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Tough Love ep 1

Updated on September 2, 2011

Obviously, the women who signed up for VH1's Tough Love exaggerated their dating issues in order to get onscreen-or at least I hope. These bitches are crazy! Of course, I know plenty of girls who have similar problems with dating, but most of these women are just embarrassing.

Is Steve single? It seems like there aren't many married matchmakers. I find that interesting. Steve stands funny, it's like he's bracing himself for an earthquake. He's got a weird lean going on. Just an observation.

The slut parade was the best idea that any reality show has come up with. Public humiliation is so better when it's on TV. Besides, it's a fact that men check you out all the time, so it's important to know what kind of vibe you're giving off. This pageant was made even better by a killer soundtrack. Thanks, VH1!

Jessa is cute, but why was she surprised that the men's evaluations were superficial? It's not like each woman was afforded the opportunity to give a full interview about herself. This ain't Miss America, honey!

Arian is a whore bag. Ta-Da! Here's a trashy porn star! Why was she yelling at Steve just because he tried to make her a little classier? He simply suggested that she cover up her fake boobies so men would see her as more than a sex object. No reason for him to go F-himself over that!

Jacklyn is the type of girl who books a wedding chapel after the first date with a guy. If she's not careful, she'll end up to the wrong dude just to meet her ridiculous timeline. Does she think her eggs will vaporize on her 30th birthday?

Abiola is not fat! She's also not as princess-ish as she first came off. I actually like her.

Natasha got stuck in the curtain. She's so cute. She suffers from the I-can-fix-him disease that's as common as herpes in Hollywood. I hope she comes out of her shell and gets a personality that isn't dependent on what man she's trying to reform.

Stasha seems like a KGB operative, here to steal American dating rules to take back to her country. What was the arm dance she did during the parade? She doesn't cut up squirrels; there aren't any in Eastern Europe!

Jody makes me sad. She's like a wannabe cougar. I can't imagine anything worse.

Or at least I couldn't imagine anything worse until Taylor the tranny started sashaying. She has a big man face that is caked with entirely too much makeup. Her facial expressions are the worst. What is that pucker that she does? Not cute. On the flip side, I don't think she's fat, I just think her personality sucks. She's the shallowest clown ever and any statement made otherwise is just absurdity. She said they were all those guys are ugly so their opinions didn't count. Very deep. It was poetry in motion when she got attacked by the toilet.

Steve, as scripted as he is, seems pretty genuine. After Arian lost her mind, he called her in for some one-on-one to discuss her daddy issues (how original). I think he just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to burn the place down. I also respect Steve because he wants to <figuratively> punch Taylor in the face already. The "saying goodbye to the cell phone" garbage was just annoying. The real reason Steve took them away was so the show could promote Alltel wireless. Sneaky!

During the makeovers, why did they change Jacklyn's makeup and not Taylor's? I really did not understand why she started crying over being called dark and dangerous. She has a sad story, but her behavior makes it hard for me to get on her side.

The fight in the car was just dumb. I'm not even going to think of a better word for it than dumb because that's how dumb it was. Why was Taylor talking in the first place? She was just polluting the air with her nonsense. Jody only made it worse, but Taylor had no reason to say that she's ugly. Are we 8-year olds on the playground? I'd push them both in the dirt and then smile while I sat in time out (is that mean?).

There's nothing more annoying or transparent than fishing for compliments. Any speck of confidence you may have put out, crumbles the second you need validation from some strange man.

Arian did well. I hope she sees she doesn't need to flaunt her boobs in everyone's face. That's just a roadblock on the road to attracting quality menz. (If Steve gets to use ridiculous metaphors and clich├ęs, then so do I, my friend!)

Abiola so obviously did the best. She's smart without bragging. She's pretty, but takes a compliment well. I didn't see any of that princess mess that she was talking about in the beginning. Plus, when they got back to the house, she had a supportive girl friend conversation with Jacklyn about the guy she likes. She's mature and not catty. She's my fave.

Jacklyn, on the other hand, can't talk about anything of substance. Even when she was complaining, it was about menial things like shoes and hair. Then she said she's going to open up her heart to Brock, the guy she just met. Psycho! She doesn't even know anything about him since she was too busy talking about her makeover. Annoying.

Taylor was not feeling well, but she's never too sick to paint her face with all that drag queen makeup!

They stole the group therapy sessions from The Tool Academy. Just thought I'd point that out. Do people get eliminated? Steve only said who did the best and who did the worst. I agreed with his picks, Abiola did the best and Jacklyn is a nightmare.


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    • Megavitamin profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago

      It's called a bidet. It's a French toilet that allows you to wash your naughty bits.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      uhmm Wat was that toilet thing called

    • profile image

      NYC nymph 

      9 years ago

      arian--do you feel differently after watching yourself on TV? you're gorgeous, girl, but you should command respect from men. like eleanor roosevelt said, "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" i hope you can class it up

      greg--sorry you had to be dumped on national tv...i hope you've moved on to better us east coast gals

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      dear arian, you're stupid.

      taylor for life.

      i could have sworn there was a joann...maybe i am thinking of jody.

    • profile image

      Arian Mayer 

      9 years ago

      You dont see EVERYTHING... I was defensive about being paraded in front of men like livestock and not allowed to speak. It is demeaning! Dont forget this is TV!!!


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