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Trailer Park Boys 10th Season Starts Production in June

Updated on May 27, 2015

The Boys Are Back

Julian, Bubbles & Ricky
Julian, Bubbles & Ricky

Booze and Dope Fueled Misadventure

The most popular comedy in Canadian TV history, Trailer Park Boys, starts production on their 10th season, on June 1st.

News of the production was made via a recent announcement on their official Facebook page.

Glad to Be Back

This is welcome news for their international legion of fans because earlier in the year, Rob Wells (Ricky), JP Tremblay (Julian), and Mike Smith (Bubbles) took to social media to advocate against proposed cuts to the film tax credits program for Nova Scotia.

The trio, who film the show in their native Halifax, threatened to take the production elsewhere or possibly discontinue it altogether should the tax credit program be reduced or eliminated.

Despite Halifax having a robust TV and film business, the trio’s lobbying efforts were unsuccessful.

Rebels Without a Clue

Things changed for the boys in Season 9.
Things changed for the boys in Season 9.

Even More Good News For Fans

It’s too soon to determine when the newest season will air on Netflix though based on the 9th season, which premiered in March; it’s a safe bet that the fresh episodes will air roughly the same time next year.

Keep in mind that it will take a few months to film and just as long for post-production, then you have to factor in their upcoming, 9 city; 11 show, live European tour in the fall, it makes a certain amount of sense that there will be a significant amount of time that the show’s fans will have to wait for the new episodes.

Further good news for fans of the show is that there is to be a Season 11 for Netflix, according to their recent Reddit Q & A session.

Bubbles making the bucks.
Bubbles making the bucks.

If You're Thinking About Watching

The show, a mockumentary about the misadventures of a trio of petty criminals in a Halifax, Nova Scotia trailer park, ran for seven seasons on Canadian-based Showcase TV where it was eventually syndicated to 15 countries, including the United States.

They trio also have a subscription website, where they will air “on location” videos of the newest season.

The site is also known as the first “all-swearing” website which features other, smaller-scale shows loaded with cursing.

There are also 3 Trailer Park Boys movies and several specials, all of which are available on Netflix instant streaming. They are:

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to Liquor Day

Trailer Park Boys: Don’t Legalize It

Trailer Park Boys: Say Good Night to the Bad Guys

Trailer Park Boys: Live in F***** Dublin

Trailer Park Boys: Xmas Special

Trailer Park Boys: Live at the North Pole

Netflix also streams Swearnet: The Movie, a fictitious chronicling of how the trio’s vulgarity-laden website originated.

Mr. Lahey and Randy will be out for payback.
Mr. Lahey and Randy will be out for payback.

What to Expect Going Forward

Coming off the last season, there are several questions that will most assuredly be addressed in the 10th Season:

(CAUTION: Spoiler Alert If You Haven’t Seen Season 9)

The boys have gained control of Sunnyvale, the trailer park where they live (when they’re not in jail). How will they keep control?

What Jim Lahey, former trailer park supervisor, and Randy, his anti-shirt wearing lover, do to get the park back?

Speaking of revenge, has the park seen the last of former security supervisor, Leslie Dancer?

How will being a young grandfather affect Ricky?

What becomes of Bubbles strip mall in the park?

What happens to the site of the former hotel that Julian owns?

How long will the boys go before their next stint in jail?

Readers who are interested in checking out Trailer Park Boys for the first time via Netflix are cautioned that the show contains loads of adult language and violence.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Should that not be a problem, note that they are a popular binge-watching program.

Jim Lahey has the blues-literally.
Jim Lahey has the blues-literally.


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