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Top 15 Action Movies of 21st Century That You Should Watch

Updated on January 30, 2020

15. Sicario (2015)

Short Summary :

Sicario is a Spanish word which means "Hit-man". Emily Blunt as Kate Macer in the movie is an FBI agent. Her team raided a house in Arizona where they found several decayed bodies that were turned to be in relation with some cartel involving most wanted criminals. Soon, the Department of Defense and Department of Justice were involved and Kate was offered to be a part of this mission by the government. Kate along with the team went to Mexico to extradite Diaz's brother. Kate didn't think that the extradition would lead to the murder of so many team members which made her suspicious about the methods used by the authorities. Later, she got to know that the mission is to catch drug lord Fausto Alarcón by following Diaz. She also discovered that someone from the Department is involved.

14. Taken (2008)

Short Summary :

One of Liam Neeson's best action thriller. Taken has a dark story related to human trafficking and prostitution. Liam as Bryan in the film is a former CIA agent who went rogue in order to protect his daughter Kim who was abducted in France by some gang members along with her friend. In this suicide mission, he discovers that she got caught in a human trafficking racket due to which it is gonna be very hard to find her. But because of his contacts in France Bryan found her being auctioned at some shady place and brought her back home safely.

13. Oblivion (2013)

Short Summary :

Oblivion is a post-apocalyptic American moving starring Tom Cruise as Jack Harper works as a security repairman on Earth which was destroyed after a war with the aliens. Jack was happy about the mission which he thought is going to be completed in two weeks. Jack discovered an area which was the only place where there were trees and a lake. One day after returning from that place he discovered that a spacecraft crash-landed on Earth killing all the humans except for a woman who he used to see in his dreams. Jack along with Julian (survivor) discovered many unknown facts about himself and later found survivors on the planet. All those who were left decided to fight back and kill the alien ship in space. Jack discovered some unbelievable things along with these incidents which will leave you dumbfounded.

12. Looper (2012)

Short Summary :

Joe is a looper which is a job assigned to a person in which they kill the men by going into the past to change the events in the future. Joe knows that the agency will send his future-self to kill his past-self in the coming days to tie up loose ends and started to prepare for it. Soon he was told to kill a person in the past which he found out to be younger-self. Both the person who is the pieces of a single soul plays cat and mouse with each other. At last, the younger Joe tries to destroy the loop which connects the past and the future, saving him from himself by killing his future self.

11. Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol (2011)

Short Summary :

One of the best in the Mission Impossible series by Tom Cruise. Ethan Hunt is accused of a bombing that occurred in the Kremlin which led to a shutdown of IMF. Hendricks used the Kremlin bombing to cover up his theft of a Russian launch-control device, and now is planning a trade with Moreau at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to gain the required launch codes. Ethan and his team then went to Mumbai where Hendricks is gonna meet Brij Nath to gain control of a Soviet military satellite. This cat and mouse game involved some very high technology in order to catch him which really makes this movie exciting and worth watching.

10. Kill Bill : Vol 1 (2003)

Short Summary :

Kill Bill is a martial art based movie. The movie is filled with intrigued old-time action with the fine art of using swords to kill people. An assassin who woke up after a 4-year coma swears to kill a team of assassins and their leader Bill. The Bride was pregnant with Bill's baby and decided to flee to Texas where she decided to marry a man. Their wedding rehearsal was destroyed by Bill. When she woke up after 4 years she realized her baby is gone and went on to kill them all. In her rampage, she set to kill the retired member of Deadly Viper Assassination Squad "Vernita Green" and saves Bill for the last.

9. Django Unchained (2012)

Short Summary :

Django Unchained has an old western story-line involving slavery of black people. Dr. Schultz a bounty hunter bought Django to kill the Brittle Brothers. Dr. Schultz promised him freedom if he helps him in the mission which Django found as an opportunity to find his wife "Broomhilda". With the help of Dr. Schultz, Django also learned how to use a gun and mastered it. Dr. Schultz and Django made another deal in winter in which Schultz promised to help rescue his wife who was found to be enslaved by Mississippi plantation owner and also offered Django one-third of his reward. Both became very good friends and finally with a lot of bloodsheds Django rescued his wife.

8. Casino Royale (2006)

Short Summary :

Casino Royale is the best of James Bond movies starring Daniel Craig. The movie starts from the beginning of his Bond's life where he gets his license to kill. He went on his first mission in which he has to bankrupt a world's terrorist's private banker who goes by the name of Le Chiffre. Bond with his experience and cunning move won all the stakes in poker bankrupting Le Chiffre. He then incarcerates Bond and tortured him to take back his winnings. Soon, MI6 realized that money was never deposited to his account and was announced as a traitor. During these events, Bond fell in love with a woman "Vesper" who turned out to be the cause of all the mischief.

7.The Dark Knight (2008)

Short Summary :

A DC comic character-based film is an action thriller directed by Christopher Nolan. Gotham city appointed a new District Attorney Harvey Dent who has both the appearance as a villain and a saver. In the meantime, the city was attacked by a sadist criminal who introduced himself as "The Joker" creating a series of events against the law. Meanwhile, both the joker and batman took the whole situation personally which created hatred for Batman among the people. Harvey Dent became a victim in one of Joker's mischief which turned him into his darker self. Batman to protect the city took the blame to himself and showed Harvey as a savior of the city and brought the good back in him. Why would Batman take the blame on himself? What is gonna happen to Joker? Did he get successful in his evil mission against Batman? Watch and find out!

6. John Wick (2014)

Short Summary :

John Wick is the first of its series starring Keanu Reeves as John Wick. John Wick is known as one of the deadliest hit-man who got fame by killing a person by just a pencil. Retired by the profession, some young boys made his return to the killing part of his life. The boys who met him at the gas station broke into his house stole his car and killed John's last gift (a puppy) given to him by his late wife. One of the boy's father turned out to be a gangster with whom John has worked within his earlier days. Being protected by the father John is gonna take vengeance of killing his dog no matter whoever comes in his way.

5. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Short Summary :

Edge Of Tomorrow is a science fiction action thriller film starring Tom Cruise. When aliens from far space called "Mimics" attacked on Earth and destroyed it almost completely. A special operation was planned to destroy them. Major William Cage who was a part of the operation realized soon that whenever he dies he comes back to the beginning of the day. Major then met Dr. Carter who told him that he killed an alpha due to which he got the ability to reset time. Major then went on to the final mission to kill their leader Omega. Major now didn't have the power to reset time because of the filtration of blood which took place in an incident after he killed an alpha. Will he able to save the world? Can he kill their leader? Find out yourselves!

4. The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Short Summary :

Bourne Ultimatum is the most acclaimed movie of Jason Bourne Series. Bourne while searching for the truth about himself. The authorities who led the project Treadstone now try to bury their past by killing Bourne who is the deadliest agent of the project. Bourne was found by a fisherman unconscious floating on the seawater. After waking up he could not realize who he was. He had lost his memory and have bits of flashbacks of his past life. Bourne tries to find out the truth of the project but the CIA sends an agent who chased him all over the world but somehow Bond survives every time. With the help of some people in the agency, he finally found out about the mission and now is being listed as the most wanted man in the CIA's list.

3. Predestination (2014)

Short Summary :

Predestination is a science fiction thriller film starring Ethan Hawke, Sarah Snook, and Noah Taylor. It is one of the best made in its way. This film is based on paradox; a time-traveling agent tries to disarm a bomb that was placed by a person known as "Fizzle Bomber" with which he burns his face. To save the future of himself agent has to protect its past in which his chase of the bomber who was agent's old rival turns into a series of events which includes love, fate, and identity with mind-blowing twists.

2. The Matrix Reloaded (2003)

Short Summary :

It is a sequel of its first part "The Matrix". Neo is the one who saves humans from the machine army in the first part. In second Neo tries to protect the humans from the machine who are currently living in Zion. In order to protect Zion within 72 hours Neo, Morpheus along others go into The Matrix. Neo with the help of the Oracle tries to reach the source of Matrix by using a key maker. In this course of action Smith, a rogue Matrix program tries to kill Neo. After tackling Smith, he then meets the maker of the Matrix "The Architect" who gave him a choice of saving Trinity whom he loves a lot and others to return back to the source. Neo chooses the first one due to which the program responded dismissively and shoots down Trinity. Neo saves her by removing the bullet from her heart and safely returns back to the real world.

1. Avatar (2009)

Short Summary :

Avatar is currently the second most grossing movie worldwide. Jake Sully a paraplegic Marine who is sent to a mission on another world Pandora where he has to mix in with the creatures living there. The main aim of sending him is to track their activities and do research on their lifestyle and their living. Jake Sully transforms into Na'vi every time he used to visit them. Slowly he got attached to them and got adapted to their habitat. He also learned a lot of things like their language and became a trusted member of the crown of that area. He fell in love with the daughter of the crown and discovers more about Na'vi who are unique and much more evolved as compared to humans. He then helps them to fight back against humans who try to destroy their most sacred tree and Na'vi race. After the defeat of the humans, Jack completely transformed his human soul into Na'vi bodies and lived with them.

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© 2020 Vidit Bansal


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