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Transporter 3

Updated on December 29, 2011
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Movie Review

Transporter 3 did not disappoint this fan of the "Transporter" movie series. This movie obviously was written with all viewers ages 13 and above in mind including those who had not seen the other two "Transporter" movies. This movie had me on my seat the entire time, even in the slow parts which were more like very brief interludes to the next high speed special effect in order for the audience to catch their breath. Transporter 3 definitely followed the action thriller model with sexy woman in distress, including a fabulous plot and subplot. Director Olivier Megaton definitely knows how to make "Transporter" movies exciting and thrilling.

Jason Statham, who is reprised in his role as Frank Martin the "Transporter," did an excellent performance. He has definitely grown as an actor as well as in portraying this particular character; has made it his own. The cast mix included Natalya Rudakova, Francois Berleand, Robert Knepper and Jeroen Krabbe and all were great in their parts. This is a fantastic film with awesome special effects.

In Transporter 3 the character Frank Martin is hired unwillingly, does everything he can to get out of transporting "very special cargo" for Johnson (played by Robert Knepper), but to no avail, ends up forced doing the job. Johnson literally attaches Frank Martin to his car with a special "bracelet" that explodes if Frank ends up more than 25 feet from his car. This film shows how difficult that actually is, especially when one wants something to eat or have a restroom break. The subplot has intrigue and pro-environmental issues regarding toxic waste. Transporter 3 presents how one man can make a difference; even when he tries to avoid becoming involved.

Transporter 3 was co-written by French Director Luc Besson. This well crafted film is rated PG-13, was released in 2008 through Lionsgate, and is 1 hour 40 minutes in length; available on DVD.

Transporter 3 delivered great scenes of Eastern Europe, Germany and France. I highly recommend this exciting action packed thriller as a "must see," especially for all who are "Transporter" movie series fans. Enjoy!

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