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Top Ten People You Love to Hate in Games of Thrones Season 4

Updated on May 28, 2014

The Game Begins


So you love Game of Thrones and there is nothing better than kicking back with the latest episode of Season 4, but who do we love to hate the most. Here is a serious top ten, but it is subjective- after all, there are too many people to hate!

10- The Hound

OK, so the Hound does have quite a bit to recommend him. He offered to get Sansa Stark out of King’s Landing when she was in real danger. He took Arya Stark from the red wedding and stopped her getting killed. However, that does not make him a good person. He has Arya captive. He won’t let anyone harm her and he is taking her to her aunt’s house to get a ransom, not selling her to the highest bidder though. He is all about self-preservation, killing the man to steal his silver for them to live on.

9- Sansa Stark

More of the same from Sansa Stark; you have to love to hate her because there is nothing to love about her. She is pathetic and annoying with absolutely no passion or spirit. You have to hope things will hot up with her and that something good will come out of a bad situation.

Shae's Testimony

8- Shae

It’s hard to believe that Shae believed a single word that Tyrion said when he told her he didn’t want her anymore and he just wanted his wife. As if she would buy that no matter what he said. Well, she’s all annoyed now and testified against Tyrion at his trial for murder. She lied about him, revealed all of his naked truths- enough to get him killed. She is a woman scorned, but completely failed to recognise he was actually trying to protect her.

7- The White Walkers

They kill people and take babies. Pretty much nobody likes them, pretty much everyone wants to kill them. It’s a sure sign that they are hated. If only they’d come and take all the other people on this list!

6- Cersei Lannister

Now that Jaime might be one of the less bad good guys (it’s easy to forget he tried to kill Bran) it shows Cersei up as the ever manipulating matriarch. See her genuine grief pitted against her baiting and hatred of Tyrion and anyone who gets in her way.

The Red Wedding

5- Lord Roose Bolton

Clearly, come season 4, Bolton is back to his castle but I don’t think we can really forget what he did last season. Just when you had something to fight for, someone to take into your heart and proudly push forward to be your champion there’s a lovely little red wedding to kill all your hopes and dreams. Even if you’d read the books, you were there with your mouth hanging open at the two-faced brutality of it!

4- Joffrey Baratheon

So he was the person everyone loved to hate, the second “Mad” King with serious psychopathic tendencies. He was mean, nasty and cruel to the extreme; childish in his delight of hurting others whether with actions or words. While he deserved all he got, it was a surprise to behold.

3- Ramsay Snow

The ultimate in evil who we probably hate to hate as he is so nasty. He has broken Theon Greyjoy’s body and spirit, and considering he himself would have been one of our love to hates in season 2, that is impressive in itself. He is so thoroughly horrid; he feels joy at the pain and suffering of others. Maybe he and Joffrey were actually separated at birth!

2- Tywin Lannister

Behind every Lannister is their puppet-master and Tywin is out to control everyone’s moves to his best advantage. When they get in the way, he is always out for blood and never more so than with his son Tyrion. Despite his wicked ways, if he was to disappear it wouldn’t be half the fun without his plotting and scheming.

George RR Martin Interview

1- George RR Martin

No sooner do you get a really great character going in Games of Thrones, they die. In fact, there’s an argument to call it Game of Death as that seems to be what Martin has planned. Still, we do need him to write to the end, so to be fair we have to love to hate him.

Whoever you do or don't like, there is one thing to remember in Game of Thrones. Don't like anyone too much- they will die!

The Polling Station

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