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Top favorite Hottest Hollywood movies of all time

Updated on May 23, 2011

The Departed (2006)

A plot based in Boston, Massachusetts (a few years back) involving the Irish Mob whose kingpin is none other than Frank Costello (Jack Nicholson). The movie is based on infiltration of the Mob squad by a rookie state cop played by Billy Costigan (Leonardo DiCaprio), and Colin Sullivan (Matt Damon) playing his opposite who infiltrates the cops upon instructions from his boss Costello.

The real thrill starts when both the sides realize that there exists a 'RAT' in their side and the scenes progress with blood rushing action. In the middle of all this, a subtle love triangle is worked in which may just seem a little out of place until the final plot of the movie is discovered.

The last 15 minutes sends the audience's blood rushing and I would expect everyone to come out shell shocked.

Leonardo DiCaprio is yet again chosen as the lead of Scorsese film for the third time in a row (Gangs of New York and The Aviator). This film does more than good for DiCaprio breaking his image as a soft guy and launching him into a serious actor material. Performances by Nicholson have as always been great but he seems to be struggling to make his audience believe they're watching someone Irish. Damon has done a great job as well. Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg have brief appearances along with Alec Baldwin.

Could this be called the comeback of Martin Scorsese and more importantly could it win him the Academy? I would say this one definitely deserves a nomination and although I wouldn't say this is Scorsese's best work, but is probably one of the best movies of this year and definite see.

Favorite quote from The Departed

Ellerby: Alec Baldwin

Dignam: Mark Wahlberg

Ellerby: Go f**k yourself.

Dignam: I'm tired from f**king your wife.

Ellerby: How is your mother?

Dignam: Good, she's tired from f**ing my father.

My Rating is 9/10 for this movie


Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

British comedian, Sacha Baron Cohen (from Da Ali G show) does it again when Borat Sagdiyev, the character he created, native and TV channel reporter from Kazakhstan is chosen to travel to America in order to learn the culture of US and A (as he says) in order to make Kazakhstan a better nation.

The roughly 100 minute movie features Borat interacting with unsuspecting American audiences (not actors), stirring extreme reactions due to unimaginable behavior and conversations. The totally ignorant yet witty side of Borat is what makes this character extremely popular with the audiences.

Borat travels across the country from NY to California during the movie to seek his eternal love Pamela Anderson, whom he falls in love with when he sees her on an episode of Baywatch. Between NY and California, expect to see the most weirdest and extreme genre of comedy you have ever seen and I'm certain you must've never endured so much of laughter in your entire life.

The movie may come out offensive to the Jewish community considering the fact that Borat has made a million derogatory remarks against the community. In real life, Cohen himself is a Jew.

This movie contains highly sexiest remarks and some scenes might gross a few people out. The movie is pure entertainment and Cohen makes Borat an absolute favorite amongst the audiences.

Definite See. My rating is overall 9.5/10

James Bond - Casino Royale (2007)

Casino Royale - James Bond in the making. This one starts with James Bond being promoted to the double 'O' status.

The plot is based on a situation where a broker who is making money for the terrorist organization by investing money in a stock against the market, hoping to turn the situation around to make a huge profit. Our friend Bond's actions somehow prevent this and as a result the broker is left with a promise of returning the money but lacking the latter, for which he turns to a extremely high stakes Hold em' Poker game. This is where Casino Royale comes in.

Where Bond is concerned, one sees how he picks up his typical introduction, 'Shaken not Stirred' martini and other Bond traits along the way. It is interesting to see how James Bond becomes Bond...James Bond. The overall plot is not all that great. You will not see typically 007 gadgets, however, it includes plenty of action. The story seems to be a little loose and the tempo of the movie is slow, so the 2 hour 20 minute movie seems to drag a bit.

Pierce Brosnan is replaced by Daniel Craig who is not exactly the best of choices to play James Bond. The performances by actors are mediocre and the story is not exactly a show stealer as well. Not at all a typical BOND movie. Not much breath-taking action, no fast cars, no gadgets... The new BOND will find it difficult to fill Brosnan's shoes but he makes a decent effort and I think he will improve with time.

Overall would rate it 7.5/10

The Bucket List

Though everything looks staged and looks like a perfect setup where the audience can be emotionally manipulated, still the film works for me because its heart is in the right place and it has two brilliant performers acting in it (Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman). The Bucket List is fun if you can watch Jack and Morgan portraying roles which they have played countless number of times in their previous films; otherwise, you might feel a bit letdown by their choice of films. Anyways, Bucket List still is a good watch if you are not expecting something different.

My rating 7.6/10

Dancer In The Dark

The most unpleasant time I ever had watching a movie was during this highly overrated DANCER IN THE DARK. Without doubt it will enter my list of top 10 worse movies I have seen in my life. No doubt it has a plot and characters for whom you can sympathize for but the scriptwriter and the director takes it to the next level by making us feel sorry for the central lead at every step she takes. The film reminds a lot of what Ekta Kapoor in India is trying to do with her audience. This film is 2 hours 20 minutes pain induced to the fullest and without doubt the most dark, disturbing, somber, and idiotic film I have ever seen in my life and will make a cheerful man lose reasons for living on earth after watching it (I m not joking this film is really that depressing). The songs are funny and have lyrics, which will make you laugh (one song actually has only numbers playing in it). The less said about the camerawork the better. All in all, the most idiotic film I have ever come across in my life.

My overall rating is 2.2/10 for this movie.

Death At The Funeral

It is a funny British movie with a plot and some really enjoyable moments. Though the film does not works entirely, still it has enough substance to hold you throughout and for that reason alone, I can recommend this film. Do not expect it to be different and you will love it.

My rating: 6.9/10

The Mist

I m really confused and shocked by the end of this film ...........confused because I still cant judge whether it was perfect or whether it was just another way of shocking the audience and shocked with the kind of pain it induces both on the audience and the characters. The end just takes your mind away from the entire film which was brilliant after it managed to sail through the initial 20 minutes but that should not have happened. On the acting front, Marcia Gay's performance is of the highest order as she has a role which has so much to say about what the bible preaches (which I must say gets a bit overboard but at the same time gives the story the much needed push) Many may question its take on belief in God versus humanity but at the same time may return home satisfied with the outcome according to me. It is a must watch if you are game for some realistic horror movie.

Rating 8.6/10 for horror fans.


It is a masterpiece (and I truly mean that). How else can you describe a film which is so insightful on the human nature and at the same time entertains you even if it is made in 1950s. Just ask yourself and see if you found any old films enjoyable to watch? And I will tell you a very few will be the answer and I m DAMM sure this film will be in that few movies' list, as it is simply path breaking and philosophical to the core. One of the best scenes has to be the one where Tajomaru says "Woman Are Weak " and instantly the girl rises up and starts laughing and explains him where he is wrong (that will go down in my book as the best scene I have seen for a really long time), also the scene at the end where these three guys start pointing at each others faults (its so much deep than it actually looks). Finally, I have to say Akira Kurusova is a magician who knows all the right tricks to blow your senses away and I honestly request you guys to catch hold of this filmmaker's films as its much more than a film. HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS.

Rating is 10/10 from my side. Let me know after watching it.


I must say Rob Zombies last film "The Devils Rejects "may not be brilliant but it was marginally fun to watch but I cannot say the same about this highly idiotic movie. I mean the start itself will turn you off, the scenes where this kid with a jokers mask killing a senior with a stick sounds so funny and even more painful to watch. Every scene in the film must have been repeated thousands of times before and the worst must be the scene were these two guys shown raping the girl in front of MICHAEL (that itself shows the film was not made to scare people but shock them with scenes in the name of realism). There is absolutely no freshness in the plot, the only thing innovative about this piece of junk is the camerawork and the background score (that too at the end). I was expecting a lot from it even though I have not seen a single HALLOWEEN movie before this but it disappointed me big time and I will not watch any Halloween movie from now on. Not Recommended.

Rating: 4/10


Very few directors take risks when it comes to horror movies as the audiences for such genres are hardcore ones and are mainly concerned with entertainment value but BUG takes a completely different route and it succeeds mildly but overall turns a dampener, as the story began it came across more of a hardcore realistic drama than a horror one but as it unfolds it turns completely bizarre (I must say the writer was smart as he knew no one could digest what he wanted to show at the end and for that he needed real characters which he so brilliantly creates but where he fails is in making the audience believe in it). How else can you describe a scene where one of the character says he has EGG SACS in his teeth (it was actually funny than being horrific), but the biggest plus point is two of the most wonderful performances you will see on screen in a horror movie and that comes from Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon who makes this film a one-time watch and recommended for audiences who are tired of same old horror movies.

My rating is 7.3/10


One of the best animated movies comes from PIXAR. Year after year, they bring us good clean movies with outstanding animation and cute characters and here again they bring to us something new and fresh. Even though you must have watched many animated movies with rats in it but who could have thought of rats and food together can not only pull the audience's to the theatre but also improve your passion for food (not me) but this one does so with a sweet simple narrative and a soul which is rarely seen in today's animated movies (which mainly has many fart jokes). Ratatouille is brilliant and cannot be missed if you like good clean movies and mind you, this one will entertain not only the kids but also the adults. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Overall rating is 8.9/10

Mr Brooks

The biggest plus point is that all the subplots merge together at the end leaving behind no loopholes which adds to the fun and makes it a good thriller to watch. The movie is fun to watch even though at the start I got the feeling it would be more of acting display than the plot as the title suggests it is a movie about Mr Brooks (played brilliantly by Kevin Costner and even William Hurt is brilliant in it) but I was wrong and there are scenes which will leave you shocked and keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. A good one-time watch.

Rating is 7.9/10

Black Snake Moan

I guarantee you if you had read this script before the making of the movie, you would have laughed out loudly, as it would clearly have come across as a trashy sex filled mindless drama but Craig Brewer (the director of Hustle & Flow which had an OUTSTANDING performance by Terrence Howard) gives us a different side to this plot. No doubt the sex scenes were raunchy and wild but somewhere the movie had a soul to it, which works wonders for the movie otherwise who would take seriously to a plot which revolves around a girl who is addicted to sex due to being sexually abused in her childhood being thought to look at life differently by a guy who has trapped her in his house like a pervert with chains attached to her waist. Now do not start laughing after reading the concept, as I said the movie shows all this in a subtle manner if not dignified (as some scenes are pretty shocking). Also I have to add Samuel Jackson was brilliant like always. Not a must watch but has enough substance to make you watch it at least once.

My overall rating is 7.6/10 for this movie.

Laura Linney in Squid and the whale
Laura Linney in Squid and the whale
My review of the squid and the whale movie.
My review of the squid and the whale movie.

The Squid And The Whale

Sometimes movies are made which does not inspire you. I am not saying this in the bad way I mean there are incidents in your life which cannot be ended it only affects you and the same is said in this movie without an end but whatever you see will make you look at the silliness which parents do after a divorce in a lighter, subtle, and thought provoking manner. I have watched a few films of this kind (the last one has to be JUNEBUG ) but definitely this will remain in my head for days to come. No doubt the movie has a family with kids facing problems which Indians never face, but there is something about the way it is presented that everything looks so damn believable. Also Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney are simply OUTSTANDING in their respective roles and bring so to the role that you keep wondering whether they are actually acting. Even though The Squid And The Whale is termed as a comedy, which it is, if and only if you like your humour to be extremely subtle. This movie definitely is a must watch if your love subtle family dramas. Highly Recommended.

My rating is 9.6/10.


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      I loved The Mist ending. Shocking, depressing and overall just unexpected which I appreciated.

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      I liked Mr.Brooks,Ratatouille,Borat and the departed.Black snake moan wasn't so easy to digest.

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