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Top Ten Zombie Horror Movies of All Time

Updated on May 16, 2014


Take the order with a grain of salt. Some of them were very close and it was hard to choose which was better.

In case there's any die hard zombie fans out there that are outraged that I didn't include any classic zombie movies from the 70s-90s, let me explain: Remakes are always better, and special effects were terrible for the low production zombie movies from back then.

Zombieland 2009

#1 - Zombieland (2009, Horror/Comedy)

This movie deserves to be the top zombie movie of all time for several reasons. It was not only very funny, unique, and well-made; it also put zombie movies on the map. Zombies and zombie movies became much more popular after this film. Before 2009, zombie movies were more cult type movies that were made for only a small, loyal following. Now, everyone likes a good zombie movie, and it has paved the way for big production zombie films like World War Z to be made.

World War Z 2009

#2 - World War Z (2013, Horror)

I hate to not put one of the older classics in this spot, but this movie deserves to be here. Not only were the zombies awesome and the movie well-made, but it contained A LOT of zombie scenarios! I'm not giving away any spoilers, but I will say that this movie is very exciting all the way through, and contains a lot of different zombie fighting scenes. The zombies also were well received by audiences as they were not real slow and boring.

Dawn of the Dead 2004

#3 - Dawn of the Dead (2004, Horror)

This is a typical zombie movie where a group of people are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. This movie's strengths are the beginning, the end, some unique scenes, and a wide range of personality in the cast. It contains non-stop action from the beginning to end.

Planet Terror 2007

#4 - Planet Terror (2007, Horror/Comedy)

As part of the double set of intentionally grade B movies made by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, this movie is sure to impress. With a big all-star cast, some gruesome scenes, and some outright funny and outrageous moments, you are sure to enjoy this movie. Tarantino and Rodriguez are two of my favorite directors as well (and I'm sure a lot of people could agree with that).

The Crazies (2010)

#5 - The Crazies (2010, Horror)

This movie seemed to come out of nowhere, but I think it pleasantly surprised everyone who went to see it. Well made likable characters, mixed with a small town feel, make this movie very entertaining and almost hit close to home. You feel like this could happen to you.

Get your zombie fix here!

Dead Snow (2009)

#6 - Dead Snow (2009, Horror/Comedy)

The reasons this isn't higher on the list is because of its relatively low production value, and the sub titles (the movie was made in Norway). Other than that, this is a very entertaining zombie movie. It gets pretty intense and scary, but just when you're really freaked out they throw in something funny or outrageous to lighten the mood.

28 Days Later (2002)

#7 - 28 days Later (2002, Horror)

This is a top favorite for any zombie lover. It created a big moment in the world of zombie cinema for the way it starts, out and continues on. It was one of the first more realistic zombie movies. It wasn't just gore and death, it showed what it would really be like to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Land of the Dead (2005)

#8 - Land of the Dead (2005, Horror)

This movie was kind of interesting because it followed how humanity would behave in the aftermath zombie apocalypse. Non-zombiefied humans assembled together and tried to form a society, but like always, there was high and low class. And of course, there was lots of zombie killing.

Resident Evil (2002)

#9 - Resident Evil (2002, Horror)

This is the beginning of a still ongoing movie franchise. These movies would've been better in my opinion if they didn't try to get so crazy. A zombie movie should stick to the main points of simply killing zombies - you can't mix zombie movies with sci-fi or fantasy. Not to say that there are aliens or other worlds in this, but starting with this first movie they continued to take things too far. Still, lots of zombies, intense scenes and decent acting.

28 Weeks Later (2007)

#10 - 28 Weeks Later (2007, Horror)

Obviously the sequel to 28 Days Later, this movie sees the world as it is 6 months after a zombie apocalypse. It was not as good as the first one because it took place mainly in one location which, to me, made it have a static feel to it. However, it was well made and had lots of zombies. There were also some new zombie moments that we haven't seen before. I personally like it when a movie introduces something new, such as a new way the virus breaks out or a new way to kill zombies, etc.

Honorable Mention

Two films made it into the honorable mention list:

Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)

This was the second installment in the Resident Evil franchise. It was more of a typical zombie movie with people trying to survive in torn Raccoon City.

Outpost (2007)

This is one you've probably never heard of. I don't want to give anything away, but the zombies are not typical, so it may not quite qualify as a zombie movie to some. However, it was much better than I expected it to be.

Zombie Movies to Avoid

The rest of the Resident Evil movies after the first three. These get really weird. Telekinesis and crazy morphed monsters enter the story. It becomes less zombie-ish, and more...I don't know.

Zombie Diaries. Ok, you're thinking "from the title, why would you even try to watch this movie?" In my defense, the cover looked cool and the story sounded good. It was just plain horrible, however. It was boring and had a lack of zombies.

Dead Alive. This movie has the worst special effects and is just plain weird. It's almost worth seeing.

Shaun of the Dead. A lot of people will argue with me on this one, but I didn't laugh once and couldn't even finish it. It may have been good in its day, but it is not funny anymore.


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