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4 Great Practical Jokes

Updated on August 28, 2017

Slick De-Greaser

This prank is a great way to catch your buddies unaware. This practical joke works especially well on mechanics and other people who routinely wash grease off their hands. To pull this prank off you will need the following items:

*An empty dish soap bottle (Ajax brand works the best)

*A bottle of vegetable oil

Rinse the dish soap bottle out well to ensure there is no soap left in it. Ajax makes a yellow version of their soap, so their bottle is the best one to use. Fill the bottle with the vegetable oil. Place the bottle in the garage or on the kitchen sink where they are most likely to see it, and then just wait. When your buddies come in with dirty hands, let them use your new "soap" and watch as they try to get their hands clean.

The Shrink Wrap Walkabout

This practical joke has been around for quite some time, but it never gets old. To pull this off successfully you will need the following items:

*A roll of plastic wrap

*Duct Tape

*A doorway leading to or from a high traffic area such as the bathroom

To set the prank up you need to know where your victim is located in the building. Once you have determined this, go through the doorway you plan to lead them to, and stretch the plastic wrap across the doorway at a level that is equal to the height of your victim. Get a friend to help you tape the edges down with the duct tape and be sure it is stretched tightly across the opening. This will help ensure your victim doesn't notice it when you call them.

Once you have the plastic wrap secured, determine what you're going to do to get your victim to come running through the doorway. You can call for help, or simply have someone let out a loud scream as if they are in pain.

When your victim comes through the doorway be prepared to laugh as the plastic wrap catches their face, tossing them to the ground!

The Flour Bomb

This prank is the perfect practical joke to pull off in a college dorm. However, be forewarned that the repercussions of this practical joke can be violent and could even include disciplinary action from your school, depending on its rules and regulations.

What you will need:

*A large manilla envelope

*1 cup of flour

*A letter opener

*A heavy book (unabridged dictionaries work well)

Fill the envelope with the flour and seal it shut. Use the letter opener to slit one end of the envelope. Carry the envelope to the room you want to bomb and slip the end you slit under the door. Drop the dictionary on the envelope, then run!

The flour will blast out of the envelope, coating anything within 5 to 10 feet in white dust. Again, this practical joke tends to make the victims angry, so be sure you're willing to accept payback.

Inked Coffee

This practical joke is one that is sure to get laughs from almost everyone but the victim. Its simple to pull off, and is very affordable.

You will need:

*A cup of coffee

*A vial of black ink (Be sure it is non-toxic ink)

*An unwitting victim

Simply pour the ink in a cup of coffee, then serve it to the victim. Watch them drink the coffee, then wait for them to smile. As long as no one reveals it to them, you can have hours of entertainment out of this prank.

Plastic Wrap In Action


The practical jokes listed in this article are intended for entertainment purposes only. The author can not be held responsible for any damage to property or persons by anyone attempting to initiate one of these pranks.

Readers, please make sure you do not harm someone while pulling off practical jokes. While pranks are funny, a hospital trip or damaged property is far from humorous.


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    • Joshua-C-Rarrick profile image

      Joshua C. Rarrick 3 years ago from Stockton, Missouri

      LOL It is definitely a classic! Who is going to be your first victim ?

    • Katrina Speights profile image

      Katrina 3 years ago from Texas

      I really want to try the plastic wrap thing now!