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Tough Love ep 2

Updated on March 18, 2011

Obviously there is a language barrier, or at least a manners barrier, for Stasha. In this country, you could get socked in the mouth for talking about another woman's body fat. Telling Jessa she has an unattractive stomach is just rude. I know she's tough, but American women are sneaky.

My point is, not everyone is into working out, this isn't The Biggest Loser (although that title would have also been appropriate for some of these clowns). However, Jessa was really annoying when she whined about going to the gym and randomly cried about hating her body. Not that I'm a heartless wench or anything, but even the guys thought she was one of the hottest girls in the house. She should love herself for the hotness that she is and ignore anyone who tells her otherwise-or go Jerry Springer on them!

Onto a way bigger hot mess: Jody. Why on earth did she tell her trainer that she can go to dinner by herself? Who cares? She didn't sound like a woman who is passionate about her job, she sounded like she was trying to get her trainer to be one of her clients. Awkward.

Speaking of uncomfortable, Arian shouldn't try to finish a dude's sentence by assuming he's asking if she have a boyfriend. That's like a billboard that says, "Ask me out, I'm desperate!" I hate the question "Why don't you have a boyfriend?" How do you answer that? Because I'm a mutant? I have a tail? Men read my eagerness as pathetic desperation? All of these are equivalent to Arian's response of her entire dating history complete with highlights of all the times she's been burned. That's not attractive. I found it strange that a smart girl like Arian doesn't know what she would talk about if she can't talk about sex all the time. Didn't she prove last week that she's got more to offer under all that silicon?

This is what Stasha reminded me of in the gym:

I hope she lightens up a bit. Aren't Playmates supposed to have good personalities too? That's what I learned from watching The Girls Next Door!

Steve gives really good advice. Text messaging can be the devil, and some girls will sit and stare at their phones for days waiting for a response. He also gave good advice to Jody. It's pretty nuts that she thinks she should be dating 30-year olds who have never been married and have no kids. She's so accomplished in her career, what would they have to talk about?

Sidebar: Was Steve wearing a green velvet jacket? Stylin!

Stasha is crazy, but I was on her side during the Jody showdown. Jody was just being so negative and acts like she's the only one who left a life behind. If her life was so great, then why did she sign up for a VH1 reality show? Besides, her "life" consists only of her job. Does she have cats yet? That's the road she's headed down...

The dates were quite entertaining. I was pretty impressed that the girls didn't react when they got shocked, for the most part. Stasha seemed like she enjoyed it, of course. Jacklyn needs to get her crap together. Has she ever seen How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? She breaks every fundamental rule. I'm glad Jessa did well. Hopefully that will translate into a self-esteem boost.

Arian follows directions the best. I think she falls into the representative trap. She has a great "first date representative" that she sends out to lure guys in, only to freak them out later when she morphs into her true self. I agree with her that she should be herself, but it is possible to be yourself and not give away everything in the first thirty seconds.

My fave, Abiola, had a great date and that made me happy. It was really cute that Terrence watched her walk into the house. Then she took a left turn into Crazyville. What the crap is this tiara test BS? Here comes the princess! It was really obvious that she made that list to cover herself in case he didn't feel the same way about her. The biggest risk in dating is admitting that you like someone without being positive that they feel the same way. If they don't like you back, there are plenty of ducks in the pond, so go shoot ‘em!

Oh Taylor, what would this show be without you and your lunatic outfits and hair? Do I even need to ask why she was playing with her boobs in group therapy? ‘Nuff said.

Stasha works out a lot and has a great body, so there's no shame in her posing for Playboy. However, she shouldn't use that to get validation by constantly bringing it up and asking her date what he thinks about her posing. Who cares? You flashed your hoo hoo in a magazine. Good for you! Now what else ya got?

Jody needs to quit talking. Period. She claims she wants to be in a relationship, until her date asks her what she's looking for. She actually liked the guy until she found out he wasn't interested in going out with her again. Her defenses shot up (completely normal) and she picked him apart for being divorced and having a kid. If she would just shut her mouth, then maybe she'd figure out what she actually wants and learn how to get it.

I kind of get Arian's rant about wanting to be herself, but she just talks and talks and talks and never listens. Steve wasn't trying to play puppeteer, it's all about tweaking your game, not your personality. However, Arian is a drama queen and I think she might have a screw loose. I mean, it's pretty bad when Taylor thinks you're crazy.


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