Big Bang Theory

  • The creators of the character named him in honor of the legendary American film and television producer Sheldon Leonard and American physicist and Nobel Prize Laureate Leon Cooper.
  • Sheldon was born to Mary Cooper and George Cooper in Galveston, Texas.
  • He has a twin sister named Missy Cooper and an older brother named George Cooper, Jr. Sheldon is one of the four characters on The Big Bang Theory to have appeared in every episode of the show's series. The other three are: Leonard, Howard and Raj.
  • Sheldon's father was an alcoholic who abandoned his family.
  • As a child, Sheldon caused his father George to be fired from the store where he worked after he told the store owner that his father was stealing money from the business. Sheldon's father George died when he (Sheldon) was 14 years old.
  • Sheldon's late grandfather, who went by the name "Pop-Pop", was the only member in his family who encouraged Sheldon to become a scientist.
  • Sheldon despises Christmas. According to him, he developed his intense hatred for Christmas as a kid when his wish for Christmas didn't come true. His Christmas wish was for Santa Clause to bring back his deceased grandfather Pop-Pop.
  • A child prodigy, Sheldon was only eleven years old when he began college. He graduated from college at the young age of fourteen.
  • Sheldon has an eidetic memory (photographic memory), which means he can easily remember information with great vividness.
  • He has an IQ of 187. But despite being very intelligent, oftentimes he behaves in a way that suggests he lacks common sense.

Dr. Cooper.
Dr. Cooper.
  • Non of Sheldon's family members is an intellectual or a scientist.
  • Sheldon's best friend is Leonard Hofstadter. Away from Leonard, Sheldon is also very close to Penny, Raj Koothrappali and Howard Wolowitz. He considers the latter a "treasured acquaintance".
  • Sheldon suffers from germophobia (the irrational and intense fear of germs) and haemophobia (the irrational fear of blood) that makes him faint whenever he sees blood. As a result of his pathological fear of germs and contamination, he doesn't like having physical contact with other people.
  • Despite Sheldon often lacking empathy, he has on a number of cases shown empathy to Penny. One of such occasions was when he lent money to her when she was in dire need of money.
  • His favorite abbreviation is the abbreviation FYI, which means "For Your Information".
  • As a result of his intense fear of germs, he has “bus pants”. According to him, his “bus pants” are the pants he wears over his regular pants when he sits on bus seats.
  • He was once punched in the face by Bill Gates. According to Raj, the incident happened when Gates visited their workplace (Caltech) to give a speech. After Gate’s speech, Sheldon reportedly went up to him and said if wasn’t so distracted by sick children in Africa he could have made Windows Vista better. Sheldon's comments infuriated Gate's so much he was forced to punch Sheldon right in the face.
  • He excels at so many things, including piano playing, singing, weaving, dancing, etc.
  • He took dance lessons against his will as a child and is therefore an excellent dancer who is proficient in the waltz, rumba and cha-cha.
  • He once saved the life of an elderly nun, who passed out on a bus from heat exhaustion, by giving her mouth-to-mouth. According to him, every year, he gets a Christmas card from her.
  • Sheldon has a mortal enemy list, which is basically a list of his life long enemies. Some of the members of the list include Leslie Winkle and Barry Kripke, both of whom are his coworkers.
  • In addition to Sheldon's obvious lack of social skills, he also lacks toleration and humility.
  • Sheldon has a number of catch phrases, most notably "bazinga!". The word "bazinga" is actually a type of jellyfish. Sheldon however, uses it whenever he engages in one of his "classic" pranks.
  • He doesn't like any form of change.
  • He is extremely rigid and stubborn.
  • His friends and the people he meet often consider him to be mentally ill. Whenever someone tells him that he is crazy, he retorts with the words "I'm not crazy; my mother had me tested." And interestingly, his mother actually had him tested when he was younger.
  • Sheldon is often thought to be aromantic (not having romantic attraction towards anybody) and asexual (lacking sexual attraction).
  • Sheldon is so famous he has over the years had a number of things named in his honor. For example, the asteroid 246247 Sheldoncooper, which was discovered in 2007, was named in honor of him.


The Big Bang Theory TV sitcom.


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