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Top Tens: My Favorite YouTube Channels

Updated on July 7, 2016


I love Youtube. On my down time at my Full Time job I like to sit and watch youtube video. It is a vast world of content. From Top 10 lists, informational channels, funny channels, vlogs, gamers, and beauty gurus youtube always has something for everyone.

These are my favorite channels , I always watch these ones and I think they are channels that everyone should at least check out once. If you don't like them its cool you do you. Otherwise maybe you'll find something new you didn't know about before.



One of the better count down channels on youtube taking my number 10 spot is They have many different types of lists to pick from. From Hollywood Films to Anime you've forgotten about.


9. ChannelFrederator

Like cartoons? Like learning new facts about those cartoons? Here's ChannelFrederator

Rob Dyke

8. Rob Dyke

Do you like a little bit creepy with a great host, with a great crew and well written videos? Well meet number 8. Rob Dyke.



7. Onision

Sometimes its nice to have reality slapped into you, and because I can take a joke myself, at number 7 is Onision.

His humor can be crude and he often makes fun of other youtubes, many very popular ones.

6. Danger Doland/Planet Doland

If you're a fan of 10 tens and great accents Danger Dolan is for you! I started watching his list videos a couple of years ago when it was just Danger Dolan. However over the past year he as acquired some extra content creators.

They have now become "Planet Dolan"

Now some of the other creators are not that great. In fact a couple I really dislike however Hellbent and Dolan and grade A great. They have great animation between each fact they talk about and even though I dislike some of the creators in the group I cannot lie, they do have great personalities!

The videos are filled with really great facts and really bad jokes. Check them out! They have a lot of great video and a couple of extra channels including a gaming channel. If that's something you're into.

Mathew Santoro

5. Mathew Santoro

Bald headed, adorable, and filled with facts, at number 5. is Mathew Santoro.



One of my dearest friends introduced me to the AVGN or Angry Video Game Nerd. He would always joke about a chicken in a video.

AVGN travels down the road of old awful video game memories. His over reacting to how awful some of these games are, are fantastic however they are not the only thing about the AVGN. As the Angry video game nerd he has many different characters that travel in and out of his videos.

However AVGN isn't his only show. During Halloween he has fantastic reviews of horror films, and a second series called Board James. This series ends with a great twist!

Jenna Marbles

3. Jenna Marbles

The older sister you wish you had, number three is Jenna Marbles. Know for many of her strange and soical awkward videos, Jenna who posts on Thursday or Wednesdays (unless its Christmas time and New Years then she takes a break) always has something for everyone. Its a strange and awakard look into her life. With her boyfriend Juilien, and dogs Kermit, Marbles (where she gets the name Jenna Marbles from) and Peach.

She has many different characters she channels in her videos, two of the greats are "BJ" (Boy Jenna) and Moq (A girl verson of her boyfriend).



2: LittleKuriboh/YGOA and Team Four Star

LK was one of the first channels I subscribed too on youtube and he holds a lot of memories for me, and since LK and TFS often work in tandem (and LK's videos are hosted on TFS' website) I feel they need to be lumped together.

LK started the art of the abridged with his Yu-Gi-Oh the abridge series on youtube. It generated others who wanted to do the same thing, only to end up having a few of the better abridgers join together to create TeamFourStar, the Dragon Ball Z abridged series.

I personally find myself wanting to watch DBZA over the actual anime all the time. I've tried watching the anime after a good DBZA binge and its just not as good.

I always feel like their DBZ shows what the characters would really think and who they really were. At least I think so. If you're a fan check them out. They're well worth the click.

The NC

1: That Guy With The Glasses/League of Super Critic

You can only group these awesome people together. With having their own website (that also features LK and the folks from Team Four Star) they go by a few different names but they are a funny group of people.

  1. That Guy with the Glasses
  2. Channel Awesome
  3. League of Super Critics

The content ranges on the site, its a nice community of people. They often cross over on shows.

My favorite critics are

  1. Nostalgia Critic
  2. Cinema Snob
  3. Bennet the Sage

The content ranges from character driven reviews, and out of character vlogs about popular cartoons. Its very nice to watch Doug Walker (the NC) and his brother Rob Walker (who helps produce his videos)

I want to Know!

Who do you like off this list?

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