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Star Trek 10 more bits of trivia

Updated on February 4, 2013

I had so much fun doing my first Trek Trivia article I thought I would add another ten fun facts I have found out about this long running series. My friends have been calling me a nerd for doing this but I can't write about History, Ghosts and Vikings all the time. I am quite amazed by the number of actors that keep within the Star Trek universe, it must be a really fun and tight knit crew on all the different titles.

I think that as the new Star Trek film did really well its about time they brought a new series out. At the bottom of the article I have included a poll with some of my own personal ideas and rumoured new series i have heard about over the decade. Have a vote or drop me a comment on what you believe would work. Right below is another ten fun facts hope you enjoy!

The Original USS Enterprise
The Original USS Enterprise
  • The Borg were originally meant to have been a more insectoid race rather than the cybernetic amalgamation of different species, owing to financial concern this idea was scrapped.
  • Many of the supporting actors play many different characters throughout the series. Jeffery Combs plays Weyoun in DS9 and the Andorian Commander Krem in Enterprise. Combs also played a Starfleet officer Kevin Mulcahey in DS9.
  • Voyager actor Tim Russ ( Commander Tuvok ) originally auditioned for the role of Geordi La forge.
  • Ethan Phillips( Neelix ), Armin Shimerman( Quark ) and Tim Russ have all appeared in DS9, Startrek: TNG and Voyager. The only three actors to do so ( not always as those Characters ).
  • In Startrek Nemesis the Remans, who debut in this film, are a side species of the Romulans. According to Roman legend, the founders of the city of Rome were two brothers names Romulus and Remus. 

What do you think?

Of these new Star Trek ideas which would be more interesting?

See results
  • Scenes deleted from the end of the film would have introduced Steven Culp as Cmdr. Madden, Riker's replacement as the Enterprise's first officer. Culp later appeared as Major Hayes in the third season of  Startrek Enterprise (2001).
  • The Borg Queen was created because the writers were having difficulty in writing dialogue for what was intended to be the Borg's central computer. 
  • When auditioning for the part of the emergency holographic doctor, Robert Picardo was asked to say the line "Somebody forgot to turn off my program". He did so, then ad-libbed "I'm a doctor, not a light bulb" and got the part. 
  • Jeri Ryan turned down the role of Seven of Nine four time, she only accepted the part after repeated lobbying by executive producer Jeri Taylor. The introduction of Seven of Nine allegedly kept the series on air as she boosted ratings.
  • The USS Defiant introduced in Star Trek DS9 (1993) was built for the sole purpose to fight and defeat the Borg. This movie features the only time the ship fights the Borg and it did not fair too good.


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    • qeyler profile image

      qeyler 6 years ago

      Coombs also plays Brunt in DS9 as well as another character.