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Totally Wrecked From Having A Ball.

Updated on October 15, 2009

Totally wrecked from having a ball.


We tumbled home like two
great wrecking balls let loose,
a swinging chain of fools
drunkenly woven .

I watered several trees
and kissed a beagle,
then stumbled on the mat
which was my girlfriend,
who had left the bar
two hours before we did.

She was passed out cold,

on my front step and

she was lovely in repose.

We picked her up and
fumbled with the key ring,
then staggered in
a trio through the door,
which surprisingly enough
had been left opened?

I got her to the couch
which was designer,
but the room was very dark
so who would know,
and then I bumbled over
to a wide recliner.

My buddy wound up
somewhere on the floor,

I don't know?

We woke up the next morn
to someone screaming,
the shrillness of it still
echoes in my ears.

A panicked fat lady

in curlers with a skillet,
found three strange folks
sprawled in her living room.

We booked out the back door,
this time not stumbling,

 even though our apologies did.

The townhouses we lived in
were quite a bit alike,
so much so that
my girl, my friend, and I

all confused them,
and almost got hauled in
for a B.+ E.

So now I've put
a sign upon my doorway
that says, "If you can read this,
you are home."
cause saturday's my
only night for drinking.
This way my neighbors
all can sleep in peace,
and I'll stay hungover
my own commode.


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