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Top Ten Seventies Glam Rock Songs

Updated on May 3, 2012

Here are ten of the most impressive Glam Rock songs from the glorious seventies!

1. T. Rex: "20th Century Boy"

Probably the best glam song ever written. This song is instantly recognizable to most people who have ever heard it. Lead singer Marc Bolan's long locks and eyeliner drove 70s girls wild as the epitome of glam manhood. The heavier guitar made this type of glam acceptable to even the most macho porn mustache wearing 70s man.

2. David Bowie: "Five Years"

David Bowie's strange glam is good, artsy stuff with lyrics that actually force listeners to think a little bit as they apply their glittery makeup. This track is from Bowie's groundbreaking album "Ziggy Stardust", where he went full-blown glam for a few years. This song has it all: queers, cops, milkshakes and Armageddon, all rolled into 4 minutes and 40 seconds.

3. Gary Glitter: "I Love You Love Me Love"

Who would have ever guessed the Gary would end up becoming a pedophile living in Thailand 20 some years later? A visual and lyrical masterpiece, Gary did glitter artistically and garmentally in this historic moment in television. The boots alone would have gotten him 30 years hard labor in the Soviet Union at the time, and probably in many countries today.

4. Iggy Pop: "Lust for Life"

Iggy has gotten a little wrinkled and a lot more ripped since 1977. This is another glam classic that is instantly recognizable to most people. Intelligent lyrics and a provocative style made this song connect to a whole generation - at least for the ones who can remember that they were actually alive at the time due to an unfortunate excess is sniffable fun.

5. Mott the Hoople: "All the Young Dudes"

I didn't realize that the word "dude" went back so far, and even if it did I didn't realize that non-surfers - English non-surfers for that matter - were familiar with it. David Bowie also enjoys singing this song. They keep looking for "young dudes" throughout the song. Dude probably had a specific connotation at the time as opposed to today's meaning of "guy" or "you". Enjoy listening to a potentially archaic form of the use of "dude".

6. Bay City Rollers: "Saturday Night"

I had some doubts as to whether to add this song to my list, but in the end I was won over by the lyrics as I was in a dumbed down mode when listening to it and I appreciated not having to brood over the meaning of just what the message of "Saturday Night" is. It is perfect for a Saturday night, at around 2 AM and in a slightly altered mental state. If you keep your listening experience to those conditions there should be no problem enjoying it.

7. Alvin Stardust: "You, You, You"

Another lyrical masterpiece complimented by a red bell bottomed jumpsuit and black driving gloves, massive ring that would have made Liberace cringe, and the talented twirling of the mic. These all give the eye and mind enough to ponder and appreciate without having to dissect the lyrics, which were most likely composed 2 minutes before going on air after a morning of heavy sniffing.

8. Pussyfoot: "The Way That You Do It"

Let's be honest, this deserves a place on any "best of" or "worst of" list even if there were no actual song to go along with the very deserving band name and song title. Having an actual song to go along with the band name and song title is just an added bonus, to make this even more perfect. The "oooh nana, ohhh nana haya haya" lyrics make up virtually 3/4 of the song, which lets us focus on the Elvis-esque jumpsuit of Ms. Pussyfoot.

9. Hush: "Bony Maronie"

"Bony Maronie" is an example of a whole song being written around a phrase that was devised under a mental stupor in a filthy Brooklyn alley in 1972 when a cop asks" Do you need any help?" The music was composed after 5 lines for each band member when they no doubt felt at the height of their creative powers. The shortness of the song can attest to when the comedown began and all creative juices ended up in the toilet or a corner of the studio.

10. Mud: "Dynamite"

A strange juxtaposition comes to mind with the words "mud" and "dynamite". Why would you blow up mud? Not only would it make a huge mess, but the fuse would probably get put out by the mud before it could explode. Would you need dynamite to mine dynamite? Who would want to mine mud? These are the only thoughts that occured to me whilst listening to this song.


Which is your favorite glam song of the ones shown?

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    • frantisek78 profile image

      frantisek78 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Shea Duane!

    • shea duane profile image

      shea duane 6 years ago from new jersey

      Loved, loved, loved Mott the Hoople! Great hub


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