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Top Ten Electronic Music Videos 2010

Updated on April 22, 2012

This Top 10 Countdown will be consistently updated with your help. There are so many artists out there and many great electronic music videos from 2010 I haven't seen. If you think I missed one mention it in the comments section below. Just remember, it's not "best electronic artist" or "best music video" of 2010... it's the delicate balance of both.

10) Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand

The one that made them big. The song is super upbeat and catchy. Video is a collaboration of different singers and a never ending string of cameos by famous artists. Don't worry the lyrics are fairly easy to remember and you won't really ever forget this song.

9) Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello

You have definitely heard this song before. The video is predictable Solveig: Tennis! (He's quite the athlete). Cute, catchy, upbeat song to get you in the mood for anything.

8) Tiësto (f. Nelly Furtado) - Who Wants To Be Alone

I must admit this song is pretty personal for me. I have great memories of this point in my life. The video is simple and egotistical. The song is excellent and timeless. All around a good combination.

7) Benny Benassi (f. Kelis,, & Jean-Baptiste) - Spaceship

Another incredible hit from Benny. The collaboration of vocals is perfect. Apl.De.Ap is the guy from Black Eyed Peas in case you were wondering. What do spaceships do? They get high! Get high!

6) Glitch Mob – Beyond Monday

With visual assistance from the established Bemo, this video puts a creative spin on the classic outdoor music video shoot. The background is interesting and Glitch Mob does what they do best: push the boundaries of the 4x4 beat with unique scratching and percussion. True musicians.

5) Dada Life - Unleash The F***ing Dada

The first of a two part exploration into what it means to “Dada,” an unsuspecting Catholic makes a bad move going home with a pretty girl. As we learn her true intentions it seems too late for our naïve victim. The beat hits hard following Dada Life's unique and powerful build up. Notice the beginning of the Champagne & Banana obsession.

4) Trentemøller - Moan

Presumed to be Laika the dog (first animal in space). Lonely and missing earth, our space dog sings (in English) while experiencing zero gravity. The story of the real Laika is actually quite sad, she died very soon after launch, raising moral questions of our role in animal experimentation. The video is dark, the song is catchy, the concept is brilliant. If you like deep house you will love this...

3) Swedish House Mafia (f. Tinie Tempah) – Miami 2 Ibiza

Tinie has the acronyms on lock. SHM has the beat on lock. Sexy vacation settings with a fair share of curves makes for another hit. The song makes you want to dance the rap adds flavor to a classic house tune.

2) Eskmo – We Got More

Interesting look at human materialism with a unique video. A little nauseating at times it is still a very original concept. The song is melodic and comforting. The visuals are incredible and illustrate the theme clearly.

1) Afrojack (f. Eva Simons) – Take Over Control

Sexy and apolacyptic, Eva dances in a junkyard. Crashed airplanes and school buses make for a real dramatic video shoot. This is arguably Afrojack's best song to date. Doesn't really get old.

What was the best Electronic Music Video of 2010?

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    • profile image

      inafets 6 years ago

      Totally agree. Moan may even be better than Miami 2 Ibiza...