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The Top 10 Songs You Should Know But Don't - Part II

Updated on July 20, 2012

Here comes Part II. Again, here we shall celebrate 10 songs which deserve to have a larger following. Not every song will be for everyone, but take a listen, give these guys credit and hopefully, you'll discover a new favourite. Leave your thoughts and comments below. Tell us if you think something is missing from the list.
Part one can be found here

6) Alex Gardiner - Complications

Easily being the most obscure of the 10 (less than 30k views on this song), Mr Gardiner's following seems to be overwhelming made up of admirers of his appearance, rather than his songs. However, this song is very simple and sweet with his vocal talents standing out. The fact it is just him and a guitar to supply chords, lets his full vocal range come across. It's really quite something. Give him a few years and you could be looking at the next Ed Sheeran.

7) Zebrahead - Hell Yeah

From the most obscure peaceful song to the heaviest and most well known. What sort of song is it you ask? ...well 'Hell Yeah!' has an exclamation mark in the title....need I elaborate? A hybrid of metal and american punk, the energy and vocals really makes this a good song for getting 'pumped'. The bridge's vocal have such sharp emphasis on the end of each word (without shouting) that they quite simply scream energy and excitement. It's not for everyone and sounds very Americanised (especially to a Brit like myself) but if you like this music, you'll be bouncing off the walls for the next 220 seconds.

8) [spunge] - Friend Called Fred

What is the genre?.....ummmm, Ska infused with the power chords of punk and a bit of pop mixed in to be sure. This song complains about an imaginary friend and is a bit silly ... yet masses of fun. The chorus invites you to sing along, the solo is impressive without sounding overpowering, the ska-esque guitar is quirky and the whole song is gives off a pleasantly boisterous feeling. It's easy to imagine having a good time a very small festival, as the sun fades, tipsily singing the [spunge]'s chords and imitating the solo with la-la-la's.

9) Laura Cantrell - Two Seconds

A favourite of John Peel and Liam Roddens, this song wants you to think, to feel and more importantly, cry. Don't get me wrong, it's not depressing, just powerful. It's one of those songs - you know, the ones which you put on and you think about the world, your life and all the rest. This quiet song which is crafted well enough for there to be a great sense of depth to it. The tale of a the power of love with a country twist to it. How this song was not a massive hit bewilders me to this very day.

10) Poets of the Fall - Given And Denied

Beautiful, powerful and heartfelt. Every instrument from the drums to the guitar understands their role and works perfectly to bolster the tone and vocals of this melancholic song. Whether you know the message or not, it seems like it is a very important one - quite an achievement. Simply put, this song has a soul.

Which is your favourite song from this Top 10.

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So what are your thoughts? Would you put any of these songs in your own lists? Have you been introduced to any new favourite bands? Comment below.

And if this list has tickled your fancy, then follow me for future ones, or take a look at previous lists such as:


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    • profile image

      Akbar 3 years ago

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    • Hazzabanana8 profile image

      Hazzabanana8 5 years ago from Southern Realms of England

      Thanks...can I take a guess at your least favourite?...number 7?

    • profile image

      Music Lover 5 years ago

      Great s0ngs, I agree with most of them!