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Treachery the Film

Updated on January 28, 2015


People could relate to the characters in the film.

First of all I got to say, I love MIchael Biehn. How could I not?

Michael has worked with strong leading ladies in some of my favorite films like, Terminator with Linda Hamilton and in Aliens with Sigourney Weaver.

So first up I would give a hug to Michael Biehn any day and say thank you for going out and working with strong leading women. I tip my hat to you sir.

Now to get the film Treachery.

I do want to say I do want to kick the character Henry's butt though, played by Michael Biehn, who does a great job of playing a normal guy who cheats on his girlfriend.

Yes, us ladies would want to stick together and want to do that. Because they do say, you can't appreciate what is right in front of you. Of course right in front of Henry's face is his beautiful girlfriend and he cheats on her with his son's girlfriend.

Yes, I wanted to kick Henry butt, thanks Michael Biehn showing me I could seriously dislike a character you played, so you did a great job of making me get mad at your character because this is something I know that alot of women would feel the same way I would towards your character.

So indeed Michael, I applaud you in making me dislike your character.

BUT, but, but, I must say seeing that side of Michael do this type of character shows us how human we all can be because these things do happen in real life.

I can't really say too much about the story and the ending.

I did have a chance to interview Matthew Ziff on my radio show and I can tell he is going to have a nice long career in films and anything he wants to work on in the entertainment business.

As the character he plays in Treachery, Nathan, he wants to do what most young men do and that is to break out from his father's hold on his future life. Henry is Nathan's father.

Any young man can relate to Nathan because Nathan wants to just come into his own and doesn't want to go to law school

Henry had paid thousands of dollars for all of Nathan's education since the first grade.

You can tell that Nathan is not really happy and doesn't want to end up like his father.

Oh, the twisted web that is weaved for this film.

Nathan is hurt and betrayed by his father by someone Nathan loves.

Yes once again I am feeling for the character because the hurt that Nathan has building up inside in the film, I am feeling what he is feeling.

Nathan loves his girlfriend and just really wants to find himself a little bit.

Of course as some children in the world do know, because their parents pay for their education it might be a struggle because if the parents have always paid their children's way in life, the children might not know exactly what to do for the future because they have been programmed since birth because their parents has had almost every say in their lives.

Maybe Nathan just wanted to make his father happy.

But how could a son make a father happy when the father had a past of sleeping with many women and is an alcoholic and could never make himself happy?

I think Nathan is basically tortured inside but there is one thing that he is sure of as the story goes on, he wants to be with his girlfriend.

The story has a little twist and believe when I say half of the characters in the film, you want to reach through the scream and kick their butts and say, you have no idea how good you have, with what is front of you.

Now mind you, because everything I am saying might be taken out of context, which everything on social media does.

I am talking about the "story" and the "characters" in the film and not the actors in real life.

Remember the idea of acting is that an actor gets the audience to relate to a character or make them feel something for the story, whether your happy, sad, or mad at what the character does and not what the real person who is portraying the character does.

People tend to forget that some of the nicest people, play the characters where you want to kick their butt, so indeed they are doing a good job at doing the character they play.

I for one feel the most for Henry's Girlfriend and Henry's Son Nathan because some of the characters in the film makes seriously go, "What are you people doing?"

Believe me there are going to be women that want to get up and side with Henry's girlfriend.

Of course they are all stuck with each because they were invited to a wedding and a bad storm have them stuck together with a storm waiting to drench them all inside with secrets.

Of course I much prefer to see Michael Biehn fighting Aliens and Robots but I got to say Michael is a good actor, also along with the rest of the cast they did a good job of making me feel something so they hit a cord with me and that I say to the whole cast take a bow.

It is a decent script and I think with everything and all the things that happen in the film Treachery it really is a story that people could relate in real life.

I am surprised it wasn't actually based on a true story because this story could really be believable because things like in the film Treachery seriously could have happened in real life.

I mean think about if they say art imitates life, well I do believe the film Treachery really could have been a telling of a story of an actual family and things that had taken place.

Those things in real life do happen so I think the actors did a good job in imitating a story that could have really been based upon a real life story.


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  • profile image

    Hubber7 2 years ago

    I do tend to think young men do try to get out of their father's hold.

    Keep writing.

    Don't know if I will watch the film, will have to wait and see