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Top Ten Action Movie Cliches

Updated on August 7, 2017

Boom, bang, sexy meow. Usually the three things you get with action movie, and why not? Action movies are more often then not filled to the brim with explosions and awesomeness, sexy women and fast cars. Guys in speedos. Here are the Top Ten Action Movie Cliches.

#10, Things go boom. In many action flicks we get things that explode, it can either be from actual explosives or just things getting blown up to increase the carnage. I mean I love a good explosion myself, keeps me entertained, but if everything in a five mile radius blows up it might hurt my eyes. Michael Bay movies have been well known but disliked for their excessive usage of explosions and pyrotechnics.

#9, One man army. One man against the world, one gun versus like a whole freakin' army. It is the usual concept of the hero overcoming obstacles to save the day, or just to make alot of supposedly trained soldiers cannon fodder. Movies from Rambo to the Matrix movies are guilty of this, I will say however that sometimes their one man army-ness has a valid reason. But I find it a bit pathetic when a group of merciless thugs or highly trained soldiers get annihilated so easily by the protagonist.

#8, Unbelievable cars. Cars from action movies seem to be the things told of in legend, nearly indestructible or way to powerful vehicles. It has been proven that bullets can pass through a cars frame, the only thing said to stop the bullet is the engine, other then that it is like shooting through anything else. It can be done. Then there is the fact that some cars can take a load of damage and still drive. Cars like in the Fast and Furious are accused of it, cars able to jump from building to building or somehow keep driving even though there are no tires on the car. It is one of those things where it seems impossible to even damage the vehicle when in retrospect you could damage your car just by hitting hit with a small stone.

#7, No fines or punishments. This one is for some Superhero movies, what I mean is that in several hero movies like the Avengers or Suicide Squad there are no fines for the hero's when the buildings get destroyed. I mean come on if a giant building collapses or a hero tosses or gets tossed through a building you cannot tell me no one gets hurt. In Avengers Civil War it actually shows someone getting upset because their kid or another gets injured or killed in a battle, it isn't something I see alot in those kinds of movies.

#6, Is he dead? This trope goes for some horror movies as well, sometimes the guy you think is dead isn't actually dead and he comes back to kill you but then you kill him but it is hard to tell if he is dead cause he didn't die the first time. It is a simple thing where the bad guy who is presumably dead actually sin't which in turn the baddies attempts a one last assault to try and kill the hero. It is kind of dumb cause alot of the times they can just keep coming back but the hero will always think he is dead, without you know actually confirming it.

#5, Got country spirit? This cliche is all about the hero being usually american, depending on what movie you are watching. Many movies tend to go out with the patriotism, nearly every time a villain shows up you can guess he will be from some part of the east. Russian, German, Asian are just a few of the main baddies that seem to come around. I guess the movies are trying to say that everyone from the east is evil? I don't believe that is true but it is a bit ridiculous to see how many movies have a villain from the east.

#4, Boobs. Action has somewhat a long past of good looking women, sometimes they are the butt kicking heroines and sometimes they are the damsel in distress. But many times they are just there for the eye candy. Either to tease the protagonist of the movie or just to mess with the viewer the women of many movies tend to show alot of skin, it is rather strange to see how many times we have seen some gorgeous women on screen for no particular reason.

#3, Break the glass. It has become somewhat of a necessity in action movies, either to warn the protagonist as person breaks into their place of residence or just to escape glass is well known. From getting thrown in it by an abnormally large man to diving out to escape danger, if you aren't using glass in a movie then it isn't action.

#2, When do I reload? A lot of older movies are more known for this, the endless ammunition in a clip. Chuck Norris has been known to shoot more bullets then can be held in a gun, I don't care who you are Chuck you shall not break the law of logic again. Guns tend to hold a certain amount of bullets, many ranging from maybe eight to forty. Unless you are using a gun with a barrel clip attached or a large gun meant to have a large clip then I am sorry to say but you gotta reload buddy. Nowadays the movies have gotten alot better with this, mainly because we have stepped out of the glorious days of old action movies.

#1, I didn't cut the red wire. Disarming bombs takes a science, or a real bad@ss man. Unfortunately the threat of bombs in many movies doesn't tend to last long, usually because by either the last few seconds or the final the bomb somehow gets defused. The person gets there with little time to work but always manages to disarm it, makes you wonder why they didn't add more bombs or have it locked up. I mean honestly.


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