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Treat Yo Self: Cast of Parks and Recreation - Best Moments and Funniest Episodes

Updated on January 5, 2018
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Beagles, Traveling, Writing, Hummus, Documentaries, Craft Beer, Live Music, Guitar, Poetry, and Aventures.Yup, that pretty much sums me up.

Treat Yo Self

Two Cast of Parks and Recreation favorites, Donna and Tom may not have been the initial focus of Season Four’s “Pawnee Rangers,” however the concept of “Treat yo self” is one too tasty to be a mere side story. One of the Parks and Recreation cast’s golden moments, this episode about the intensely competitive feud between Leslie’s youth club, the “Pawnee Goddesses” and Ron’s young “Pawnee Rangers,” also serves as the introduction to Donna and Tom’s annual “Treat Yo Self” day.

In true diva and divo fashion, Tom and Donna certainly stole the spotlight. Treat Yo Self quickly became a show staple and internet Gif explosion. What does it mean exactly to “Treat Yo Self?”

Tom: Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves. What do we treat ourselves to?

Donna: Clothes.

Tom: Treat yo self.

Donna: Fragrances.

Tom: Treat yo self.

Donna: Massages.

Tom: Treat yo self.

Donna: Mimosas.

Tom: Treat yo self.

Donna: Fine leather goods.

Tom: Treat yo self!

Donna: It's the best day of the year.

Tom and Donna (singing): The best day of the year!

Donna Meagle

The live-tweeting, treat yo self Goddess of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department, Donna Meagle is the kind of woman craved by males and females alike. She holds herself and all around her to the highest standards, reminding her coworkers and friends and many men left in her path that she is queen and they are lucky to be acknowledged.

Perhaps one of my favorite Donna Meagle moments comes in season five episode 10, “Two Parties” when the parks and recreation gang plays football with the Indiana Colts. When hit on by NFL player Robert Mathis of the Indianapolis Colts, Donna immediately reponds “Keep walking 98.” Her reason? “He’s a linebacker. Skilled positions ONLY for Donna Meagle.” Damn straight!

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Andy Dwyer

Although not technically on staff at the Parks and Rec office, Andy Dwyer is quickly established as a full-time member of the cast of Parks and Recreation and for many fans, an all-time favorite character. Whether onstage singing for his band Mouserat, solving crimes as FBI agent “Bert Macklin,” or making the day of kids everywhere as “Johnny Karate,” Parks and Rec would not be the same without Andy.

In the show’s first 3 seasons, Viewers watch as he transforms from Ann’s crazy ex-boyfriend living at the bottom of a pit outside her house into a (somewhat) respectable husband, musician, and employed Pawnee citizen. What makes Andy such an irresistible television personality is the fact that everyone has an Andy Dwyer in their life. He’s the teddy bear man-child we’ve all either dated, been related to, or befriended that we all can’t help but laugh when he stumbles into our lives.

Bye, Bye Lil' Sebastian

Among his many wonderful Parks and Recreation moments – his shared status as the show’s all time cutest couple with his opposite, dark and sarcastic April Ludgate, starring in the Johnny Karate Musical Explosion show, and the many adventures of Bert Macklin, FBI – Andy’s most iconic moment comes in season 3’s episode titled “Lil Sebastian.”

In this season finale, Andy is given the enormous responsibility of writing a tribute song to honor the late “lil Sebastian” a mini horse that serves as a symbol of Pawnee, stealing the hearts of all Pawnee citizens. The only direction Leslie gives is that the song must be “5,000 times better than ‘Candle in the Wind.’” Andy more than meets this request with a song that lives on throughout the entire show until it’s final performance in the series finale, “Bye Bye Lil Sebastian.”

Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson is a wood-working, mustache-donning, Bacon inhaling, all American “Man’s man.” He is the epitome of the self-created “Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness” which outlines success in all areas of life from the only (three) acceptable haircuts, to the proper amount of dietary protein, to even the appropriate amount of friendships one should maintain: “one to three is sufficient.” As Parks director, Ron is avoidant and negligent at all costs, his disdain for interaction with the citizens of Pawnee is rivaled only by his true contempt for any and all things government

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Though Ron may seem set in his “lone wolf” simplistic ways, over the seasons of Parks and Recreation, viewers learn of the truly complex character that is Ron Swanson. We first learn of any sign of weakness when we meet Tammy 2, Ron’s crazy ex wife who makes several appearances demonstrating her sexual control over the seemingly invincible Ron. Interestingly enough, we later meet Ron’s 1st ex wife, an even crazier “Tammy 1.” Before you ask yourself - yes, Ron’s mother’s name is in fact, “Tammy.”

Ron eventually meets a new woman, Danielle who he becomes comfortable enough with to share his ultimate secret with, which is consequently my favorite Ron moment. Duke Silver.

Duke Silver

Duke silver is Ron Swanson’s alter ego, an incredibly sexy and talented saxophonist who performs live at the Pawnee Jazz club on weekends. Swanson’s double life as Duke Silver is made public in the season 2 episode “Practice Date” where the cast of Parks and Recreation all dig up dirt on each other in attempts to avoid becoming the next “Jerry” by embarrassing one another into the role. Tom reveals Ron’s weekend hobby to the group while at the office, and Duke Silver makes several appearances throughout the next 5 seasons, even performing alongside Andy in “5,000 Candles in the Wind,” his tribute song at the Lil Sebastian unity concert.


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