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Top 5 romantic manga's or manhwa's.

Updated on November 8, 2012

What are manga's?

Manga's are what you call a Japanese version of comics. They are of various genres targeted towards different age groups of people. People of all age in Japan read manga's and enjoy it.

And what is a Manhwa?

Manhwa is the Korean version of Manga. They are mostly referred to as South Korean comics.

Top 5 Romantic Manga's.

The manga's given below are a personal choice and nothing more than that. Emphasis is given on a the romance genre rather than shojo, shonen or any other genre.

1. GE - Good Ending :

The story revolves around the main character Utsumi Seiji who has a crush on the captain of the tennis team. In reality Utsumi is a loser and hopeless person and has no courage at all to confess his feelings towards his crush. But things change when he gets a sudden visit from a girl named Yuki Kurokawa.

2. Orange Maramalade:

The love between a vampire girl and a human boy in an age where vampires co exist with humans but discretely. The girl protagonist on this manhwa meets the most popular boy in school and suddenly nips his neck one day.

Orange Marmalade shows a pure love story that can be pretty wonderful.

3. Nisekoi

Ichijou Raku is the student with outstanding grades and an admirable conduct. Being the son of a Yakuza family he dreams of living an ordinary life which is a very tough dream to ask of in his situation. Although he remembers he made a pact of marrying a girl ten years ago, he can't seem to be sure of which girl he promised to. Though he likes a girl named Onodera Kosaki his life gets turned upside down when a girl named Kirisaki Chitoge transfers to their school.

4.Unbalance X Unbalance.

The story begins when a young man finds and returns a lost wallet to a lady, in which he got caught of stealing off some money. Though the woman did nothing serious despite knowing that he stole some of her money, things get really serious when the boy finds out the woman is none other than his new homeroom teacher.

5.Legend of Maian

A powerful sorceress, Felicia Rand Philistine, once tried to conquer the nation of Shurian. In her wake of terror only one man could stand up to her called the The Maian Brave god of war who sealed her away. 1000 years later, Felix Maian releases this sorceress and thus starts this journey of love and war.


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