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Top five of my favourite female singers

Updated on April 28, 2012

Below is a list of female artist that I really love and enjoy their music. These woman have made something of themselves they are mothers and career woman but still find time to do charity work for the less fortunate.

1. Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone) she is a first class entertainer, an actress, a businessperson and mostly a mother. Madoona has sold about 300 million records in the whole world. What I love about Madonna is that she reinvents herself with very album she releases and she has been married to a string of men like Sean Penn and mostly she has earned a spot in the Guinness book of records as world’s top selling female recording artist of all time.

Madonna has been on about nine tours including the MDNA tour happening this year and she has about 12 albums under her belt also has 38 top ten hits on the Billboard 100. She really is a busy woman from a singer to an author I really wonder how she does it. Some of my favorite songs by Madonna are papa don’t preach,4 minute and the latest featuring Nikki minaj and MIA Give me all your luving which earned another spot on the Billboard 100 early this year.

2. Mary Jane Blige a singer, songwriter and producer the list just goes on. What I love about Mary is the true emotions in her songs every song moves me in a way I cannot explain. Mary J Blige has about 10 albums so far in her music career and around 10 tours. As of 2011, Mary J bilge has sold over 15 million singles and 50 million albums worldwide. She recently ranked no nine in the VHI Top 100 greatest woman in music. Some of her songs that I love are Stronger with each tear, be without you, no more drama and so on. She has won lots and many awards including 9 Grammy Awards, 10 Billboard music Awards, four BET Awards to name a few and she has a few in all she has won about 49 Awards in her career. She also had acting roles in some movies such as I Can Do Bad By Myself by Tyler Perry and appeared in the TV series The Ghost Whisper.

3. Sade Udu (born Helen Folasade Udu in Nigeria) she is a mother, singer, songwriter and record producer. She has six studio albums and six tours. I love Sade but I am surprised that she has never been to Africa for a concert not even one. I love these songs by her King of Sorrow, Soldier of Love, By your side, sweetest Taboo and No Ordinary Love to name a few.

4. Mariah Carey now she is my all time favorite female singer, songwriter, mother, actress and record producer. She has 13 albums to her name, 8 movie roles and 64 Awards. She has seven tours and about eight Notable concerts. I love every song by Mariah Carey by herself or collaborating I just love her songs to name a few; Bye-bye, One Sweet Day, Butterfly.

5. Brandy Rayan Norwood stage name Brady, she is a singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. Brandy has about six albums and series of movies and television and she has won about 12 awards. I love the following songs by Brandy Truthfully, Tomorrow, Almost does not count, have you ever and long distance.


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